greek Hellenic Royal Navy (1863-1924 & 1935-1970) Triton (Τρίτων Y-5) [+1942]
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nationality greek
purpose war
type submarine
subtype/class Proteus class submarine (gr.)
Proteus class submarine (gr.) Proteus (Πρωτεύς Y-3) (+1940)
propulsion diesel and batteries
date built 1928
weight (tons) 718  builder's measurement  [*]
dimensions 68.6 x 5.7 x 4.1 m
material steel
engine Propulsion: Diesel 1,420 hp Electric engine 1,200 hp Speed: 14 knots on the surface, 8.5 knots submerged.
armament 1 x 3.9" gun, 1 x 40mm, 8 x 21" torpedo tubes (6 bow, 2 stern)  [*]
power 1420  h.p.
speed 14  knots
about the loss
cause lost depth charge
date lost 16/11/1942  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.23rank: 630
about people
Ateliers & Chantiers De La Loire, Nantes
Hellenic Royal Navy (1863-1924 & 1935-1970)
captain Kontoyiannis E.
complement 53
about the wreck
depth (m.) 270 max. / -- min. (m)
war grave
entered by Lettens Jan
entered 28/08/2008
last update Lettens Jan
last update 04/08/2011

[*] means that the value was inherited from Proteus (Πρωτεύς Y-3) (+1940), the reference for Proteus class submarine (gr.).
Lettens Jan16/11/2009
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Allen Tony15/05/2009One of four submarines built by AT. & Ch. de la Loire Nantes in France by order of the Greek Government. Of the same class: GLAFKOS, NIREUS and PROTEUS. TRITON.

When Greece was occupied by the Germans she sailed for Alexandria where she arrived on April 23rd 1941 . From the Middle East she completed seven patrols and a voyage taking in supplies to Malta.

She was sunk on November 16th 1942 (CO. Lt Cdr E. Kontoyiannis HN) near Kafirea (Euboia island) after giving an heroic battle with German patrol boat UJ-201. In total 23 of her crew died and 30 were captured among them her CO.
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Lettens Jan28/08/2008UK hydro member
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Triton (Τρίτων Y-5) [+1942]
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