dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC SV Hollandia [+1743]
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source: www.wrecksite.eu
nationality dutch
purpose transport
type east indiaman
subtype/class VOC type spiegelretour ship
propulsion sailing ship
date built 1742
live live
weight (tons) 575  bm
dimensions 45.7 x 12.2 x -- m
material wood
rigging 3 masts
about the loss
cause lost ran aground (wrecked)
date lost 13/07/1743  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.276rank: 364
about people
Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC
Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC
captain Kelder Jan
no. of crew 276
about the wreck
depth (m.) 26 max. / -- min. (m)
war grave
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Lettens Jan06/08/2007

Wrecked on Annet, Isles of Scilly
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 Lettens Jan

Lettens Jan06/08/2012

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Lettens Jan16/09/2012HOLLANDIA

Built in 1742 by the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie at Amsterdam. 575 bm; L: 150 ft.; Crew: 276;

The Dutch spiegelretour ship HOLLANDIA was owned by the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie and in service for the Kamer van Amsterdam.

On July 13th, 1742, HOLLANDIA, with 276 crew, an unknown number of passengers and chests of bullion worth 129.700 guilders ran aground on Gunner's Rock, Scilly Islands.

Commander Jan Kelder ordered the guns to be fired, but due to the distance, the locals couldn't assist the HOLLANDIA. Hollandia was on her maiden voyage to Batavia and the family of the new Governor was on board. All drowned.

1. probably 'Gunners Rock' has her name from this event (Hollandia firing guns in distress).
2. In 1971, the wreck was found, and (illegaly) cliamed and salvaged (35.000 coins) by the notorious treasure hunter Rex Cowan.
3. The unusual route and place of wrecking for an outbound VOC-ship was probably due to fog in the Channel.


(1) 03/07/1743 Texel - 13/07/1743 LOST (kamer van Amsterdam) (Capt. Jan Kelder)
Allen Tony26/06/2007The VOC ship Hollandia wrecked on Annet, Isles of Scilly on 13 June 1743 causing 276 fatalities
Lettens Jan06/08/2012UK hydro member
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