british Ellerman Wilson Line Ltd. SS Albano [+1940]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1912
live live
weight (tons) 1176  grt
dimensions 76.2 x 11.3 x 4.3 m
material steel
engine triple expansion engines, 1 screw
power 168  n.h.p.
speed 10.5  knots
yard no. 593
IMO/Off. no. 133420
about the loss
cause lost mine
date lost 02/03/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. (C. & W. Earle), Hull
engine by
Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. (C. & W. Earle), Hull
last owner
[1]Ellerman Wilson Line Ltd., Hull
SS Albano [+1940]
period 1917 ~ 1940
IMO/Off. no.: 133420
prev. owners
[2]Wilson Thos., Sons & Co. Ltd. - Wilson Line Of Hull - Wilson C. H., Hull
SS Albano
period 1913 ~ 1917
IMO/Off. no.: 133420
about the wreck
depth (m.) 49 max. / 41 min. (m)
orientation 135°
war grave
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Allen Tony13/03/2009The British ship Albano SS, Capt. Mutton, struck a mine and sank on March 2nd, 1940, four miles E. of Hartlepool. Nine lives were lost.
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 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam
Jan Lettens04/04/2013UK hydro member
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About Owners
Ellerman Wilson Line Ltd., Hull

The Wilson Line of Hull, 1840-1916 - Thos. Wilson, Sons & Co. - A private firm that operated a major fleet while remaining entirely family owned. Entering the steam shipping business in the early 1850s, the firm experienced rapid growth through the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s. Though the dynamic expansion of the fleet slackened off in the 1890s, the Wilson Line entered the 20th century with a capital stock of over 100 steamers with an aggregate tonnage of almost 120,000 tons. The Times referred to the Wilson Line as the “largest privately-owned shipping line in the world”. The scale of the company was also impressive from a local perspective. From the early 1890s down to the Great War, the Wilson Line owned at least half of the tonnage registered in the port of Hull. In October 1916, the Wilsons sold their “business unique” to Ellerman Lines Ltd for some £4.3m. which then became Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd - - - John Ellerman was born on Anlaby Road, Hull in 1862. He was the son of a German corn merchant who had come to the city from Hamburg in 1850.
His father died when John was 9-years-old, and left him a legacy of £600. His mother came from Birmingham and John moved to the city to start a career as an accountant. After passing his exams he moved to London and set up his own accountancy practice.
He began his business empire in 1892 when he put together a consortium to buy up an ailing shipping company. He sold on the company a few years later to the American financier JP Morgan, at a considerable profit. Spurred on by this success, Ellerman began to snap up other shipping lines.
He was awarded a baronetcy in 1905, for his support in providing the government with ships during the Boer War.
In 1916 Ellerman acquired the Hull based Wilson Line, once the world’s largest privately owned fleet
Sir John Ellerman died in 1933. He left over £36 million in his will, over £10 billion in today’s values.

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About Builders
 Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. (C. & W. Earle), Hull
Earle's Shipbuilding and Engineering Co was the largest yard building the biggest ships on the Humber based in Hull --- The company was started in Hull in 1845 by two brothers from York, Charles and William Earle, who set themselves up as engineers and ship buiders. At times, as many as two or three thousand men were employed in shipbuilding and repair activities, including the construction of many Wilson Line vessels. The company was reconstituted as Earle's Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited in 1871 after the death of Charles and the illness of William Earle. Serious problems in the 1890s eventually led to the voluntary liquidation of the firm, which was then bought by Charles Wilson of the Wilson Line. The firm retained its name, but was wholly owned by members of the Wilson family for the rest of its existence. The trade slump of the 1920s and early 1930s led to prolonged short-time working. The yard was finally closed in 1932 when it was acquired by the National Shipbuilders Securities Limited under the national shipyard rationalisation scheme which precluded its use as a shipbuilding yard to 40 years. Nearly 700 ships had been built by the company between 1853 and 1931.

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SS Albano [+1940]
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