norwegian Otto Thoresen Linje D/S A/S (Otto Thoresen) SS Vestfoss [+1940]
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nationality norwegian
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1906
is nickname no
live live
weight (tons) 1388  grt
dimensions 77.4 x 11.6 x 5 m
material steel
engine triple expansion engine, 2 boilers, single shaft
power 152  n.h.p.
yard no. 198
call sign
about the loss
cause lost air raid
date lost 01/03/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Nylands Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo (old Christiania)
engine by
Nylands Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo (old Christiania)
last owner
[1]Otto Thoresen Linje D/S A/S (Otto Thoresen), Oslo (old Christiania)
SS Vestfoss [+1940]
period 1937 ~ 1940
call sign: 
prev. owners
[2]Thoresen Thor Jnr. - Den Skandinaviske Øst Afrika Linje, Oslo (old Christiania)
SS Vestfos
period 1891 ~ 1937
call sign: 
no. of crew 19
about the wreck
status broken in two sections
depth (m.) 79 max. / 73 min. (m)
orientation 69°
position on seabed upright
war grave
entered by Jan Lettens
entered 27/08/2008
last update Jan Lettens
last update 10/06/2013
[1] Jan Lettens01/10/2009
latitudeUK hydro member
longitudeUK hydro member
AISUK hydro member
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 UK Hydrographic Office
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Jan Lettens04/04/2013

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 UK Hydrographic Office

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Jan Lettens02/12/2010VESTFOSS

Owned by Skibs-A/S Thor Thoresen's Linje and built in 1909 ny Nylands Verksted; 1,388 tons; 254x38x16.4 ft.; 152 n.h.p.; triple expansion engines.

The Norwegian steamship Vestfoss was bombed and sunk by a German aircraft on March 1st, 1940, 12 miles S.E. of Copinsay on a voyage from Partington to Oslo with coal.

The pilot of the bomber first allowed the crew to escape. All 19 crew went to the boats and were landed at Oslo five days later by the trawler Star of Liberty. The Vestfoss was on fire, she was taken on tow, but foundered after 2 hours.
ref. used: 
 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam
Jan Lettens02/12/2010Despite the UKHO report states this is the Urania, it is the Vestfoss. Disregard the historical data in the report, only the hydrographic data apply.
Heath Kevin18/08/2010Dived and found to be wreck of SS Vestfoss
Jan Lettens04/04/2013UK hydro member
ref. used: 
 UK Hydrographic Office
Jan Lettens02/12/2010UK hydro member
ref. used: 
 UK Hydrographic Office

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SS Vestfoss [+1940]
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