danish Det Østasiatiske Kompagni A/S Kobenhavn (+1928)
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nationality danish
purpose transport
type barque - bark
propulsion sail and motor
date built 1921
is nickname no
weight (tons) 3901  grt
dimensions 112.4 x 15 x 8.2 m
engine 5 masts, 2 auxilairy 4 cyl B & W diesel engines
power 139  n.h.p.
speed knots
about the loss
cause lost foundered
date lost 21/12/1928  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.60rank: 582
about people
Ramage & Ferguson Ltd., Leith
engine by
Burmeister & Wain's Maskin & Skibsbyggeri - B&W, Copenhagen (København)
Det Østasiatiske Kompagni A/S, Copenhagen (København)
captain Capt. H.F. Andersen
no. of crew 60
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Lettens Jan
entered 01/06/2008
last update Lettens Jan
last update 21/12/2010
Lettens Jan28/07/2009
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Lettens Jan21/12/2009København

Five-masted steel danish barque; built 1921 by Ramage & Ferguson, Leith, for the A/S Det Østasiatiske Kompagni, Copenhagen; 368×49.3×26.9 ft; 3.901 grt;

On December 14th, 1928, København (Capt. H.F. Andersen) lleft Buenos Aires for Melbourne with a crew of 15 seamen and 45 cadets. Her last contact was on December 21st, while in radio contact with SS City of Auckland and William Blumer. She was never heard of again, presumably lost in a storm.

We have entered 21st december as day of loss, but this was her last radio contact date. She may have been lost later and much more eastwards than ´933 miles East of Montevideo´. Reports of remains of a lifeboat and skeletons of her crew on the west-coast of Africa, may correspond to this assumption.
ref. used: 
[1] Hocking C. et Al.
[2]  bruzelius.info
Allen Tony27/07/2009KOBENHAVN was a auxillary motor assisted barque . Ostasiatiske Kompagni; 1921; Ramage & Ferguson; 3,901 tons; 368.9x49.3x26.9; 139 n.h.p.; oilengines.

The Danish barque Kobenhayn left Buenos Aires on December 14th, 1928, for Melbourne. A wireless communication was received from her on the 21st, but nothing more.

The remains of a lifeboat and skeletons were found half buried in the sand on the S.W. African coast in 1935, and it is thought that these may have belonged to the Kobenhavn. She carried a crew of 15 and 45 cadets.

KOBENHAVN was as a Sailing Barque "officially registered" for the seamanship training of Danish Merchant mariner cadets, The "Kobenhavn" mandatorily had to be fitted with auxiliary engines under Danish Maritime Law. Confirmation is difficult to find so long after her building and her loss, but I believe she had twin Diesels built by Burmeister & Waine.

Julian Wilson, Marine Historian, Jersey, C.I., U.K.
ref. used: 
 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam
Lettens Jan14/03/2010KØBENHAVN (NDBV)

Bygget 1921 i Leith "Ramage & Ferguson" HK-650 SM. BK. STL. SKOLESKIB. LST. 2 dæk. 4BH.Telgr. L-361,9 B-49,2 D-26,9 BRT 3901 NET 3329 TDW 5250. Fart 7 Byg. Nr.256. 4CY.B&W-DIESEL.

Sporløst forsvundet i S-Atlanten 1929. p.r. Buenos Aires - Adelaide i ballast. 60 omkom. Afsejlede den 14 dec.1928..
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About Owners
Det Østasiatiske Kompagni A/S, Copenhagen (København)

Founded in 1897 in Copenhagen by Hans Niels Andersen, for services between Copenhagen, Bangkok and the Far East.

The subsidiary Russian East Asiatic Steamship Co. (Russisk Ostasiatiske Co.), St. Petersburg was formed in 1899 and ran services between the Baltic or Black Sea and the Far East.

Other subsidiary companies were - Est Asiatique Francais, Paris (1902) and Siam Steam Navigation Co. 1908-1941. The latter taken over by the Thai Government and renamed Thai Navigation Co.

The Swedish East Asiatic Co. was later formed to operate in the South Africa trade.

In 1906, the Russian American Line, a subsidiary company commenced sailings to North America and continued until 1917. This service continued under the Danish flag between 1921 - 1930 as the Baltic American Line which was also owned by the East Asiatic Co.

Tramp shipping was operated from 1915 by another subsidiary company D/S A/S Orient , Copenhagen.

In 1919 the company formed the United Baltic Corporation in partnership with Andrew Weir & Co.

Another acquisition in 1949 was Johnson Walton Steamships Ltd, Vancouver who operated Vancouver - Far East services. Passenger sailings gradually diminished with the advent of air travel and were discontinued in 1969.

A good site for pictures and stories is this Danish website .

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About Builders
 Ramage & Ferguson Ltd., Leith
Makes iron ships and 1st launch is in 1878. 1880 > Capacities growing and began with steel vessels. 1910 > Top of production, size and variety. 1920> Over equippement facing demand. 1933 > Closed. The yard is then bought up by the shipbuilder Henry Robb

Lance son premier navire en 1878 et produit en fer. 1880> Aggrandissement des capacités et production en acier. 1900 > période d'apogée en nombre, taille et variété. 1920 > Suréquipement par rapport aux commandes. 1933: Fin de l'enterprise. Le chantier est racheté ensuite par le constructeur Henry Robb

Lanza su primero buque en 1878 y los construye de hierro. 1880 > Crecimiento y inicio de la producción de buques de acero. 1910 > Cumbre de la producción, tamaño y variedad. 1920 > Excesso de oferta. 1933: Cierre de la empresa, A continuación, el constructor Henry Robb compra el astillero.

Lança o suu primero navio em 1878 y os constroi de ferro. 1880 > Crecimento y inicio da produção de navios de aço. 1910 > Pique da produção, tamanho e variedade. 1920 > Excesso de oferta. 1933: Fechamento. Depois o estaleiro é comprado pelo construtor Henry Robb

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Kobenhavn (+1928)
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