japanese Imperial Japanese Navy - IJN - 大日本帝国海軍 IJN Niizuki (+1943)
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nationality japanese
purpose war
type destroyer
subtype/class Akizuki class destroyer
Akizuki class destroyer Akizuki IJN (+1944)
propulsion steam
date built 1943
weight (tons) 2743  grt
dimensions 134.2 x 11.6 x 4.2 m
material steel
engine 3 Kampon boilers, 2 Kampon impulse geared turbines, twin shaft
armament 8 × 100 mm/65 cal Type 98 DP guns (4×2), 4 × 25 mm A.A. guns (2×2) 4 × Type 92 T.T., 8 × 610 mm Type 93 torpedoes, 56 × Type 95 depth charges
power 52000  s.h.p.
speed 33  knots
about the loss
cause lost gunfire - shelled
date lost 06/07/1943  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.10rank: 652
about people
Mitsubishi Shipyard
Imperial Japanese Navy - IJN - 大日本帝国海軍
captain Kaneda
complement 263~315
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave yes
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entered 16/05/2008
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Lettens Jan05/07/2009
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Gothro Phil18/04/201106 Jul, 1943 — Battle of Kula Gulf

Around mid afternoon on July 5, the Third Fleet learned that a "Tokyo Express" was en route south from Bougainville with Japanese reinforcements for the central Solomons. Rear Adm. Ainsworth's Task Force 36.1, consisted of the light cruisers USS Honolulu (CL 48), USS Helena (CL 50), and USS St. Louis (CL 49) and four destroyers, making full speed to Kula Gulf to intercept the Japanese.

It met the enemy force - ten destroyers, seven of which were being used as transports, under Rear Adm. Akiyama - a few minutes past midnight. In a confused action that lasts almost until dawn, Adm. Akiyama's flagship, the Niizuki, was sunk and Nagatsuki driven ashore, where she was destroyed by US planes during the day; but the destroyer-transports succeeded in unloading their troops on Kolombangara, and USS Helena, was sunk by three torpedoes fired by the Suzukaze and Tanikaze.
Lettens Jan16/05/2008On July 6th 1943, HIJMS Niizuki, a Akizuki class destroyer, was sunk by Gunfire from Honolulu (CL-48), St. Louis (CL-49), and USS Helena (CL-50) in the Battle of Kula Gulf. In the same battle, USS Helena was sunk by torpedoes from Japanese destroyers.

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IJN Niizuki (+1943)
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