british SV Itata (+1906)
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nationality british
purpose transport
type barque - bark
propulsion sailing ship
date built 1883
weight (tons) 950  grt
dimensions 61.6 x 10 x 6.1 m
material iron
rigging 3 masts, 927 nrt
IMO/Off. no. 87910
about the loss
cause lost fire
date lost 12/01/1906  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Evans R. & J. & Co., Liverpool
Newark Shipping Co., Liverpool
about the wreck
depth (m.)
protected yes
war grave
entered by Lettens Jan
entered 14/05/2008
last update Siert Ingo
last update 19/02/2012
Lettens Jan14/05/2008
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Lettens Jan14/05/2008

Protected: NSW Heritage Act 1977
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Siert Ingo19/02/2012At 04:40 am on January 12th of 1906 a fire broke out whilst the ship was lying in Newcastle harbour. After Tugs have moved the ship to a nearby beach, the nitrate cargo got possibly in contact with water resulting in several severe explosions. Due to a rest of coal cargo in her hull the vessel still burnt for over a week. She was towed to Sydney for a conversion as a milk hulk but later on scuttled at Saltpan Creek because of the severe damages.

The harborman Joseph Doran who was employed as watchman on ITATA was blamed later on for setting the fire and was arrested.
Lettens Jan14/05/2008Itata; Barquentine >=3 Masts; 950 tons; 61.6x10x6.1 m.; Owned by Newark Shipping Co.; Built at R. & J. Evans & Co. in 1883. Registered at Liverpool.

On 12 January 1906, Itata was on voyage from Newcastle with a cargo of coa and nitrate, when she was scuttled off Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, Salt Pan Creek.
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 Australian National Shipwrecks Database,

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SV Itata (+1906)
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