british Union Steamship Co. Of New Zealand Ltd. SS Aparima [+1917]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type passenger/cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1902
live live
weight (tons) 5704  grt
dimensions 131 x 16.5 x 8.53 m
engine 2 x triple expansion 6 cylinder., 3 boilers, dual shaft, 2 screws
armament armed merchantship
power 389 
speed 11  knots
yard no. 659
IMO/Off. no. 115807
about the loss
cause lost torpedo
date lost 19/11/1917  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.57rank: 584
about people
Denny W. & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton
Union Steamship Co. Of New Zealand Ltd., London & Dunedin
about the wreck
depth (m.) 40 max. / 33 min. (m)
orientation 135°
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 26/06/2007
last update Allen Tony
last update 25/06/2013
[1] Lettens Jan02/11/2009
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Lettens Jan06/08/2007

Stands 8m proud in 43m deep water, listing to starboard.

Allen Tony26/06/2007

Wreck lies in a general depth of 41m. The wreck is currently owned by P. Barrett and was identified when the ship’s bell was recovered. Decca position (SW British 1B Chain) Red (H) 20.6; Purple (G) 53.0, least depth 34.9 m, orientated 135/315 degrees, standing 5m above the seabed.

Lettens Jan02/11/2009

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 UK Hydrographic Office

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Allen Tony21/08/2007Aparima SS was a defensively armed British Merchant Ship of 131.22x16.55x8.69m; 5.704grt; Built 1902 by W. Denny & Bros, Dumbarton; 6 cylinder triple expansion engine; 389hp; Armament: 1x4.7 in. QF stern mounted; Owned by Doorley. Torpedoed by the German submarine UB-40 while en voyage from London to Barry. The explosion took place at 00.50 a.m. without warning, the vessel sinking in five minutes, giving the crew no time to launch the boats.

A total of 26 European and 30 native crew members were lost, the one passenger, who survived, being a pilot. Twenty-six crew were picked up by the norwegian Selun SS and landed at St. Helen’s, sixteen were picked up by a patrol vessel, the rest landing at Saint Alban’s Head, presumably in a boat.
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 His Majesty'S Stationary Office, British Merchant Shipping (Losses) WW1
Chipchase Nick21/07/2009Aparima was built by Denny as a cargo/passenger steamer for The Union SS Co of New Zealand. She carried 4888,770 cu ft of cargo space , 12 First Class passengers and 14 - 40 other classes. She had room in her bunkers for 1,061 tons of coal. Her engines consisted of two sets of triple expansion surface condensing engines 284 NHP. She had 3 SE return tube boilers at 180 pounds pressure. Her design build was 11 knots and she was priced at £90,240.
Aparima was delivered on 1st May 1902. She made 13.02 knots on her trial.
She was a shelter deck ship. Schooner rigged with steel masts and six water tight bulkheads. The passengers were carried in two berth rooms. She could also carry horses on her upper and main decks. She had four 26ft steel lifeboats, one 24ft gig and one 18ft dingy. The last two clinker built.
Her colours were-
Steel deckhouses - white.
Steel masts - stone.
Name on bow 9 inch brass letters.
Topsides - Bronze green.
Three inch ribbon on sides. - Yellow.
Cowls - Teak colour.
Cowls mouths - Vermilion.

She finally came out just over contract at £96,192 giving the builder a profit of £3.661.
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 Chipchase Nick, Personal collection, Chipchase Nick
Lettens Jan02/11/2009UK hydro member
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 UK Hydrographic Office

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About Builders
 Denny W. & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton
Very famous builder from Dumbarton, established in 1840. Closed down in 1960. The elephant is symbol for the company's strength.
Whitworth Charles  07/05/2011
SS Aparima,dived Easter 2011
 Charles Whitworth
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 Charles Whitworth
SS Aparima,dived Easter 2011
SS Aparima,dived Easter 2011
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SS Aparima [+1917]
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