belgian Cie. Maritime Belge - CMB - Lloyd Royal S. A. MV Alex Van Opstal [+1939]
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nationality belgian
purpose transport
type passenger ship
propulsion motor vessel (diesel)
date built 1937
live live
weight (tons) 5965  grt
dimensions 128 x 17.4 x 8.05 m
engine Oil engines
power 1026  n.h.p.
speed 15  knots
yard no. 80
about the loss
cause lost mine
date lost 15/09/1939  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Nakskov Skibsværft A/S, Nakskov
Cie. Maritime Belge - CMB - Lloyd Royal S. A., Antwerpen
about the wreck
depth (m.) 30 max. / 23 min. (m)
war grave
entered by Eekelers Dirk
entered 19/04/2004
last update Allen Tony
last update 12/01/2011
Lettens Jan11/10/2011
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Lettens Jan11/10/2011

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Stevens Chris07/08/2009

The Wreck lies NW - SE with the stern and rudder at the SE. The Stern is oriented nearly W-E with a big bend in the propshaft to the NW-SE orientation of the main portion of the wreck. Explosive salvage has left a lot of damage in the engine region.
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copyright: Lucien De Decker, 1939
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Eekelers Dirk25/01/2006The Alex van Opstal MV, 5.965 tons was built in 1937 for CMB and was the first victim of the war. She was torpedoed and sunk on 15th September 1939, two weeks into the 2nd World War. She had oil burning engines and a top speed of 15 knots. Her captain received orders to proceed to Weymouth to be inspected by the British Authorities before continuing her voyage. On board were her crew of 49 and 8 passengers.

On the 15th September 1939, she had arrived just south of Portland when at 5:55pm, there was an explosion near the number two hatch. She lifted 6-7 feet out of the water as a result, fell back and broke her back between the front of the bridge and the number three hold. It is thought that she hit a mine.
Lettens Jan11/10/2011UK hydro member
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MV Alex Van Opstal [+1939]
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