italian SS Scillin (+1942)
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nationality italian
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1903
is nickname no
weight (tons) 1591  grt
dimensions 75.59 x 11.19 x 6.58 m
material steel
engine 1 x 3 cyl. Triple expansion engine, single shaft, 1 screw
power 196  n.h.p.
speed 11  knots
yard no. 511
IMO/Off. no. 2019
call sign
about the loss
cause lost torpedo
date lost 14/11/1942  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.783rank: 149
about people
Russell & Co. Ltd., Greenock
engine by
Rowan David & Co., Glasgow
last owner
[1]Fratelli Bianchi Soc Di Nav, Genoa
SS Scillin (+1942)
period 1940 ~ 1942
IMO/Off. no.: 2019
call sign: 
prev. owners
[2]Aurora SA di Nav, Genoa
SS Scillin
period 1937 ~ 1940
IMO/Off. no.: 2019
[3]Aurora SA di Nav, Genoa
SS Scillin Secondo
period 1935 ~ 1937
IMO/Off. no.: 2019
[4]Guiseppe Pagan, Venezia (Venice)
SS Giuliana Pagan
period 1934 ~ 1935
IMO/Off. no.: 263
[5]Compagnie Charles Le Borgne, Marseille
SS Nicole Le Borgne
period 1925 ~ 1934
[6]Société Belge D´ Armement Maritime
SS Memling
period 1920 ~ 1924
[7]Canada Steamship Lines Ltd., Montreal
SS H. M. Pellatt
period 1918 ~ 1920
IMO/Off. no.: 114446
[8]Canadian Northern Steamships, London
SS H. M. Pellatt
period 1917 ~ 1918
IMO/Off. no.: 114446
[9]Merchants Mutual Line Ltd., Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
SS H. M. Pellatt
period 1911 ~ 1917
IMO/Off. no.: 114446
[10]Canadian Lake & Ocean Nav Co. Ltd., Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
SS H. M. Pellatt
period 1905 ~ 1911
IMO/Off. no.: 114446
[11]Petersen William Ltd, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
SS H. M. Pellatt
period 1903 ~ 1905
IMO/Off. no.: 114446
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 09/04/2008
last update Lettens Jan
last update 22/05/2013
Lettens Jan12/07/2011
latitudehydro member
longitudehydro member
remarksCalculated as '9 mile N 1/2 E [5.625°] from TUNESIA, Kuriat Lighthouse'.
AIShydro member
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Lettens Jan15/03/2012On November 13th, 1942, at Tripoli, 814 Allied POWs were ordered into the Italian SCILLIN's cargo hold, which was only suitable for around 300. The result was severe overcrowding and insanitary conditions. More prisoners would have been loaded, but the British military doctor (Capt. Gilbert, RAMC) made vehement and repeated protests.

Some reports state that a further 195 POWs were disembarked before Scillin sailed and that there were some 200 Italian troops on board; others dispute these points saying that the only Italian troops on board were guards and gun crews and the surplus POWs were never actually boarded.

On the night of 14 November off the Tunisian coast SCILLIN was ordered to stop with gunfire by the British submarine HMS SAHIB. She did not respond, so her Captain decided to torpedo SCILLIN.Those in the hold had little chance of survival as the torpedo had hit the hold itself and the ship sank rapidly.

SAHIB was able to rescue 27 POWs (26 British and one South African), the SCILLIN's captain and 45 Italian crew members, before the arrival of an Italian warship obliged her to leave.

Only when survivors were heard speaking English, did SAHIB's captain realize that the SCILLIN was carrying POWs.
Allen Tony28/07/2010Scillin SS was a Italian Cargo Steamer of 1,591 tons built in 1903 by Russell & Co, Port Glasgow for the Canadian Lake & Ocean Navigation Co (Wm Petersen, Newcastlea s H M PELLATT SS. In 1911 she was acquired by the Merchants Mutual Line.

In 1916 she was purchased by Canadian Northern Steamship Co (operated by Canada Steamship Lines). Ocean service in WW1. In 1920 she was renamed MEMLING. In 1924 she was renamed NICOLE LE BORGNE. In 1924 she was renamed GIULIANA PAGAU.

Finally in 1937 she was acuired by Fratelli Bianchi Soc di Nav, Genoa and renamed SCILLIN. On the 14th November 1942 she was shelled and torpedoed by HMS SAHIB when 9 miles north of Kuriat, Tunisia when on passage from Tripoli for Trapani.
ref. used: 
 Stuart Cameron,

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SS Scillin (+1942)
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