turkish SS Zor [+1955]
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nationality turkish
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1907
live live
weight (tons) 1092  grt
dimensions 40 x 26 x 3.9 m
material steel
engine triple expansion engine, 1 screw
power 597  n.h.p.
speed 10.5  knots
yard no. 416
about the loss
cause lost capsized
other reasons cargo shift
date lost 19/05/1955  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Hawthorn Leslie & Co. Ltd. - R & W Hawthorn, Hebburn-On-Tyne (Newcastle)
engine by
Ross & Duncan, Govan
last owner
SS Zor [+1955]
period 1954 ~ 1955
prev. owners
[2]Hillerstrom T.
SS Glitt
period 1932 ~ 1954
[3]Hillerstrom T.
SS Ture
period 1929 ~ 1932
[4]Russian Steam Nav. & Trading Co. - ROPIT, Odessa
SS Dich-Taoo
period 1907 ~ 1925
about the wreck
depth (m.) 20 max. / 16.1 min. (m)
orientation 90°
war grave
entered by Eekelers Dirk
entered 25/01/2006
last update Lockett Graham
last update 04/11/2012
[1] Lettens Jan01/10/2009
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longitudeUK hydro member
AISUK hydro member
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Lettens Jan01/10/2009

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Eekelers Dirk25/01/2006The Zor, of Istanbul, carrying a cargo of timber started listing on 18th May 1955, after her cargo shifted in the bad weather. The Wells lifeboat, Cecil Paine, rescued several of the crew, but four men decided to stay. On the 19th, a northerly gale was blowing and Coxswain Henry Downtide West asked the captain to abandon ship but he refused. Less than ten minutes after the crew and her captain had been rescued the Zor slowly began to sink.
Lettens Jan01/10/2009UK hydro member
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About Builders
 Hawthorn Leslie & Co. Ltd. - R & W Hawthorn, Hebburn-On-Tyne (Newcastle)
Extracted from "Jane's Fighting Ships for 1919"

Hawthorn Leslie.

R. & W. HAWTHORN, LESLIE & CO., LTD. (HEBBURN YARD, HEBBURN-ON-TYNE). Twelve slips up to 700 ft. long. One dock : 460 x 68 x 21 ft. on blocks. 26 ft. draught of quay at low water. Engine department of 150,000 I.H.P. per annum. Designers and builders of cruisers, destroyers and other warship types. Engine every type of war vessel. Builders of locomotives for main line service and works. Employees: 6-7,000.

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SS Zor [+1955]
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