american SV Charles Foster (+1900)
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nationality american
purpose transport
type schooner
propulsion sailing ship
date built 1877
live live
weight (tons) 998  grt
dimensions 69.2 x 11 x 4.8 m
material wood
rigging 3 masts
IMO/Off. no. 125581
about the loss
cause lost foundered
other reasons gale/storm
date lost 09/12/1900  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.8rank: 656
about people
Raynor William, Milan (Oh)
last owner
[1]Corrigan Transit C. (J.C. Corrigan), Cleveland
SV Charles Foster (+1900)
period 1900 ~ 1900
IMO/Off. no.: 125581
prev. owners
[2]Gilchrist Transportation Co., Cleveland
Charles Foster
period 1898 ~ 1900
IMO/Off. no.: 125581
[3]Fries Valentine, Milan (Oh)
Charles Foster
period 1877 ~ 1898
IMO/Off. no.: 125581
captain Bridges John
no. of crew 8
about the wreck
depth (m.) 24.4 max. / -- min. (m)
protected yes
war grave
entered by Gothro Phil
entered 06/05/2012
last update Gothro Phil
last update
Gothro Phil06/05/2012
latitudehydro member
longitudehydro member
AIShydro member
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Gothro Phil06/05/2012Tow of steamer IRON DUKE, she filled and sank in gale. The wreck was considered a menace to navigation, lying in the steamer track 9 miles out of Presque Isle, 82 deg. W from Presque Isle Light. A mast thought to be hers still projected above the water in Summer, 1901. Owned by James Corrigan, Cleveland. Master: Capt. John Bridges(d). When she was built her mastheads were 103, 105 & 90ft. above the deck and she carried 21 t. of anchors & chain
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About Owners
Corrigan Transit C. (J.C. Corrigan), Cleveland

The Corrigan brothers were well-known lake skippers and prosperous, enterprising Cleveland industrialists. Capt. James Corrigan began sailing the Great Lakes at age 17 and later worked in oil refining. He developed several of his own refining processes and plants, which he subsequently sold to Standard Oil. He conducted oil exploration in Austria-Hungary with his brother in the early 1880s and at the time of the Lucerne purchase was obtaining controlling interests in Lake Superior iron mines and smelting furnaces. At the zenith of his career, James Corrigan owned some of the largest U.S. oil refineries outside of Standard Oil, had some of the biggest vessels on the Great Lakes and was one of the leading independent iron manufacturers in the United States.

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SV Charles Foster (+1900)
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