american SS William W. Gerhard (bow) (+1943)
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nationality american
purpose transport
type cargo ship
subtype/class Liberty EC2-S-C1
Liberty EC2-S-C1 Richard Montgomery SS [+1944]
propulsion steam
date built 1943
weight (tons) 7176  grt
dimensions 134.6 x 17.3 x -- m
material steel [*]
engine 1 triple expansion engine
armament 1 x stern mounted 4"/102 mm deck gun  [*]
power 339  nominal horsepower  [*]
speed 11  knots
yard no. 2127
about the loss
cause lost explosion
other reasons torpedo
date lost 21/09/1943  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.2rank: 667
about people
Bethlehem Fairfield Shipbuilding Corp. Ltd. - Bethlehem Steel, Fairfield
United States Government
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 04/05/2012
last update Allen Tony
last update 22/06/2012

[*] means that the value was inherited from Richard Montgomery SS [+1944], the reference for Liberty EC2-S-C1.
Allen Tony22/06/2012
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Lettens Jan22/06/2012On September 21st, U.S. freighter William W. Gerhard, in a Salerno-bound convoy, is torpedoed by the German submarine U-238 at 40°07'N, 14°43'E, and abandoned by the 46-man crew, 29 of the 30-man Armed Guard (one man perishes in the initial explosion) and 191 Army troops.

After the crew returns to the ship to prepare her for towing, tug Moreno (AT-87) takes the torpedoed merchantman in tow and heads for Salerno. Fires break out on board, however, and after unavailing efforts by the crew, aided by tug Narragansett (AT-88) and British rescue tug HMS Weazel, the crew abandons ship a second time, transferring en masse to Moreno.

William W. Gerhard explodes that night and breaks in two. The bow section sinks immediately. The next day, Ocean going tugs Moreno (AT-87) and Narragansett (AT-88) and British rescue tug HMS Weazel scuttle the stern section of U.S. Liberty ship William W. Gerhard with gunfire off Salerno.
ref. used: 
 Cressman R. J., Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in WWII
Allen Tony04/05/2012William W. Gerhard SS was an American liberty ship that was torpedoed by German submarine U-593 and blew up when 25nm SW of Salerno when on route from Casablanca for Salerno with war materials.

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About Builders
 Bethlehem Fairfield Shipbuilding Corp. Ltd. - Bethlehem Steel, Fairfield
Bethlehem Steel Corporation's shipbuilding division was created in 1905 when it acquired the San Francisco shipyard Union Iron Works in 1905.
In 1917 it was incorporated as Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation , Limited, otherwise known as BethShip.

Headquarters were in Quincy , Massachusetts after acquiring Fore River Shipyard in 1913 and later in Sparrows Point, Maryland in 1964.

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SS William W. Gerhard (bow) (+1943)
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