pakistani Ghazi PNS (+1971)
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nationality pakistani
purpose war
type submarine
subtype/class Tench class submarine (am.)
Tench class submarine (am.) Tigrone USS (+1976)
propulsion diesel and batteries
date built 1944
weight (tons) 2461  disp (subm)
dimensions 95.1 x 8.4 x 5.2 m
material steel
engine 4 × diesel engines driving electrical generators (Fairbanks-Morse or General Motors), 2 × 126-cell Sargo batteries, 2 × low-speed electric motors (Elliott Company, General Electric, or Westinghouse), 2 shafts
armament 10 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes (six forward, four aft), 28 torpedoes, 1 × 5-inch (127 mm) / 25 caliber deck gun, Bofors 40 mm and Oerlikon 20 mm cannon
power 5400  s.h.p.
speed 20.25  knots
about the loss
cause lost depth charge
date lost 04/12/1971  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (U.S.A.), Kittery (Maine)
last owner
[1]Pakistan Navy
Ghazi PNS (+1971)
period 1964 ~ 1971
prev. owners
[2]Us Navy - United States Navy
USS Diablo (SS-479)
period 1944 ~ 1964
complement 81
about the wreck
depth (m.) 32 max. / -- min. (m)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 17/01/2008
last update Lettens Jan
last update 29/05/2010
Allen Tony17/01/2008
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longitudehydro member
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Allen Tony17/01/2008PNSGhazi PNS was abuilt as the USS Diablo (SS/AGSS-479), a Tench-class submarine and was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for the diablo, a member of the batfish family, common in the West Indies and along the southern coast of the United states. Her keel was laid down by the Portsmouth Navy Yard. She was launched on 1 December 1944 sponsored by Mrs. V. D. Chapline, and commissioned on 31 March 1945 with Lieutenant Commander G.

G. Matherson in command. In 1963, Diablo was transferred to the Pakistan on a four-year lease under the terms of the Security Assistance Program. After an extensive overhaul and conversion to Fleet Snorkel configuration in the United States, she was commissioned into the Pakistani Navy as PNS Ghazi on 1 June 1964. She reported for duty in Kar achi in September of that year. Ghazi served during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 until she was lost in the 1971 war with all hands on 4 December 1971 just inside the outer channel buoy at Vishakapatnam. India states that the destroyer INS Rajput destroyed her with a depth charge attack; Pakistan states that she was destroyed by one of the naval mines she was lying in the harbor.

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About Builders
 Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (U.S.A.), Kittery (Maine)
Established by the Federal Government in 1800, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY) launched its first product, the 74-gun warship USS Washington, in 1815. During World War I, the PNSY workforce expanded to nearly 5,000. At this time, PNSY took on a new and important role—the construction of submarines—in addition to the overhaul and repair of surface vessels. World War II saw the civilian employment rolls swell to over 25,000. Over the course of World War II over 70 submarines were constructed at PNSY, with a record four submarines launched on one day. Following World War II, PNSY was the Navy’s center for submarine design and development. The research submarine, USS Albacore, with its revolutionary “tear drop” shaped hull and round cross section, set the standard for all subsequent submarine hull design world-wide. PNSY continued to build submarines until 1969, when the last submarine built in a public shipyard, the nuclear powered USS Sand Lance, was launched. Today the Shipyard continues the tradition of excellence and service to the Navy and the nation by supplying the U.S Navy's submarine fleet with high quality, affordable, overhaul, refueling and modernization work.

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Ghazi PNS (+1971)
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