american SS George Dunbar (+1902)
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nationality american
purpose transport
type cargo - bulk carrier
propulsion steam
date built 1867
live live
weight (tons) 220  grt
dimensions 40.7 x 7.7 x 2.8 m
material wood
engine 18 x 24" high pressure (including HPNC) engine , 1 boiler, single shaft, 1 screw
power 300  h.p.
IMO/Off. no. 10890
about the loss
cause lost water leakage (flooding)
other reasons gale/storm
date lost 29/06/1902  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.7rank: 657
about people
Chaffee Ira, Allegan (Mi)
engine by
Tarrant Works, Chicago
last owner
[1]Saginaw Bay Transportation Co., Lake County (Oh)
SS George Dunbar (+1902)
period 1902 ~ 1902
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
prev. owners
[2]Prescott C.H., Cleveland
George Dunbar
period 1901 ~ 1902
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
[3]Edwards M.L., Chicago
George Dunbar
period 1901 ~ 1901
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
[4]Hutchings John, Detroit
George Dunbar
period 1899 ~ 1901
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
[5]Hudson W.E., Chicago
George Dunbar
period 1897 ~ 1899
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
[6]Simonds Henry L., Boston (US)
George Dunbar
period 1880 ~ 1897
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
[7]Dunbar George & Co., Boston (US)
George Dunbar
period 1867 ~ 1880
IMO/Off. no.: 10890
captain Little John
no. of crew 8
no. of passengers 2
about the wreck
status in good state
depth (m.) 13.63 max. / -- min. (m)
position on seabed upright
protected yes
war grave
entered by Gothro Phil
entered 02/04/2012
last update Gothro Phil
last update 02/04/2012
Gothro Phil02/04/2012
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Gothro Phil02/04/2012

The Dunbar lies in the mud at a depth of 45 feet. The most remarkable features of the wreck are her windlass and donkey boiler. Her stack lies approximately forty feet off her stern on the port side. The name board of the Dunbar washed up on Kelleys Island and is now on display at the Great Lakes Historical Society Museum, Vermilion, Ohio. The Historical Society also displays side scan images of this site in their Lake Erie Shipwreck Research Center.
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Gothro Phil02/04/2012Damaged by a sudden squall near Kelley's Island and sank. Bound Cleveland for Alpena. 7 crew elected to stay aboard while the skipper, his wife and daughter made for shore in life boat. Only those 3 were saved. Others perished on a makeshift raft. Out of Michigan City, owned by W. E. Hudson.. Master: Capt. John Little, Port Huron. (Owner also given as Saginaw Bay Trans. Co., Mentor, Oh.) The wreck was leveled by dynamiting in October of the same year.

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SS George Dunbar (+1902)
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