bahamian MV FAS Provence (+2012)
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nationality bahamian
purpose transport
type container ship
propulsion motor vessel (diesel)
date built 1986
live live
weight (tons) 6071  grt
dimensions 129.6 x 20.1 x -- m
material steel
engine 1 diesel engine, single shaft, 1 screw
speed 16  knots
yard no. 421
IMO/Off. no. 8508436
about the loss
cause lost foundered
other reasons [1] gale/storm
[2] water leakage (flooding)
date lost 13/01/2012  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Rickmers Reismühlen, Rhederei & Schiffbau A. G., Bremerhaven (Wesermünde)
last owner
MV FAS Provence (+2012)
period 1997 ~ 2012
IMO/Off. no.: 8508436
prev. owners
MV Britta Thien
period 1986 ~ 1988
IMO/Off. no.: 8508436
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Aquilina Kevin
entered 14/01/2012
last update Allen Tony
last update 26/12/2013
Aquilina Kevin14/01/2012
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 Aquilina Kevin   16/01/2012

Bad weather sinks freighter 'Fas Provence' 80 miles off Malta

The 130 meter long, 8049 dwt freighter Fas Provence sank some 80 miles off Delimara Point, Malta. The Fas Provence was being towed by two tugs when it encountered gale force winds. The bad weather forced the freighter to list and taking in water. The freighter listed over until it sank. No cargo or crew was on board at time of the incident. Authorities were alerted and aircraft have flown over the area looking for any potential pollution being released. The Fas Provence rests under 300 meters of water making any salvage unlikely. No details if any fuel oil, diesel or other pollutants were on board the freighter at the time it sank.

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Aquilina Kevin14/01/2012The "FAS Provence" sunk early Jan 13th, 2012, morning 80.97 nautical miles south east of Delimara at 4 a.m. in a depth of 300 metres within international waters covered by the service area of the Malta Coast Radio Station, operated by the AFM. The AFM has been following the troubled towing operation of the unmanned ship for some days. The ship, which was not carrying any cargo, was being towed by the two tugs "West" and "Izmir Bull". Due to the recent gale force winds, the vessel posed a serious hazard to navigation and regular broadcasts were transmitted alerting ships in the central Mediterranean of the hazard. On Jan 12 the master of the "Izmir Bull" informed Malta Radio that the ship's condition was deteriorating fast with the vessel listing to one side and taking in water. The AFM communicated the information to Transport Malta and deployed an aircraft to make a reconnaissance flight and assess the situation. All the necessary alerts were raised. Transport Malta and the AFM were in liaison to monitor the situation for any possible pollution. The "West" was to remain on standby on location. The AFM was to deploy another reconnaissance flight to the area later on Jan 13. Transport Malta has officially informed the Bahamas of the situation.
Previously called,
MV Britta Thien 1986-1988
MV Ael Europa 1988-1989
MV Ville De Dubai 1989-1992
MV Siam Bay 1992-1997
MV FAS Provence 1997-2012
Originally built as a cargo vessel but converted to a container ship in 2005. At the time of the incident she was bound for Tuzla for repairs.
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MV FAS Provence (+2012)
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