american Us Navy - United States Navy Phenakite USS (1942~1945) Circle Line V (+1984)
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nationality american
purpose war (prev. transport)
type patrol boat (ex-ferry) (ex-submarine chaser)
propulsion motor vessel (diesel)
date built 1902
live live
weight (tons) 317  disp (surf)
dimensions 56.8 x 6.9 x 3 m
material steel
engine 1 diesel engine
power 805  h.p.
about the loss
cause lost
date lost 00/00/1984  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Pusey & Jones, Wilmington (Delaware)
engine by
Fairbanks-Morse, Chicago
next owners
[1]Circle Line - Circle Shipping Co., New York
Circle Line V (+1984)
period 1946 ~ 1984
last owner
[2]Us Navy - United States Navy
USS Phenakite (PYC-25
period 1942 ~ 1945
prev. owners
[3]Martin Jacob "Jake", New York
period 1932 ~ 1942
[4]Taylor Roland, Philadelphia
period --- ~ 1932
[5]Us Navy - United States Navy
USS Sachem (SP-192)
period 1917 ~ 1919
[6]Metcalf Manton B.
period 1919 ~ ---
[7]Metcalf Manton B.
period --- ~ 1917
[8]Maxwell J. Rogers
period 1902 ~ ---
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Lettens Jan
entered 10/01/2012
last update Gothro Phil
last update 25/04/2014
Lettens Jan10/01/2012
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Lettens Jan10/01/2012CIRCLE LINE V was built 1902 as the yacht CELT by the Pusey and Jones Co., Wilmington, Del. Launched 12 April 1902. Renamed SACHEM.

Acquired by the Navy 3 July 1917; Placed in service as SACHEM (SP-192), 19 August 1917; Returned to her owner, M. B. Metcalf of New York 10 February 1919.

Sold to Philadelphia Banker Roland L. Taylor; Resold in 1932 to Jacob "Jake" Martin and converted to a fishing boat.

Reacquired by the Navy 17 February 1942 for $65,000 and converted for Naval service at Robert Jacobs Inc., City Island, NY and commissioned as USS PHENAKITE (PYC-25), 1 July 1942 at Tompkinsville, NY. Transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal 5 November 1945.

Returned to her original owner, Mr. J. Martin of Brooklyn, NY as SACHEM on 29 December 1945.

Subsequently resold to the Circle Line of New York City and renamed SIGHTSEER. Renamed CIRCLE LINE V. Reportedly scrapped in 1984, but found in 2007 in a small creek on the Ohio River in Kentucky.
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About Builders
 Fairbanks-Morse, Chicago
Fairbanks Morse and Company was a manufacturing company in the late 19th and early 20th century. Originally a weighing scale manufacturer, it later diversified into pumps, engines, windmills, locomotives and industrial supplies until it was merged in 1958. It used the trade name Fairbanks-Morse.

There are three separate corporate entities that could be considered successors to the company, none of which represent a complete and direct descendant of the original company. All claim the heritage of the Fairbanks Morse and Company. Fairbanks Scales is a privately owned company in Kansas City, Missouri, that manufactures the scales. Fairbanks Morse Engine (FME) is a company based in Beloit, Wisconsin, that manufactures and services engines. Fairbanks Morse Pumps is a part of Pentair Water in Kansas City, Kansas, and manufactures pumps.

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Circle Line V (+1984)
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