vietnamese MV Bien Nam (+2011)
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nationality vietnamese
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion motor vessel (diesel)
date built 2008
live live
weight (tons) 2551  grt
dimensions 90.7 x 13 x -- m
engine 1 diesel engine
yard no. 70306
IMO/Off. no. 9520314
about the loss
cause lost missing
other reasons foundered
date lost 12/05/2011  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.12rank: 649
about people
Dai Duong, Haiphong
Financial Leasing Co. II, Saigon
no. of crew 12
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 01/10/2011
last update Allen Tony
last update 05/09/2012
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Oo Thet Khine14/09/2012I am Mr Thet Khine Oo who is first investor for MV Bien Nam. I start to invest me and Capt Hla Min traveling fees and stay at Indonesia for 7 months over. Also I had to invest for before ex owner Capt Vu Quang and Mr Hla Min's crew join mistake for MV Bien.

I had partnership contract with Capt Vu Quang and Capt Hla Min. My invest are $ 69100 and Myanmar Kyats 98,000.000.I had agreement with Capt David.But now all the money from MV Bien Nam, Capt Hla Min took and he not contact with me.I got to take action by law to him already but he stay hiding.
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 Mr D Carey
Khac Nhu Huynh05/09/2012
Tony Saragih failed to perform as JV partner. He did not do anything when the crews were left without foods, water and proper provision. He also did not do anything when those crews had to sell or pawn the equipment to buy food and water. The US$ 185,000 claimed by Oelius Chrismen (it is the name of Tony Saragih's son, by the way) had been paid to MV Bien Nam was not true, since the ship was nearly abandoned with outstanding expenses amounting in excess of US$ 100,000 in Padang. He also nearly caused total loss of the ship when it ran aground in Padang port.

Fortunately for him, Capt. Hla Min had initiative to disclose the spectrum and magnitude of situation to ship owner so that they managed to secure the ship, paid outstanding expenses and solved all other problems. Otherwise, Tony Saragih would run into more problems. However, Tony Saragih went too far in his frowned upon business conducts by reporting Capt. Hla Min to Indonesian Police on 27.08.2012 for an alleged fraud, as the mentioned by referenced newspaper in Indonesian language.
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Oelius Chrismen28/06/201220/1/2012

mv bien nam , have done joint venture with PT.ORA ET LABORA TONY AND SONS , and the owner of PT.ORA ET LABORA TONY AND SONS have spend $185 000 for mv bien nam's needs


the owner of mv bien nam , mr huynh khac nhu and mr Hla Min a.k.a david , have end the joint venture but without returning the money PT.ORA ET LABORA TONY AND SONS invested back . but , the 2 of them secretly sell the ship to other people .
Allen Tony01/10/2011Bien Nam MV was reported missing on the 12th May 2011 While underway from Tuticorin, India for Padang, Indonesia with a crew of 12.

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