italian Lauro Lines (Achille Lauro, Starlauro) SS Veloce (+1942)
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nationality italian
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1911
is nickname no
weight (tons) 5464  grt
dimensions 125 x 16.2 x 9.1 m
material steel
engine 1 triple expansion engine, single shaft, 1 screw
power 424  n.h.p.
speed 13  knots
yard no. 445
IMO/Off. no. 443
call sign
about the loss
cause lost gunfire - shelled
other reasons air raid
date lost 02/12/1942  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.63rank: 576
about people
Stephen & Sons Ltd., Alexander Stephen, Glasgow
engine by
Stephen & Sons Ltd., Alexander Stephen, Glasgow
last owner
[1]Lauro Lines (Achille Lauro, Starlauro), Naples
SS Veloce (+1942)
period 1935 ~ 1942
IMO/Off. no.: 443
call sign: 
prev. owners
[2]Brocklebank T. & J. Ltd. - Thomas & John, Liverpool
SS Media
period 1912 ~ 1935
IMO/Off. no.: 132991
call sign: 
[3]Anchor Line Ltd. - Henderson Bros., Glasgow
SS Media
period 1911 ~ 1912
IMO/Off. no.: 132991
no. of crew 63
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Lettens Jan
entered 04/08/2011
last update Vleggeert Nico
last update 02/12/2013
Lettens Jan04/08/2011
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Lettens Jan04/08/2011On 30 November 1942, at eleven o'clock at night, LUPO (Lt. Cmdr. Giuseppe Folli) left Naples for Tripoli, together with the torpedo boats Ardito, Arethusa and Sagittarius, escoring the convoy "C", consisting of steamships Chisone Devoli and Veloce. Around eight in the evening of 2 December, the convoy was attacked by four Fairey Albacore torpedo bombers from the 821th and 828th Squadron in Malta.

The steamer VELOCE succeeded to gun down an aircraft, but at 20.15 was hit by a torpedo and was dead in the water, 20 miles south of the buoy No. 4 of Kerkennah shoals. LUPO provided assistance, while the rest of the convoy continued to its destination.

Around midnight, British destroyers Jervis, Nubian, Kelvin and Javelin surprised LUPO and she did not even have time to react. She sank in a few minutes in the Gulf of Gabes, and soon a similar fate befell the Veloce. Only 29 crew from LUPO could be saved by destroyer Ardente, while captain Folli and 134 other officers and sailors and 63 crew from Veloce were lost.

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About Owners
Lauro Lines (Achille Lauro, Starlauro), Naples

Achille Lauro (1887-1984), Il Comandante had a rich business and political life. His fleet of ocean going vessels was spread over the waters of the world for 50 years. He was a deputy in the Italian parliament and mayor and political boss of Naples. At Italy's entrance into World War II (June 20, 1940) Lauro had 57 boats with over 300,000 tons. The company entered the cruise business in the 1960s. In 1987, Lauro Lines or Flotta Lauro was purchased by Mediterranean Shipping Company and renamed StarLauro Cruises.

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About Builders
 Stephen & Sons Ltd., Alexander Stephen, Glasgow
Alexander Stephen and Sons Limited, often referred to simply as Alex Stephens, was a Scottish shipbuilding company based in Linthouse, Govan in Glasgow, on the River Clyde. Alexander Stephen, a member of the third generation of the family, merged the Aberdeen and Arbroath businesses in 1828 and then, after closing the Aberdeen yard in 1829, moved production to the Panmure yard in Dundee in 1842. In 1850 part of the business was transferred to Kelvinhaugh yard, now known as Yorkhill Quay, near Glasgow. The Arbroath yard finally closed in 1857. Then in 1870 the business moved to Linthouse near Glasgow.

In a tragic disater in 1883, the Daphne, a steamer, capsized after its launch from the yard, and 124 workers lost their lives. The Dundee shipyard was sold in 1893. In 1968, Stephens was incorporated into Upper Clyde Shipbuilders and was closed after the latter organisation collapsed in 1971.

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SS Veloce (+1942)
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