american Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. - St. Clair Steamship Co. SS Kaliyuga (+1905)
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nationality american
purpose transport
type cargo - bulk carrier
propulsion steam
date built 1887
weight (tons) 1941  grt
dimensions 82.2 x 12.3 x 6.3 m
material wood
engine 28 + 54" cylinders by 45" stroke fore & aft compound engine, 2 boilers, single shaft, 1 screw
power 750  i.h.p.
IMO/Off. no. 14458
about the loss
cause lost gale/storm
other reasons foundered
date lost 19/10/1905  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.17rank: 639
about people
Langell S. - Simon Langell, St. Clair
engine by
Hodge & Co - Samuel F. Hodge & Co, Detroit
Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. - St. Clair Steamship Co., Cleveland
captain Tonkin, Fred L.
no. of crew 17
about the wreck
status sanded
depth (m.)
war grave
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Lettens Jan01/08/2011
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Lettens Jan01/08/2011In the evening of October 19th, Capt. John Duddleson of the L. C. WALDO sighted the wooden steamer, KALIYUGA of the St. Clair Steamship Company (a Cleveland-Cliffs affiliate), downbound in Lake Huron between Thunder Bay Island and Middle Island.

The KALIYUGA was heading in an easterly direction at the time and taking a terrible beating from the huge seas running on the lake. KALIYUGA was never seen again and foundered with all hands somewhere in the area of Cove Island at the tip of Ontario's Bruce Peninsula.

Later, wreckage (the name board on the pilothouse said Kaliyuga) was found about 40 miles south of Cove Island, on the course between the island and Fort Gratiot.

From its location it would indicate that Capt. Tonkin was trying to reach the friendly shelter of Georgian Bay when the ship was carried to the bottom of lake Huron with her crew of 17.

Bodies of some sailors washed ashore south of Kincardine and at Port Elgin, Ontario. The official record places the wreck somewhere off Presque Isle, but the Kaliyuga's exact location has never been found.

Note: some weirdos on the internet have been associating her disapperance with paranormal stuff and UFOs.

Detroit, Oct. 31. -- The corpse of a sailor of the missing steamer Kaliyuga and a pathetic hastily scribbled note tell the fate of the steamer, of which no tidings had been received since the storm of two weeks ago. "Dear Father: Good-bye. I have a bank book in the Cleveland Society of Savings. Good-bye mother, dear sister and brother. A kiss for all."

Such was the message found on the body of CHARLES J. BEAUGRAND, who in life had been an oiler on the missing steamer Kaliyuga. The corpse was washed ashore at Kircardine, Ont., settling all doubts as to what had become of the Kaliyuga. BEAUGRAND was one of the 17 victims on the ill-fated boat.
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 News Palladium Benton Harbor Michigan

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About Builders
 Hodge & Co - Samuel F. Hodge & Co, Detroit
The Samuel F. Hodge & Co. was a manufacturer of marine engines in Detroit. Originally established in 1863 under the name of Cowie, Hodge & Co. In 1883 it was incorporated as the Samuel F. Hodge & Company. They turned out 125 engines between 1884 and 1899. They built the first triple expansion engine to be used on the Great Lakes. It was placed in the Roumania on October 2, 1886.

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SS Kaliyuga (+1905)
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