spanish SS Teresa (+1940)
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nationality spanish
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1883
weight (tons) 931  grt
material iron
yard no. 152
about the loss
cause lost ran aground (wrecked)
date lost 02/02/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Doxford W. & Sons - William Doxford & Sons Ltd., Sunderland
last owner
[1]Artinano, Ortiz R. - Ortiz R. Artiñano, Bilbao
SS Teresa (+1940)
period 1918 ~ 1940
prev. owners
[2]Gonzalez & Fernandez, Villagarcia
SS Arosa
period 1909 ~ 1918
[3]Meier D. S., Oslo (old Christiania)
SS Jern
period 1897 ~ 1909
[4]Robertson, Mackie & Co., Glasgow
SS Newbigging
period 1893 ~ 1897
[5]Mathias J. & Sons - Cambrian Steam Navigation Co., Cardiff
SS Glanrheidol
period 1883 ~ 1893
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 17/06/2011
last update Allen Tony
last update 17/06/2011
Lettens Jan17/06/2011
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Allen Tony30/12/2012Tereza ran aground and was wrecked at Azemour Point , Morocco on the 2nd February 1940.
Allen Tony17/06/2011SS Teresa was a Spanish cargo vessel of 931 grt. She was wrecked at Azemour Point , Morocco on the 2nd February 1940.
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About Builders
 Doxford W. & Sons - William Doxford & Sons Ltd., Sunderland
William Doxford and Sons began in 1840 at Cox Green. William Doxford and Sons Ltd, often referred to simply as Doxford, was established in 1857 by William Doxford. From 1870 they were based in Pallion, Sunderland, on the River Wear in Northeast England. In 1904 the East Yard was built, and the 3 extra berths helped Doxford’s to win the blue riband in 1904 and 1907 for the highest production rate in the world.
The East Yard was rebuilt as a state of the art covered shipyard, which opened in 1976. Doxford’s joined Thompson’s, Laings and Greenwell’s in 1961 to form the Doxford and Sunderland Shipbuilding and Engineering Group. The Group was taken over in 1973 and re-named Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd. It merged with Austin and Pickersgill’s in 1986, and closed in 1988.

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SS Teresa (+1940)
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