british Turner, Brightman & Co. - Zinal Steamship Co. Ltd. SS Zanoni (+1917)
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1907
weight (tons) 3851  grt
material steel
yard no. 462
about the loss
cause lost
date lost 12/05/1917  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.1rank: 670
about people
Thompson Joseph L. & Sons, Sunderland
Turner, Brightman & Co. - Zinal Steamship Co. Ltd., London
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
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Lettens Jan14/02/2011SS Zanoni, built by J. L. Thompson & Sons, Ltd., Sunderland in 1907 and owned at the time of her loss by Turner, Brightman & Co., London, was a British steamer of 3851 tons.

On May 12th, 1917, Zanoni, on a voyage from Tyne to Genoa with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine U-34 (Johannes Klasing), 12 miles NExE of Cape Oropesa, Spain. 1 person was lost.

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About Owners
Turner, Brightman & Co. - Zinal Steamship Co. Ltd., London

Lloyd's reference: 904/905
Brightman formed a partnership with Turner in 1878 in London. By 1900 the company owned 15 tramps of which about half were fitted with refrigerated cargo space and chartered to Houlder Bros for the River Plate meat trade. The remainder were mostly used on Mediterranean and Black Sea routes. Ten of the fleet were lost during the Great War and by 1919 the company only owned four vessels. Only two ships remained by 1939 and one was lost to marine hazard and the other to enemy action. Two standard tramps were managed for the MOWT but the company ceased trading after the war.

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About Builders
 Thompson Joseph L. & Sons, Sunderland
Joseph L. Thompson and Sons of Sunderland was established in 1846 by Robert Thompson. They became the largest and most famous of all the shipbuilding yards. Based in North Sands and located in an arc around to the North dock. Thompson set up the company at North Sands with his three sons and manufactured their first small sailing ship. In 1854 Thompson's son of the same name left the company to set up his own yard: Robert Thompson and Sons. The yard changed its name to Joseph L. Thompson in February 1871. Joseph L. Thompson retired in 1875 and his three sons Robert, Joseph Lowes and Charles carried on the business. In 1954 the yard became a subsidiary of Sunderland Shipbuilding, Dry Dock and Engineering Co. This was made up of the Thompson, Laing and Crown yards and the repairer T. W. Greenwell and Co. In 1961 the company changed its name to Doxford and Sunderland Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. ---- J. L. Thompson’s yard was finally closed in 1979, although the fitting out quay was used by Doxford’s and Laing’s. The last ever launch took place at the North Sands yard on 24th May 1979.

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Lettens Jan  14/02/2011
Buque de vapor ingles hundido por un submarino Aleman en torreblanca (castellon) en 1917.
 Francisco Javier Pérez Hita
Buque de vapor ingles hundido por un submarino Aleman en torreblanca (castellon) en 1917.
Buque de vapor ingles hundido por un submarino Aleman en torreblanca (castellon) en 1917.
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SS Zanoni (+1917)
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