british Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. - British & North American RMSP Co - Cunard White Star Line SS Slavonia (+1909)
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nationality british
purpose transport
type ocean liner
propulsion steam
date built 1903
is nickname no
weight (tons) 10605.9  grt
dimensions 155.4 x 18.1 x 6.8 m
material steel
engine 2 triple expansion engines, 6 boilers, dual shaft, 2 screws
power 929  n.h.p.
speed 13  knots
yard no. 600
IMO/Off. no. 115761
about the loss
cause lost ran aground (wrecked)
date lost 11/06/1909  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Laing James & Sons Ltd. (Sir James Laing & Sons), Sunderland
engine by
Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co. Ltd, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
last owner
[1]Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. - British & North American RMSP Co - Cunard White Star Line, Liverpool
SS Slavonia (+1909)
period 1904 ~ 1909
IMO/Off. no.: 115761
prev. owners
[2]British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. - BISN, London
SS Yamuna
period 1903 ~ 1904
IMO/Off. no.: 115761
captain Dunning, Arthur George
no. of crew 225
no. of passengers 373
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam
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Lettens Jan01/06/2014Contradicting positions:
  • Board of Trade: SLAVONIA struck on the rocks off Pico Joas Martin, a point about a mile north of the south extreme of Flores.
  • Portuguese source: SLAVONIA entrou proa adentro pela costa do Lajedo, junto doilhéu da Baixa Rasa, a cerca de 1 quilómetro da Ponta dos Fenais.This puts the wreck at the NW side of Flores.
  • Lloyds: on the SW side of Flores.

Navire qui heurta le haut fond de Baixa Rasa face à Lajedo, SO de l'île de Flores (Açores). Il s'échoua, passagers et équipage étant recueillis par le SS Batavia de la compagnie concurrente Hamburg Anweika Linen qui aveit capté son S.O.S. Une petite partie des biens et équipements put être retirée avant sa submersion

Ship hit the shoal Baixa Rasa off Lajedo, SW of Flores island (Azores). She ran aground, passengers and crew being rescued by SS Batavia of her competing company Hamburg Amerika Linen which received her SOS. A small portion of goods and equipment could be removed before sinking

Nave que chocó el bajío Baixa Rasa defronte Lajedo, SO de la isla de Flores (Azores). Varó, pasajeros y tripulación fueron rescatados por el SS Batavia de la empresa competidora Hamburg Amerika Lineb que había captado su SOS. Una pequeña parte de la de los birnes y del equipa,iento pudo ser salvado antes de su hundimiento

Navio que bateu o baixio Baixa Rasa defronte Lajedo, SW da ilha de Flores (Açores). Encalhou, os passageiros e tripulantes a ser recolhidos pelo SS Batavia da empresa concorrente Hamburg Amerika linen que tinha captado seu SOS Uma pequena parte do bens e equipamentos pôde ser removido antes de ser submerso

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About Owners
Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. - British & North American RMSP Co - Cunard White Star Line, Liverpool

Abraham Cunard, an American loyalist of German extraction, moved north to Canada after the War of Independence. His son Samuel became one of the leading businessmen in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was awarded the Admiralty contract to carry mail by steam ship across the North Atlantic and to carry out the agreement founded the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. . The mail service was inaugurated by 'Britannia' in 1840. In the 1850s the company extended its services to take on a Liverpool-Mediterranean route. In the early 1870s Cunard's supremacy in the North Atlantic was challenged by the White Star Line ; this revitalized the company's performance and it embarked on a programme of new building.

The North Atlantic Companies were hard hit by the 1930s recession and in 1934 Cunard took over White Star to form the Cunard White Star Line . Competition from air travel led to passenger retrenchment from the 1960s. The 'Queen Mary' and 'Queen Elizabeth' were sold but the company launched a new liner, the 'Queen Elizabeth 2' in 1969. In the 1970s the company diversified into cargo carrying. It is at present part of the American Carnival Corporation, with a fleet of three ships, cruising worldwide, including on its traditional transatlantic route.

Lloyd's reference: 1751

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About Builders
 Laing James & Sons Ltd. (Sir James Laing & Sons), Sunderland
Philip Laing started his own yard in 1818 at Deptford. In 1844 James Laing took control of the Deptford yard. In 1849 Philip Laing, James Laing's son, joined the family firm. In 1853 James Laing was the first Wear shipbuilder to build an iron steam ship. James Laing Junior joined the family firm. By 1865 the Laing family were shipowners as well as builders. In 1871 Hugh Laing, son of James Laing Snr, joined the family business and became a Director of the yard. In 1898 the company was renamed Sir James Laing and Sons. During WWI the yard had five building berths and a graving dock arranged around the the inner side of the bend of the river at Deptford. It had the highest tonnage of any Wear yard between 1914-18 with 18 ships of 109,924 tons as well as six small naval craft. In WWII World the Deptford yard produced 41 ships, 32 of which were tankers between 1939 and 1946. Private orders were also manufactured along with eight tramps. There were five building berths operating at the end of the war. The Laing yard became the Deptford yard of the Doxford and Sunderland Group in 1966.

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Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co. Ltd, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Originated in 1871.
1873. First compound engine built.
1874 "Engineering" added to title.
1881 New boiler making shop erected.
1897 540 ft Dry dock built.
1899 19 sets of engines built.
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SS Slavonia (+1909)
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