british Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd. - J. D. Marsden Pembroke Castle FV (1933~1939) Lincoln City ? HMT (GY-529) [+1941]
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nationality british
purpose fishing
type minesweeper
propulsion steam
date built 1933
live live
weight (tons) 398  grt
dimensions 47.24 x 8.05 x 3.72 m
engine Triple expansion engine, 3 cylinder.
armament 1 x 4" gun
yard no. 961
IMO/Off. no. 144006
about the loss
cause lost air raid
date lost 21/02/1941  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. (South Bank), Middlesbrough
engine by
Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. (South Bank), Middlesbrough
next owners
[1]British Royal Navy - Admiralty - RN, London
HMT Lincoln City ? (GY-529) [+1941]
period 1939 ~ 1941
IMO/Off. no.: 144006
[2]Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd. - J. D. Marsden, Grimsby
FV Lincoln City (GY-529)
period 1938 ~ 1939
IMO/Off. no.: 144006
last owner
[3]Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd. - J. D. Marsden, Grimsby
FV Pembroke Castle (SA 25)
period 1933 ~ 1939
IMO/Off. no.: 144006
captain T/Lt. Francis Albert Seward Rnr
about the wreck
depth (m.) 29 max. / -- min. (m)
war grave
entered by Jan Lettens
entered 28/08/2008
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last update 12/06/2013
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Allen Tony18/01/2009Built as Pembroke Castle, SA 25, for Consolidated Fisheries, Swansea. On the 12th April 1938 she was renamed Lincoln City (GY-529). In September 1939 she was requisioned by The Admiralty as an Anti-Submarine Vessel. On the 21st February 1941 the Lincoln City was sunk by enemy aircraft off the Faroe Islands.
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Jan Lettens01/10/2009UK hydro member
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About Builders
 Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. (South Bank), Middlesbrough
Smith's Dock Company who started at High Docks, South Shields, are often referred to simply as Smith's Dock, was a British shipbuilding company that became associated with South Bank in Middlesbrough on the River Tees in Northeast England, after opening an operation there in 1907.

Smiths Dock are perhaps most famous for preparing the design of the Flower class corvette, an anti-submarine convoy escort of WWII. In 1914 listed as Marine Engineers. During WWI the yard's output was 160 small ships. In the 1920's the yard began arc-welding along with riveting. Up to 1930 the yard mainly made colliers, tramps and cargo-liners.

In 1930 the yard entered the depression with a number of orders on its books. The worst year for the yard was 1932 when it was only able to launch one motor trawler. In 1931 the Stockton yard of Smiths Dock Co Ltd was purchased by National Shipbuilders Security for closure and dismantling. In 1936 the "Flower" class corvette based on the design of the whale-catcher Southern Pride, made its debut. 19 were made by the yard and 200 by other yards.

During the 1940s the yard made a number of cargo ships, tramps, colliers and the last case-oil carrier. In 1966 the yard was sold to Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson with the yard becoming part of the Swan Hunter Group later in the same year.

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Jan Lettens  04/11/2010
Minesweeping in WWII
 Unknown - onbekend - inconnu
Minesweeping in WWII
Minesweeping in WWII
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Lincoln City ? HMT (GY-529) [+1941]
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