german German Navy (Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945 U-802 [+1945]
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nationality german
purpose war
type submarine
subtype/class IX C 40 class submarine (ger.)
IX C 40 class submarine (ger.) U-550 (+1944)
propulsion diesel and batteries
date built 1941
dead (not found) dead (not found)
weight (tons) 1257  disp (subm)
dimensions 76.8 x 6.9 x 4.7 m
material steel
engine 2 MAN 9 cyl. 4 takt diesels M9V 40/46 (2500 hp), 2 SSW electro engines type 2GU 345/34 (562 hp), 2 x 62 batteries
armament 22 torpedos, 6 T.T. (4 fwd, 2 aft), 1 x 10.5 cm L/45 deck gun, 1 x 3.7 cm A.A., 1 x 2 cm A.A.
power 5000  h.p.
speed 19 [*]  knots
yard no. 360
about the loss
cause lost scuttled
date lost 31/12/1945  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Seebeck G. Ag (Weser Werk Seebeck Ag, Seebeckwerft), Bremerhaven (Wesermünde)
German Navy (Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945
captain Schmoeckel, Helmut
complement 49~60
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 02/10/2007
last update Lettens Jan
last update 13/01/2014

[*] means that the value was inherited from U-550 (+1944), the reference for IX C 40 class submarine (ger.).
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Allen Tony02/10/2007U-802 was a German submarine Type IXC/40. She surrendered at Loch Eriboll, Scotland, on the 11th May 1945; transferred to Lisahally for Operation Deadlight. Operation Deadlight (post-war Allied operation) She was sunk on the 31st December 1945.
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About Owners
German Navy (Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945

Kriegsmarine is the name of the Navy of Germany during WWII, not to be confused with Imperial German Navy, which is the German Navy during WWI and before.
About Builders
 Seebeck G. Ag (Weser Werk Seebeck Ag, Seebeckwerft), Bremerhaven (Wesermünde)
Founded by Georg Seebek, a copper blacksmith from Brake. He benefited a lot due to the change from wood to iron shipbuilding as he was specialised in it due to his education. Thus he has taken over some woodbuilding shipping yards who came in financial troubles because they were not able to build iron ships.
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U-802 [+1945]
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