american Resolute SS (1922~1935) Lombardia SS (+1943)
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nationality american
purpose transport
type passenger ship
propulsion steam
date built 1920
live live
weight (tons) 20200  grt
dimensions 181.7 x 22 x -- m
engine 3 x Triple expansion enegines
speed 16  knots
yard no. 193
about the loss
cause lost scuttled
other reasons air raid
date lost 00/09/1943  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Weser A. G., Bremen
next owners
[1]Lloyd Triestino, Trieste
SS Lombardia (+1943)
period 1937 ~ 1943
[2]Italia Societa Anonima di Navigazione (1937~) (Societa Italia Flotte Riuniti 1932-1937)
SS Lombardia
period 1935 ~ 1937
last owner
[3]American Ship & Co.
SS Resolute
period 1922 ~ 1935
prev. owners
[4]Nederlandsche-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Mij. N. V. (NASM, Holland-Amerika Line, HAL), Rotterdam
SS Brabentia
period 1920 ~ 1920
[5]Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt A.G. - Hamburg-Amerika Linie - HAPAG, Hamburg
SS William O'Swald
period 1916 ~ 1920
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 16/06/2010
last update Allen Tony
last update 16/06/2011
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Allen Tony16/06/2010Lombardia SS was a Italian passenger ship of 20,200grt that was bombed by aircraft at Naples on the 4th April 1943. She was badly damaged and scuttled in September 1943.
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About Builders
 Weser A. G., Bremen
A. G. Weser (Aktien-Gesellschaft Weser) was a German shipbuilding company located on the Weser River in Bremen. In 1846 the company was called Waltjen & Co. who built the first slipway and started construction of dredging vessels and barges. By 1865 more conventional steamboats and steamships were produced, but only in small numbers up to 1872 when the company was renamed Weser. The shipyard received significant orders from the Imperial Navy and in 1883 specialized in construction of torpedo boats. By 1905 the military production was close to fifty percent of output. A. G. Weser played a significant role in World War I, building U-boats and warships for the Kaiserliche Marine. In 1926 it was merged with eight other shipyards to form the Deutsche Schiff- und Maschinenbau AG but the name A.G. Weser was kept for the shipyard in Bremen.

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