dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC Arnhem (+1662)
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nationality dutch
purpose transport
type east indiaman
subtype/class VOC type spiegelretour ship
propulsion sailing ship
date built
weight (tons) 1000  bm
material wood
rigging 3 masts
about the loss
cause lost ran aground (wrecked)
other reasons gale/storm
date lost 12/02/1662  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC
Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC
captain Capt. Pieter Anthoniszoon
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
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entered 05/02/2010
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Lettens Jan05/02/2010
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Lettens Jan15/09/2012Four VOC ships lost in the Indian Ocean

On December 23rd 1661, a fleet of seven VOC ships, Wapen van Holland, Prins Willem, Vogel Phoenix, Arnhem, Maarsseveen, Prinses Royal and Gekroonde Leeuw, left Batavia for their homebound voyage via Cape of Good Hope.

On February 11th, 1662 the fleet was dispersed when it sailed into a violent storm, off Cargados.

Three ships Wapen van Holland (920 tons), Gekroonde Leeuw (1200 tons) and Prins Willem (1200 tons) foundered the same day. Nothing was ever heard of these ships.

The next day, Arnhem (1000 tons) was lost when she ran aground at Saint Brandon (= Cargados Carajos shoals), a group of atols and reefs ca 120 miles NE from Mauritius.
Lettens Jan05/02/2010Arnhem

Spiegelretour ship; Built at Amsterdam and in service for the VOC from 1654 till 1662; 1000 tons;


(1) Kamer van Amsterdam - 10/06/1655 Vlie, Capt. Magnus Hendriksz. - Cape Good Hope from 21/10/1655 till 06/11/1655 - 08/02/1656 Batavia - 17/10/1656 Deshima - Batavia - Kamer van Amsterdam - 03/02/1657 Batavia, Capt. Michiel Jacobsz. van Bergen - - 29/07/1658 Vlie -

(2) Kamer van Amsterdam - 22/10/1658 Vlie, Capt. Jan Timonsz. - Cape Good Hope from 16/03/1659 till 30/03/1659 - 08/07/1659 Batavia - Kamer van Enkhuizen - 18/12/1659 Batavia, Capt. Rens Jansz. - Cape Good Hope from 02/03/1660 till 20/03/1660 - 18/07/1660 Vlie -

(3) Kamer van Amsterdam - 07/02/1661 Texel, Capt. Rens Jansz. / Dirk Gerritsz. v - Cape Good Hope from 16/06/1661 till 06/07/1661 - 12/09/1661 Batavia - Kamer van Amsterdam - 23/12/1661 Batavia, Capt. Pieter Anthonisz.

Arnhem was lost on her homebound voyage when she ran aground in a violent storm on February 12th, 1662 at the Cargados Carajos shoals, some 120 miles NE from Mauritius.

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Arnhem (+1662)
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