british Lord Nelson (+1808)
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nationality british
purpose transport
type east indiaman
propulsion sailing ship
date built 1799
weight (tons) 819  bm
dimensions 44.6 x 11 x 4.5 m
material wood
armament ports 13 middle & 12 upper
about the loss
cause lost gale/storm
date lost 28/10/1808  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Barnard, Deptford (Thames)
Bonham Henry
captain Capt. William Charles Hutton
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
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Lettens Jan01/02/2010
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Lettens Jan01/02/2010Lord Nelson

Built by Barnard, launched 1799, 3 decks, 4in bottom, length 146ft 2in, keel 118ft 8½in, breadth 36ft ¼in, hold 14ft 9in, wing transom 23ft 5in, port cell 26ft 8in, waist 3ft 11in, between decks 6ft 2in & 6ft 4½in, roundhouse 6ft 5½in, ports 13 middle & 12 upper, deck range 83ft 8in, 819 tons.

Principal Managing Owners: 1-2 Robert Charnock, 3-5 Henry Bonham.


(1) 1799/1800 Madras and China. Capt Robert Spottiswoode. Portsmouth 17 Mar 1800 - 13 Jul Madras - 27 Aug Penang - 23 Sep Malacca - 2 Nov Whampoa - 29 Dec Second Bar - 16 Apr 1801 St Helena - 11 Jun Downs.

(2) 1801/2 Madras and Bengal. Capt Robert Spottiswoode. Downs 14 Mar 1802 - taken by French privateer Bellona 14 Aug 1803 - recaptured 27 Aug by HMS Colossus.

(3) 1803/4 Madras and Bengal. Capt Wemyss Orrok. Portsmouth 20 Mar 1804 - 19 Jul Madras - 12 Aug Diamond Harbour - 21 Nov Saugor - 12 Feb 1805 Madras - 29 Jun St Helena - 10 Sep Downs.

(4) 1805/6 St Helena and Bengal. Capt William Charles Hutton. Portsmouth 30 Mar 1806 - 27 Jun St Helena - 26 Aug Cape - 12 Nov Diamond Harbour - 26 Dec Saugor - 10 Jan 1807 Madras - 19 Feb Bombay - 4 Mar Tellicherry - 15 Jun St Helena - 6 Sep Downs.

(5) 1807/8 Madras and Bengal. Capt William Charles Hutton. Portsmouth 5 Mar 1808 - 28 Oct parted company from the fleet in a gale in 8°30´S 80°E and not heard of again.
ref. used: 
 The National Archives (Uk), nationalarchives.g..
Lettens Jan01/02/2010Lord Nelson, Experiment and Glory were all in service for the East India company, when on October 28th, 1809, all ships parted in a storm, 08°30N - 080°E. Nothing was ever heard of them.

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Lord Nelson (+1808)
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