french Nicolas Paquet & Cie - Cie. De Navigation Marocaine Et Arménienne SS Chella (X-12) [+1940]
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nationality french
purpose transport
type ocean liner
propulsion steam
date built 1934
dead (not found) dead (not found)
weight (tons) 8920  grt
dimensions 132 x 18.9 x -- m
material steel
engine 6 steam turbines SR geared to 2 shafts. Fitted for oil fuel, 2 screws
power 2383  n.h.p.
speed 20  knots
yard no. 1217
about the loss
cause lost gunfire - shelled
date lost 02/06/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.9rank: 653
about people
Forges & Chantiers De La Mediterranee
Nicolas Paquet & Cie - Cie. De Navigation Marocaine Et Arménienne, Marseille
about the wreck
depth (m.) 17 max. / -- min. (m)
war grave
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entered 28/08/2008
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Lettens Jan05/08/2010
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Sergio De Phocée12/01/2014

In 1946 the two engine have been recovery and reinstalled on cargo Foria and Volta build in "Forges et chantiers de la mediterranée". In the same time some séquence of the early black and white underwater fim "Epave" by JY Couteau have been realise on Chella wreck. In marseille even if the "scaph" exploited the wreck for steel some diver think that some pieces of the luxuous ship remain in the west cemetary wreck along "côte bleu" but not yet localized.

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Lettens Jan12/01/2014On June 2nd, 1940, Marseille is being bombed heavily by the German Luftwaffe. The French auxiliary cruiser X-12, previously SS CHELLA is hit by several bombs and catches fire.

As CHELLA was carrying ammunition, an explosion is imminent and she is tugged out of the harbour in order to scuttle her in deeper waters.

Having just left port, a series of explosions make the CHELLA such danger that auxiliary cruiser CYRNOS is called for help. After some 40 shells hit her, CHELLA finally sinks. Her wreck remained a long time visible until she was scrapped in situ in 1954.
Lettens Jan28/08/2008UK hydro member
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 UK Hydrographic Office

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About Owners
Nicolas Paquet & Cie - Cie. De Navigation Marocaine Et Arménienne, Marseille

1860: Nicolas Paquet crée sa compagnie maritime qui sera successivement: Compagnie de Navigation Marovaine (1863), Comoagnie de Navigation Arménienne et Marocaine (1978), enfin Compagnie de Navigation Paquet en 1913. Son activité s'est surtout développée sur la méditerranée et l'Afrique de l'Ouest, comme transporteur de marchandises et de passagers, civils et militaires. Les restructurations nécessaires dans les années 60 l'amènera à la création de la Compagnie Nouvelle de Paquebots (CFN), puis fusionner au sein de Costa Crocere avec Il Ponte (Italie, Chargeurs et Accor (France)

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About Builders
 Forges & Chantiers De La Mediterranee
1853: Débute par un chantier naval à La Seyne. 1872: acquiert chantiers etfabrique de moteurs au Havre. Sites de production détruits pendant la 2° guerre mondiale. Après guerre, subit reconstruction et modernisation, mais cesse ses activités en 1966

1853: Begins with a shipyard in La Seyne. 1872: acquires sites and engines manufactures in Le Havre. Production facilities destroyed during the WWII. After the war, underwent reconstruction and modernization, but ceased operations in 1966.

1853: Comienza con un astillero de La Seyne. 1872: adquisición de astilleros y fábrica de motores en Le Havre. Instalaciones de producción destruidas durante la 2 ª Guerra Mundial. Después de la guerra, realizó la reconstrucción y modernización, pero cesó sus operaciones en 1966.

1853: Começa com um estaleiro em La Seyne. 1872: adquire estaleiros e fábrica de motores em Le Havre. Instalações de produção destruídas durante a 2 ª Guerra Mundial. Após a guerra, foi submetida à reconstrução e modernização, mas encerrou suas operações em 1966.

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SS Chella (X-12) [+1940]
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