italian Adriatica Società Anonima Di Navigazione MV Egeo (+1941)
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nationality italian
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion motor vessel (diesel)
date built 1927
is nickname no
weight (tons) 3311  grt
dimensions 96 x 13.7 x 6.5 m
material steel
engine 1 x 5cyl. Diesel engine, single shaft, 1 screw
power 1103 
speed 15  knots
yard no. 757
IMO/Off. no. 300
about the loss
cause lost gunfire - shelled
date lost 24/04/1941  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.84rank: 553
about people
Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino - St. Triestino - STT - Austria Werft 1916-1918, Trieste
last owner
[1]Adriatica Società Anonima Di Navigazione, Venezia (Venice)
MV Egeo (+1941)
period 1937 ~ 1941
IMO/Off. no.: 300
prev. owners
[2]Lloyd Triestino, Trieste
MV Egeo
period 1934 ~ 1937
IMO/Off. no.: 2002
[3]Adriatica Spa Di Nav, Venezia (Venice)
MV Citta Di Bari
period 1932 ~ 1934
IMO/Off. no.: 311
[4]Societa Anonima Di Navigazione A Vapore Puglia, Bari
MV Citta Di Bari
period 1927 ~ 1932
IMO/Off. no.: 39
captain Fiorelli, Ugo
no. of crew 120
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
[1] Hocking C.
[2] Lloyd's of London, Lloyd's Register of Shipping
entered by Vleggeert Nico
entered 28/11/2009
last update Allen Tony
last update 28/10/2014
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Vleggeert Nico28/11/2009The Italian armed motorvessel Egeo was shelled and torpedoed by British destroyer HMS Juno and sank S of Lampedusa.
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About Owners
Adriatica Società Anonima Di Navigazione, Venezia (Venice)

Started in 1932 as 'Compagnia di Navigazione Adriatica S. A.' and renamed in 1936 'Adriatica Società Anonima di Navigazione' to finally be renamed as 'Adriatica di Navigazione'.

She reunited a lot of private companies such as 'Società San Marco', 'Costiera di Fiume', 'Zaratina', 'Nautica di Fiume', 'S.A.I.M. di Ancona' and 'Puglia di Bari'.

She was specialised in transport of goods and passengers between Italy and Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.

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About Builders
 Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino - St. Triestino - STT - Austria Werft 1916-1918, Trieste
Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino (STT) was a private shipbuilding company based in Trieste from the mid-19th to early 20th century, and the most important naval shipbuilding firm of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

During WWI, between 1916-1918, STT was named Austria Werft.

After WWI, Trieste was ceded to Italy and the firm continued building vessels for Italy.

In 1929 STT merged with Cantieri Navale Triestino to form Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico (CRDA). CRDA Trieste became part of the Fincantieri group in 1984.

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