italian Lloyd Triestino SS Sardegna (+1940)
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nationality italian
purpose transport
type troop transport
propulsion steam
date built 1923
is nickname no
weight (tons) 11452  grt
dimensions 155.9 x 18.8 x 10.5 m
material steel
engine 2 x triple expansion engines, dual shaft
power 818  n.h.p.
speed 14  knots
yard no. 610
IMO/Off. no. 5605948
call sign
about the loss
cause lost torpedo
date lost 29/12/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Bremer Vulkan (Vegesack), Bremen
engine by
Bremer Vulkan (Vegesack), Bremen
last owner
[1]Lloyd Triestino, Trieste
SS Sardegna (+1940)
period 1937 ~ 1940
IMO/Off. no.: 5605948
call sign: 
prev. owners
[2]Italia Societa Anonima di Navigazione (1937~) (Societa Italia Flotte Riuniti 1932-1937)
SS Sardegna
period 1935 ~ 1937
[3]Norddeutscher Lloyd - Ndl - North German Lloyd, Bremen
SS Sierra Ventana II
period 1923 ~ 1935
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 15/05/2009
last update Allen Tony
last update 12/06/2012
[1] Lettens Jan04/08/2011
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Lettens Jan04/08/2011The convoy of ships Sardegna (11.452 grt.), Piemonte (13.972 grt) and Italia were carrying troops from Valona to Brindisi, under escort of Spica class torpedo boat Antares, when 11 miles west of Saseno, they were attacked by the Greek submarine Proteus (Y-3 Cdr. Chatzikostanti M).

Sardegna was torpedoed and hit at her bow. She heeled over to port side and sank. Antares immediately counter attacked submarine Proteus, throwing 11 depth charges at her. Damaged, Proteus was forced to surface and was an easy target for Antares, who rammed her and sank her with all hands (48 crew). 40 miles East of Brindisi.

After having rescued Sardegna's survivors, she returned to Brindisi to have her damaged bow repaired.

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About Owners
Lloyd Triestino, Trieste

Lloyd Triestino was formed in 1919 as the successor to Lloyd Austriaco, following the incorporation of Trieste into the Kingdom of Italy.

At the end of World War I, the Lloyd Triestino fleet – which before the war was composed of 62 ships totalling 236,000 - underwent a drastic reduction.

By 1930, the company had again 45 vessels operating 14 lines on 19 sea routes from the Mediterranean to India, the Far East and Africa.

In 1936 with the reform of the merchant navy and the creation of the Finmare Institution, Lloyd Triestino began to operate with 75 ships and 17 services worldwide.

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About Builders
 Bremer Vulkan (Vegesack), Bremen
Founded in 1805 in Bremen.

Built U-boats in WWI under license in the Germaniawerft in Kiel.

Built 74 VII type u-boats in WWII.

Went bankrupt in 1996.
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SS Sardegna (+1940)
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