british Allan Line S. S. Co. - Allan J. A. & Co. - Montreal Ocean S.S. Co SS Bohemian (+1864)
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nationality british
purpose transport
type passenger ship
propulsion sail and steam
date built 1859
weight (tons) 2108  grt
dimensions 89.9 x 11.3 x 5.18 m
material iron
engine Direct acting engines, 3 masts
power 400  n.h.p.
speed 13  knots
yard no. 71
IMO/Off. no. 27115
about the loss
cause lost ran aground (wrecked)
other reasons fog
date lost 22/02/1864  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.42rank: 602
about people
Denny W. & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton
Allan Line S. S. Co. - Allan J. A. & Co. - Montreal Ocean S.S. Co, London & Glasgow
captain Borland
no. of crew 100
no. of passengers 218
about the wreck
depth (m.) -- max. / 8 min. (m)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 15/04/2009
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Lettens Jan02/02/2008

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Allen Tony15/04/2009The Allan liner Bohemian left Liverpool on February 4th, 1864, carrying 19 cabin passengers, 199 steerage and crew of about 100, besides mails and cargo, under command of Capt. Borland.

The vessel was bound for Portland, Maine, and was some days overdue when she arrived off the harbour on February 22nd. It was about 8 in the evening and foggy, the speed of the ship being not more than 2 knots.

The captain misjudged the distance of the lights dimly visible on Cape Elizabeth and the vessel struck Alden's rocks and passed over the rocks before he was aware of his danger. There was a large hole in the hull below water, and the ship was headed for shore.

The engine room and furnaces flooded rapidly and when near the land, near Broad Cove, the vessel sank in an upright position in 4 fathoms. The weather, though thick, was mild and calm with a heavy ground swell, the position of the Bohemian being one eighth of a mile from shore with her deck above water at low tide.

The boats were launched, the second capsizing and drowning 20 persons, all Irish emigrants, the others reaching land in safety. Capt. Borland and his officers remained on board until the following morning and managed to save all the mails.
ref. used: 
 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam

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About Owners
Allan Line S. S. Co. - Allan J. A. & Co. - Montreal Ocean S.S. Co, London & Glasgow

Also offices wordlwide, incl Canada.
About Builders
 Denny W. & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton
Very famous builder from Dumbarton, established in 1840. Closed down in 1960. The elephant is symbol for the company's strength.
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SS Bohemian (+1864)
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