british Asiatic Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. - Turner & Co. - Turner, Morrison & Co. SS Bahadur (II) (+1942)
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1929
weight (tons) 5424  grt
dimensions 123.4 x 16.5 x -- m
engine 1 x 3 cyl. triple expansion engine, single shaft, 1 screw
power 3397  n.h.p.
speed 12  knots
yard no. 823
IMO/Off. no. 161284
about the loss
cause lost torpedo
date lost 07/04/1942  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Lithgows Ltd., Glasgow
engine by
Rowan David & Co., Glasgow
Asiatic Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. - Turner & Co. - Turner, Morrison & Co., London
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
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Lettens Jan01/11/20117 April 1942

Arabian Sea, 170 miles NW of Bombay. Around 1600, when I-6 prepares to shift to a different position, her lookouts sight 5,424-ton British merchant BAHADUR, independently on a voyage from Bombay to Basra with 5,100 tons of government stores, including ammunition.

LtCdr Inaba dives and fires a spread of torpedos, but their wakes are spotted by the merchant, which evades with a sharp turn to starboard, then opens the range at flank speed.

I-6 fires two torpedoes from aft tubes, but misses again. The submarine surfaces and commences a tail chase. At 6,570 yards I-6 opens fire with her 5-inch deck gun, but it jams after the first shot.

When the submarine submerges, ready to abandon the hunt, BAHADUR suddenly stops to lower her boats. I-6 closes in and fires two more torpedoes from port beam.

At 1920, BAHADUR goes down by the stern. Her crew is later rescued by US ship VOLUNTEER.
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SS Bahadur (II) (+1942)
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