german German Navy (Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945 Richthofen (+1944)
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nationality german
purpose war
type aircraft support vessel
date built 1941
weight (tons) 1215  grt
dimensions 83.8 x 11 x 3.35 m
speed 21.5  knots
about the loss
cause lost naval battle
date lost 15/08/1944  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Schichau F. Werft (Ferdinand Schichau), Danzig & Elbing
German Navy (Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
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De Maisonneuve Bernard31/01/2009
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Lettens Jan25/05/2010According to the website, Richthofen didn´t sink and she was seized by the British and sold after the war to Russia. The info on this website is not very reliable as it says the attack took place in 1943.

Here is the information from that website about Richthofen:

  • May 1943: Richhofen is commissioned and attached to the Erprobungsstelle Travemünde.
  • 1943: Sent into French waters.
  • 14/15.08.1943: Together with torpedo boat T-24, mine hunters M-275 and M-385 and the Sperrbrecher 157, Richthofen is attacked by the British cruiser Mauritius and the Canadian destroyer Iroquis. Sperrbrecher 157 is sunk, both mine hunters are badly damaged.
  • 20.04.1944: Interned in Pasajes, Spain.
  • Dec 1945: Taken over by Britain.
  • 16.03.1946: Given to the Soviet Union as Chibiny. Further fate unknown.
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De Maisonneuve Bernard31/01/2009At 0209 (Aug.15th) Iroquois obtained a firm contact which was confirmed by Ursa. At 0305 the target was illuminated. The starshells revealed three ships which turned out to be the aircraft tender Richtofen and the minesweeper M-385 and the destroyer T-24 enroute from St. Nazaire to Royen. Shortly after Force 27 had opened fire Iroquois was straddled on several occasions by shore batteries sending 4 inch to 10 inch shells.

At 0317, T-24 burst out of the smoke and launched torpedoes at Ursa and Iroquois. Torpedoes were seen to pass ahead of Iroquois. As the German destroyer withdrew, Iroquois fired her full compliment of torpedoes but missed the target. Ursa and Iroquois continued to pursue the enemy until 0330 by which time they were well inside a minefield.
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[2]  archeosousmarine.n..
De Maisonneuve Bernard31/01/2009Sources ARHIMS:
B1-St Gilles ; "Le marais breton d´une guerre à l´autre", catalogue d´exposition "Le Daviaud" 2003 ; "Saint-Nazaire 1939-1940", Luc Braeuer, 2004, musée de la poche de Saint Nazaire ; "Forteresse Saint-Nazaire", Luc Braeuer, 2002, musée de la poche de Saint Nazaire ;
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[2]  archeosousmarine.n..
De Maisonneuve Bernard31/01/2009
Autres données:
constructeur: Schichau, Königsberg - Dantzig (actuel Gdansk)
armateur: 1942 Kriegsmarine
chargement: base mobile destinée au transport, à l´entretien, à l´approvisionnement en carburant, munitions des hydravions ainsi qu´au logement de leurs équipages. Le tender est remarquable par sa plage arrière très dégagée et par sa grue (Kampnagel-Kran) roulante et pivotante d´une force de 18 tonnes.

3 hydravions d´exploration ; 1 canon de 105 mm AA ; 3 canons de 37 mm AA ; 2canons de 20 mm AA
noms précédents: Werner Mölders
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[2]  archeosousmarine.n..

5/6 August 1944

Place: off Île d´Yeu, SSW of St. Nazaire and between Belle Île and Quiberon Bay

Allied ships: Force 26: cruiser HMS Bellona and destroyers HMS Tartar, HMCS Haida, HMCS Iroquois and HMS Ashanti

German ships sunk or destroyed: minesweepers M-486 and M-263, vorpostenboot V-414, escort SG3C, cable layer Hoheweg, cargo Otto and an unknown cargo.

German ships damaged: minelayer M-304 and Flakschiff Richthofen.

14/15 August 1944

: off La Rochelle and between Sables d´Olonne and La Pallice

Allied ships: Force 27: cruiser HMS Mauritius and destroyers HMCS Iroquois and HMS Ursa

German ships sunk or destroyed: minesweepers M-385 and unknown minesweeper, Flakschiff Richthofen, 2 armed merchant ships, 1 merchant ship, 1 tanker.

German ships damaged: destroyer Elbing (T-24).

22/23 August 1944

: off Audierne Bay, North of Belle Île, between Brest and Lorient.

Allied ships: Force 27: cruiser HMS Mauritius and destroyers HMCS Iroquois and HMS Ursa

German ships sunk or destroyed: Vorpostenboot V-717, V-730, V-702; V-729 and V-720, 1 Sperrbrecher, 1 minesweeper and Flakschiff or Sperrbrecher-157 (Tellus).
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German Navy (Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945

Kriegsmarine is the name of the Navy of Germany during WWII, not to be confused with Imperial German Navy, which is the German Navy during WWI and before.
About Builders
 Schichau F. Werft (Ferdinand Schichau), Danzig & Elbing
since 1945 in Bremerhaven
Western Europe
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Richthofen (+1944)
Western Europe
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