german Laeisz, Ferdinand & Co SV Pangani (+1913)
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nationality german
purpose transport
type barque - bark
propulsion sailing ship
date built 1903
is nickname no
weight (tons) 3054  grt
dimensions 98.2 x 14 x 8 m
material steel
rigging 4 masts, rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails, 2822 nrt, 4550 dwt, 4100 sqm sailing area
speed 17  knots
yard no. 184
call sign
about the loss
cause lost collision
date lost 27/01/1913  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.30rank: 617
about people
Tecklenborg J. C. - Johannes Carl Tecklenborg A.G. (Abegg, J.S.), Geestemunde
Laeisz, Ferdinand & Co, Hamburg
captain Junge F.
no. of crew 34
about the wreck
depth (m.) 70 max. / 56 min. (m)
orientation 70°
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 23/08/2006
last update Vleggeert Nico
last update 17/11/2013
[1] Le Grizzly19/08/2007
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Le Grizzly19/08/2007

cassée en deux couchée sur le coté
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Allen Tony22/09/2007

The Pangani was a very large sailing ship that sunk as the result of a collision. She rises in places fourteen metres from the seabed and is broken in two forming a dogleg. Absolutely stuffed with pottery, when the vis is good in this area and it often is she is a stunning dive.
ref. used
 Graham Knott -Weymouth Diving

Chipchase Nick25/07/2009

The stern of Pangani is the most intact part. The shallowest area of this is 56m. A mast lies right across this section. Going forward there is a breach in the hull on the port side where a mass of barrel shaped solidified substances have rolled out on to the seabed. The depth here off the wreck is 69m. The central area is well broken with the ships ribs sticking up and a mass of cargo of various sorts lying around. This includes glasswear, pottery ( Maastricht Holland ) and small millstones. The bow section is broken away. A German Company still retain ownership of the wreck and have requested ownership of the bell and builders plate through the Receiver of Wreck.
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 Chipchase Nick, Personal dive log, Chipchase N.

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Lettens Jan27/01/2008The Pangani was a four masted steel barque of 3.054 tons, built in 1902 by J. C. Tecklenborg A.G., Bremerhaven for F. Laeisz & Co. She sailed on the South American Nitrate routes.
Pangani (Capt. F. Junge) sunk on the night of 18th January 1913, while en route from Hamburg to Valparaiso, after colliding with the 2.817 tons French S/S Phryne. Only 4 of the 34 crew survived (rescued by the Phyrne).
ref. used: 
 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam

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About Builders
 Tecklenborg J. C. - Johannes Carl Tecklenborg A.G. (Abegg, J.S.), Geestemunde
Founded in 1841 by Jan Simon Abegg and taken over in 1845 by J.C. Tecklenborg
DESCHIMAG, Werk Tecklenborg
Whitworth Charles  08/09/2011
SV Pangani. Filmed on a Dive from Wey Cheiftain 4 whilst returning from Guernsey, July 2011.
 Charles Whitworth
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 Charles Whitworth
SV Pangani. Filmed on a Dive from Wey Cheiftain 4 whilst returning from Guernsey, July 2011.
SV Pangani. Filmed on a Dive from Wey Cheiftain 4 whilst returning from Guernsey, July 2011.
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SV Pangani (+1913)
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