british Common Bros. Ltd. - Hindustan S. S. Co. Ltd. SS Pukkastan [+1939]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1929
is nickname no
live live
weight (tons) 5809  grt
dimensions 138.7 x 17.53 x 8.35 m
material steel
engine triple expansion, 2 boilers, single shaft
power 472  n.h.p.
speed 10  knots
yard no. 438
IMO/Off. no. 161540
call sign
about the loss
cause lost torpedo
date lost 07/09/1939  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Short Brothers Ltd., Pallion (Sunderland)
engine by
Dickinson, John & Sons, Sunderland
Common Bros. Ltd. - Hindustan S. S. Co. Ltd., Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
captain John Strachan Thomson
no. of crew 35
about the wreck
depth (m.)
war grave
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Allen Tony26/06/2007Pukkastan was a British cargo steamer of 5809 tons built in 1929 by Short Brothers Ltd, Sunderland. She was owned by Hindustan Steam Shipping Co. Ltd - Common Brothers Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne. On the 7th September 1939 when on route from Cape Town to Rotterdam carrying a cargo of maize she was captured by U-34. The crew were ordered to abandon ship. She was then sunk with torpedoes and gunfire. The entire crew was rescued by the Dutch steamer Bilderdijk.

Technical Details General cargo vessel - steam - single screw triple expansion engine, 472 nhp 2 single ended boilers with superheaters 8 corrugated furnaces engine by J. Dickinson & Sons Ltd, Sunderland 5,809 GRT - 5,293 tons under deck and 3,503 tons net 440.5´ x 57.5´ x holds 27.4´ deep - forecastle 38 feet one deck & shelter deck - 7 cemented bulkheads fitted with direction finder cellular double bottom 380 feet 1,616 tons deep tank aft 28 feet, 1,170 tons forward peak tank 154 tons aft peak tank 332 tons Code letters GKBL Official number 161540
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About Owners
Common Bros. Ltd. - Hindustan S. S. Co. Ltd., Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Founded in 1893 by J. W. Squance & Co. Changed name to Common Brothers Ltd. in 1906. Hindustan Steamship Co. Ltd. was their main shipping department.
About Builders
 Short Brothers Ltd., Pallion (Sunderland)
George Short started in 1850, and moved to Pallion in 1869. Short’s built more ships for local owners than any other yard. It closed in 1964 when the firm was unwilling to redevelop and build bigger ships. The yard was demolished, although Bartram’s took over the fitting out quay, which was still in use in the 1980s.
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SS Pukkastan [+1939]
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