german Imperial German Navy - Kaiserliche Marine (1903-1919) UB-65 [+1918]
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nationality german
purpose war
type submarine
subtype/class UB III class submarine (ger.)
UB III class submarine (ger.) UB-48 (+1918)
propulsion diesel and batteries
date built 1917
live live
weight (tons) 651  disp (subm)
dimensions 55.3 x 5.8 x 3.68 m
material steel
engine 2 x 6 cylinder 4 cycle diesel by Mann-Vulcan - 2 x 550 EHP, electric motors type Mafferi - 2 x 500 EHP, 2 x screw
armament 10 torpedoes, 4 bow 50cm/19.7” torpedo tubes, 1 stern 50cm/19.7” torpedo tube, 1 x 105mm KL/45 deck gun (160 rounds)
power 1100  h.p.
speed 13.6  knots
yard no. 90
about the loss
cause lost naval battle
date lost 10/07/1918  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.37rank: 611
about people
Vulcan A. G. (Stettin & Hamburg), Hamburg
Imperial German Navy - Kaiserliche Marine (1903-1919)
captain Schelle, Martin
complement 34
about the wreck
depth (m.) 54 max. / 46 min. (m)
orientation 110°
war grave yes
entered by Jan Lettens
entered 28/08/2008
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last update 08/12/2010
[1] Jan Lettens01/10/2009
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Jan Lettens06/08/2007

A submarine is described by fishermen as lying due south of the South Harbour on Cape clear. The distance or depth is not stated. This would be 09.30W and would vaguely be the location of UB 65.

Hunter Nick J08/08/2004

Channel 4 claims that the wreck of a UB type 3 submarine off the north coast of Cornwall is the UB-65 - markings on the propellers seem to prove it. So I guess that the wreck off Cape Clear, Cork is not the UB-65 after all.
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 Hunter Nick J

Atlantic Scuba08/01/2008

UB-65 was positively identified by it's propellor markings. It lies 10 mile NNW from Padstow Cornwall in 56m of water. The wreck lies upright and fairly intact. The bow section around the torpedo tubes is broken, damage caused by a munitions explosion, not a torpedo. All torpedo tubes are intact and undamaged. All hatches are open and you can see the controls down the conning tower. An excellent dive, although the wreck is now designated a 'Protected site', so a no touch policy.
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Jan Lettens01/10/2009

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Jan Lettens18/03/2006The UB-65 was built at the Vulcan Iron Works, Hamburg, in 1917. While being loaded with torpedoes for its first war cruise, one of the torpedoes exploded for no apparent reason, killing the second officer and five ratings. On 10 th July 1918 the United States submarine L-2 was at periscope level off Cape Clear. Not far away a U-boat was seen on the surface rolling in the swell. He prepared to attack, when suddenly the sub blew up in front of him.

All 34 officers and ratings of the UB-65 perished, probably due to an own torpedo explosion.
Jan Lettens01/10/2009UK hydro member
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 UK Hydrographic Office

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About Owners
Imperial German Navy - Kaiserliche Marine (1903-1919)

Kaiserliche Marine or the German Imperial Navy is the name for the German Navy between 1903 and 1919. Most of the ships had a prefix SMS, Seine Majestäts Schiff, which is the equivalent of HMS, Her/His Majesty's Ship.

This Navy should not be confused with Reichsmarine (1920-1935) or Kriegsmarine (1935-1945).
About Builders
 Vulcan A. G. (Stettin & Hamburg), Hamburg
Founded as Vulcan Werft in Stettin in 1851.

In 1857 the shipyard was renamed Stettiner Maschinenbau AG Vulcan.

As Stettin became too small, a new shipyard was built in Hamburg between 1907 - 1909.

In 1911 renamed Vulcan-Werke Hamburg und Stettin Actiengesellschaft.

In 1928 the Hamburg company merged with other companies to Deschimag concern. The Stettin company was taken over by Howaldtswerke AG.

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UB-65 [+1918]
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