german SS Glückauf [+1939]
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nationality german
purpose transport
type cargo ship
subtype/class coal cargo ship (collier)
propulsion steam
date built 1912
live live
weight (tons) 1906  grt
dimensions 68.9 x 11.6 x 5.5 m
material steel
engine steam triple expansion by G. Clark Ltd, Sunderland, two single boilers, single screw.
power 199  n.h.p.
speed knots
yard no. 263
IMO/Off. no. 129799
about the loss
cause lost collision
date lost 09/02/1939  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
Austin S. P. & Son Ltd., Sunderland
engine by
Clark George Ltd., Sunderland
last owner
[1]Glückauf Kohlen Handelsges G.M.B.H., Rostock
SS Glückauf [+1939]
period 1926 ~ 1939
IMO/Off. no.: 129799
prev. owners
[2]Pelton Steam Ship Co. - Gardiner & Reay, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
SS Rondo
period 1912 ~ 1926
about the wreck
depth (m.) 35 max. / -- min. (m)
protected no
war grave no
[1] Racey Carl, A Century of Steamship Losses
[2] Miramar Ship Index
entered by Allen Tony
entered 18/10/2005
last update Racey Carl
last update 27/03/2013
[1] Lettens Jan01/10/2009
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Lettens Jan01/10/2009

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Racey Carl12/11/2012

Known locally as Big Prop as the large 4 bladed propeller was salvaged in the 1980's. A very large wreck laying on her starboard side. Needs more diving.
A brief report from Gordon Wadsworth suggests this could be a tanker.
A 2005 report via Ron Young tells us "Dived two years ago reported as being the bow section of a ship, on its port side".
ref. used
 Billy Woolford

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Racey Carl09/12/2009There seems to be some confusion with the actual position of the GLUCKAUF, and there are two UKHO reports for the vessel. One LIVE,, and one DEAD. The dead report is a lot closer to the KATINA BULGARIS, which is said to be wreck responsible for the loss, then the live one. There is a dive report by Gordon Wadsworth which suggests the live wreck is infact a tanker, and cannot be the GLUCKAUF.

Reported positions of loss:- 6 miles NE of Spurn Head; 20 miles NE of Spurn Head; 6 miles from Humber Light Vessel.
ref. used: 
 Racey Carl, A Century of Steamship Losses
Racey Carl10/12/2009On the 09/02/1939 the German steamer GLUCKAUF was on passage from Immingham to Rostock, with a cargo of coal, when she was in collision in fog with the submerged wreck of the steamer KATINA BULGARIS, which itself had also sunk after a collision on the previous day. The Humber lifeboat was called but by the time she arrived the crew of the GLUCKAUF had been picked up by the 7,813 ton French steamer RHEA.
ref. used: 
 Racey Carl, A Century of Steamship Losses
Racey Carl09/12/2009Built as the RONDO for Pelton S.S. Co Ltd (Gardiner & Reay), Newcastle; Yard No 263; Launch Date: 08/04/1912; In 1926 vessel renamed GLUCKAUF; Lost due to a collision in fog, 6 miles NE of Spurn Head, with the submerged wreck of the steamer KATINA BULGARIS, which herself had also sunk after a collision on the previous day.
ref. used: 
 Racey Carl, A Century of Steamship Losses
Vleggeert Nico16/02/2008De Gluckauf heeft een wrak geraakt en is 20nm. NE. Spurn Head gezonken.
ref. used: 
 Miramar Ship Index
Lettens Jan04/04/2013UK hydro member
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 UK Hydrographic Office

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About Builders
 Austin S. P. & Son Ltd., Sunderland

Peter Austin (1) (1826-1846)
Peter Austin (2) (1846-1860)
Austin & Son (1860-1874)
Austin & Hunter (1874-1879)

S. P. Austin & Son Ltd. (1879-1896)
S. P. Austin Ltd. (1896-1953)

Austin’s was famous for its pontoon, which opened in 1904. The pontoon was a platform that could be sunk below a ship, then re-floated to raise the ship out of the water.

Austin’s merged with Pickersgill’s in 1954 to become Austin and Pickersgill. The yard closed in 1956

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Clark George Ltd., Sunderland
George Clark of Southwick Engine Works, Crown Road, Southwick, Sunderland
British Isles
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SS Glückauf [+1939]
British Isles
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