british British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. - BISN SS Aska [+1940]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type ocean liner
propulsion steam
date built 1939
live live
weight (tons) 8323  grt
dimensions 135.33 x 18.59 x 7.6 m
engine 2 x Steam turbines
speed 19  knots
yard no. 1596
about the loss
cause lost air raid
date lost 22/09/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.12rank: 649
about people
Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd., Wallsend
British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. - BISN, London
about the wreck
depth (m.) 10 max. / -- min. (m)
war grave
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Lettens Jan06/08/2007

Wreckage is scattered in 10 metres.

Lettens Jan01/10/2009

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Allen Tony27/03/2009The liner Aska SS left Bathurst, West Africa, for Liverpool on September 7th, 1940, with 350 French troops on board, some of whom were to land in France and others to join the Free French forces then forming in Britain. The vessel was not in convoy as she was capable of maintaining a speed of 17 knots. At 2.30 a.m. on Monday, the 16th, when between Rathlin Island and Maiden´s Rock the liner was attacked by a German bomber which scored two hits with heavy bombs in, or near, the engine-room.

A third bomb hit the forecastle, after which orders were given to "abandon ship" and the boats were got away. The ship drifted ashore. Six officers and six lascars were killed. The survivors were picked up by trawlers and transferred to a naval ship, which took them to Greenock.
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 Hocking C., Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam
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About Owners
British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. - BISN, London

Registered in 1856 as the Calcutta & Burmah Steam Navigation Co. and in 1862 became British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. In 1886 B.I. took control of the Australian S.N. Co. and their coastal services out of Brisbane. This became Australasian United S.N. Co. Apcar & Co., Calcutta with their fleet of five ships was taken over in 1912 and the five ships and the Australian company of Archibald Currie was absorbed in 1913. B.I. and P & O Steam Navigation Co. merged in 1914 but each kept their separate identities until 1971 when all ships came under the parent P&O company.

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About Builders
 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd., Wallsend
From: Janes Fighting Ships 1919

SWAN. HUNTER & WIGHAM RICHARDSON, LTD. (WALLSEND-ON-TYNE), Twenty-one building berths, fifteen of which are served by overhead electric cranes. Four berths covered in. Employees : about 8000. Annual gross shipbuilding capacity (1918) : 150,000 tons. Engine works : 100,000 H.P. output per year.

The dry docks dept, includes a large repairing yard with two graving docks and two floating docks. Engine works have developed the Neptune and Polar marine oil engines. Total area of works : 78 acres. Water frontage : 4000 ft. Shipyard also at Southwick-on-Wear, with three building berths. Allied firms are the Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co., Ltd.. Wallsend ; Barclay. Curle & Co., Ltd., of Whiteinch, Govan. Elderslie and Glasgow.

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SS Aska [+1940]
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