british Hain Steamship Co. Ltd. - Hain E. & Co. - Edward Hain SS Behar [+1940]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1928
live live
weight (tons) 6100 
dimensions 145 x 19 x -- m
about the loss
cause lost mine
date lost 24/11/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
J. Caird & Co., Greenock
Hain Steamship Co. Ltd. - Hain E. & Co. - Edward Hain, London
about the wreck
depth (m.) 20 max. / 15 min. (m)
war grave
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entered 11/04/2006
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Lettens Jan01/10/2009
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Lettens Jan06/08/2007

Lies Milford Haven/South of Great Castle Head. Holed by mine and beached. Part raised for scrap and the remainder blasted. Lies in 15-20 metres. Height of wreck 10 metres. Lies on sand and rock. Large amounts of cable. Owners Pembroke Underwater Search and Survey. Chart 2878 & 3272; OS 157. LISTED AS A WAR GRAVE. There is also a buoy on the chart and is located at position 52 42.41N, 5 06.98W (deg rees, minutes and decimals) - note that this is the chart position of the buoy, not the wreck! From the buoy, follow the transit to the north with an echo-sounder.

You should pick up wreckage about halfway to the rocks, rising a few metres from a 14m seabed as you cross the south-east transit.

Lettens Jan01/10/2009

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Allen Tony16/08/2008Beahr SS was a British Cargo Steamer of 6,100 tons built in 1928 by Caird & Company, Greenock, Yard No 830 for the Hain Steamship Company Ltd, London. She was powered by a quadruple steam 4 cylinder engine with a low pressure turbine. Engines by Harland and Wolff Ltd., Glasgow. On the 24th November 1940 she was mined and badly damaged when leaving Milford Haven and declared a constructive tota l loss.

1941 The wreck was sold to British Iron and Steel Corporation (Salvage) Ltd. for demolition.
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 Stuart Cameron,
Lettens Jan04/04/2013UK hydro member
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About Owners
Hain Steamship Co. Ltd. - Hain E. & Co. - Edward Hain, London

Existed in 1878 as 'E. Hain & Co' from St Ives, Cornwall. In 1901 named 'Hain Steamship Co.', operating from Cardiff Purchased in 1917 by P&O and moved to London, but maintained name & flag. In 1972 the company was merged into P&O's General Cargo Divison. The company ships started with the Cornish title Tre. Before 1938, the flag showed EH instead of a single H.

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About Builders
 J. Caird & Co., Greenock
Caird & Company was a Scottish shipbuilding and engineering firm based in Greenock. The company was established in 1828 by John Caird when he received an order to re-engine Clyde paddle-tugs.[1]
John's relative James Tennant Caird joined the company in 1831, and after leaving to work for Randolph, Elder & Co in Glasgow, rejoined the family business for good in 1838.
A year after the death of Robert Caird, the company was sold to Harland & Wolff Ltd in 1916 for £432,493. The firm continued trading as a separate enterprise, with Arthur and Patrick Caird on the board, until 1922. The Arthur Street engine works was sold to John G Kincaid & Co Ltd in 1919.

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SS Behar [+1940]
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