british SS Thesis [+1889]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1887
live live
weight (tons) 378  grt
dimensions 51 x 7.6 x -- m
material iron
engine 2 cyl. compound engine, 1 boiler, single shaft
power 60  h.p.
yard no. 25
about the loss
cause lost ran aground (wrecked)
other reasons foundered
date lost 16/10/1889  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties 0
about people
MacIlwaine, Lewis & Co., Belfast
Granger W.A., Belfast
no. of crew 12
about the wreck
depth (m.) 24 max. / 21 min. (m)
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 12/10/2005
last update Lettens Jan
last update 15/10/2010
Lettens Jan01/10/2009
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Lettens Jan06/08/2007

Wk stands 3 to 4 metres in 24 metres.

Wilson Stuart19/08/2007

The Thesis lies in a very tidal area of the Sound of Mull, Scotland. The wreck is lies upright from 20 to 32m on a slight slope with the bow higher than the stern. Hull plating on the bow area is missing leaving large gaps that can be swum through by divers. Covered in Plumose anemones and other wreck life. The wreck is still very much recognisable as a ship.
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 Wilson Stuart

Lettens Jan01/10/2009

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copyright: Racey Carl , A Century of Steamship Losses
 copyright: Racey Carl , A Century of Steamship Losses copyright: UK Hydrographic Office   
 copyright: Racey Carl , A Century of Steamship Losses    
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Allen Tony26/06/2007Thesis SS, Built 1887 McIlwaine, Lewis in Belfast, 378 ton. Dimensions: 167x25x18 feet. Carrying a cargo of coal from Middlebrough to Belfast when she ran aground.
Lettens Jan04/04/2013UK hydro member
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 UK Hydrographic Office

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SS Thesis [+1889]
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