british Maclay & Mcintyre Ltd. - Glasgow United Shipping Co. - Glasgow Navigation Co. SS Loch Maddy (bow) [+1940]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type cargo ship
propulsion steam
date built 1934
live live
weight (tons) 4996  grt
dimensions 126.4 x 17.1 x -- m
material steel
engine triple expansion engine, 3 boilers, single shaft
about the loss
cause lost torpedo
date lost 21/02/1940  [dd/mm/yyyy]
casualties  max.4rank: 663
about people
Lithgows Ltd., Glasgow
Maclay & Mcintyre Ltd. - Glasgow United Shipping Co. - Glasgow Navigation Co., Glasgow
captain Park, William James
no. of crew 39
about the wreck
depth (m.) 71 max. / 63 min. (m)
orientation 315°
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 10/10/2005
last update Lettens Jan
last update 11/06/2012
[1] Lettens Jan01/10/2009
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Lettens Jan06/08/2007

Location: Inganess Bay. Condition: Broken in two, bow section missing.The wreck still has a large amount of her cargo of Oregon pine on board. The bow sank in deep water and has to date never been found.

Lettens Jan01/10/2009

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Allen Tony11/02/2009Loch Maddy SS, a 4.996 ton steamship built in 1934 by Lithgows, Port Glasgow for the Glasgow Navigation Co. Ltd. (Maclay & McIntyre), Glasgow. She was on route from VANCOUVER and VICTORIA B.C for LEITH when she was torpedoed to the East of Orkney by the German submarine U-57 on the 20th February 1940 but didn´t sink. She was taken in tow but at 1.09 am on the 21st she received another torpedo, this time from the German submarine U-23 commanded by the famous U-Boat commander Otto Kretschmer.

She was carrying 2000 tons of wheat, 6000 tons lumber and aircraft. 4 crew lost, total crew 39.
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Lettens Jan11/06/2012On February 22nd, 1940, the British steamer LOCH MADDY, torpedoed and damaged the day before by U-57, was again torpedoed by U-23 and broke in two parts, 20 miles 70° from Copinsay, Orkneys.

The bow section sank, but the stern section was taken in tow by the British rescue tug HMS ST. MALLOWS (W-81) and beached on Inganess Bay. The cargo from the aft part was salvaged, but the vessel abandoned. In total, 4 persons from the 39 aboard were lost.
Lettens Jan01/10/2009UK hydro member
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About Owners
Maclay & Mcintyre Ltd. - Glasgow United Shipping Co. - Glasgow Navigation Co., Glasgow

Lloyd's reference: 1336

Also listed as Glasgow Navigation Co. Ltd.
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SS Loch Maddy (bow) [+1940]
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