british Canadian Pacific Steamships (Canadian Pacific Ocean Serv., Canadian Pacific Nav., Canadian Pacific Railway) SS Carthaginian [+1917]
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nationality british
purpose transport
type ocean liner
propulsion sail and steam
date built 1884
live live
weight (tons) 4444  grt
dimensions 99.06 x 12.19 x -- m
engine Compound engine, single shaft, 1 screw
power 457  n.h.p.
yard no. 140
IMO/Off. no. 89990
about the loss
cause lost mine
date lost 14/06/1917  [dd/mm/yyyy]
about people
Govan Shipbuilders Ltd., Glasgow
engine by
Thompson, J and G., Glasgow
last owner
[1]Canadian Pacific Steamships (Canadian Pacific Ocean Serv., Canadian Pacific Nav., Canadian Pacific Railway), Liverpool
SS Carthaginian [+1917]
period 1915 ~ 1917
IMO/Off. no.: 89990
prev. owners
[2]Allan Line S. S. Co. - Allan J. A. & Co. - Montreal Ocean S.S. Co, London & Glasgow
SS Carthaginian
period 1884 ~ 1915
IMO/Off. no.: 89990
about the wreck
depth (m.) 58 max. / 48 min. (m)
orientation 170°
war grave
entered by Allen Tony
entered 08/10/2005
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last update 14/06/2014
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Allen Tony24/03/2008Carthaginian SS was a 4,444 grt British Ocean Liner defensively armed of the Allan Line built in 1884. In 1915 she was acquired by the Canadian Pacific Line. On the 14th June 1917 when 2½ miles NW from Innistrahul Light House, she hit a mine laid by German submarine U-79 and sank off Innistrahull, Ireland. She was on route from Glasgow to Montreal. No lives lost.
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 Stuart Cameron,
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About Owners
Canadian Pacific Steamships (Canadian Pacific Ocean Serv., Canadian Pacific Nav., Canadian Pacific Railway), Liverpool

Canadian Pacific was a Canadian company which owned ships, trains and planes:

The original company was Canadian Pacific Railway Co. incorporated in 1882 as a Canadian company.

In 1901, Canadian Pacific Navigation Co. was bought.

In 1915, Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd. was formed in Liverpool.

In 1921 the name was changed to Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd.

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SS Carthaginian [+1917]
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