Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted A/S - FMV report an error
type builder
engine builder? yes
nationality norwegian
city Fredrikstad
country Norway
year founded
year stopped
reason stopped
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entered by Lettens Jan
entered 08/01/2009
last update Lettens Jan
last update 24/09/2011
Lettens Jan30/05/2014Founded in 1870 by brothers Jens Jacob and Andreas Jensen in Fredrikstad. The main product was the machinery lumber industry.

1915 was the start of a major success for the company, it became one of the leaders in the Nordic shipbuilding industry. Most of the shipbuilding activities were moved to Asia for the low wages.

The company existed as a subsidiary of the Kvaerner Group, but was sold in 1993 to local owners, who still have a small business in the area.

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Ships lost
111 results
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NameNationalityTypePropulsionCause LostYear°Year†No.WeightPosition
A. T. Moller SS (+1914)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)18981914166545
Adour SS (+1915)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190719151101355
Albatros SS [+1969]cypriotcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)19501969 2378hydro member
Alcedo SS (+1945)panamaniancargo shipsteamtorpedo1937194532851392hydro member
Asturias SS [+1957]finnishcargo shipsteamcollision1912195741796hydro member
Athene SS (+1916)norwegiancargo shipsteam1914191601761846hydro member
Atlas SS [+1917]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo190319170 989UK hydro member
Bissen SS [+1940]swedishcargo shipsteamtorpedo19201940 1514UK hydro member
Bolette SS [+1917]norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo191019175 1431hydro member
Braatt II SS [+1918]norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo191419180 1834UK hydro member
Brabant SS [+1917]norwegianpassenger/cargo shipsteammine1907191731141492UK hydro member
Cabral SS (+1915)norwegianwhalersteamfoundered1912191520130
Cavo Cambanos MV [+1981]greektankermotor vessel (diesel)scuttled19561981535313229hydro member
Chyko SS [+1925]britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1905192599712hydro member
Corvus SS (+1918)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1902191877571UK hydro member
Dagfin SS (+1919)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)19021919801442
Dronning Maud SS (+1918)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1917191812152663hydro member
Dronning Maud SS (+1940)norwegianpassenger shipsteamair raid1925194030 1489hydro member
Dux SS [+1918]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo190419180911349UK hydro member
Einar Jarl SS [+1917]norwegiancargo shipsteamcharges/explosives1915191701781849UK hydro member
Eleftheria MV [+1974]greektankermotor vessel (diesel)fire1954197463448886hydro member
Ena SS (+1911)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190819111171071UK hydro member
Etna SS (+1942)swedishcargo shipsteamcharges/explosives191819422192685hydro member
Excellenz Mehnert SS [+1916]norwegiancargo shipsteammine191119160147646UK hydro member
Fido SS (+1907)norwegianpassenger/cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)19041907851433hydro member
Flying Lark SS [+1958]panamaniancargo shipsteamair raid1915195891951255hydro member
Frigga SS (+1950)danishcargo shipsteammine192219501721504hydro member
Gaetana Costanzo SS (+1918)italiancargo shipsteamcharges/explosives19011918 1027hydro member
Grib SS (+1917)norwegiancargo shipsteam1905191701011474hydro member
Grosholm SS (+1917)norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo1914191701741847UK hydro member
Gudvang SS (+1942)norwegiancargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled1912194201551469
Haakon Jarl SS (+1941)norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo190419413 1472hydro member
Hanne SS [+1939]danishcargo shipsteammine1905193915 1080UK hydro member
Havfru SS (+1916)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)189919161362660UK hydro member
Heimland I SS [+1917]norwegiancargo shipsteammine191319170165505UK hydro member
Hekla SS (+1941)icelandiccargo shipsteamtorpedo1907194114 1215hydro member
Hindoo SS (+1944)panamaniancargo shipsteamcollision192519441811531hydro member
John Rettig ? SS [+1918]swedishcargo shipsteamtorpedo191519181851809UK hydro member
Jolly Giallo MV [+1974]italianferrymotor vessel (diesel)ran aground (wrecked)197119741771499hydro member
K. G. Meldahl SS (+1942)norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo1938194222893799hydro member
Knut Jarl SS (+1916)norwegiancargo shipsteam1909191601251070hydro member
Kutahya SS (+1960)turkishcargo shipsteamcollision1949196003263113hydro member
Kvernaas SS [+1940]norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo1918194002207584hydro member
Laatefos SS [+1917]norwegiancargo shipsteamtorpedo1913191701671458UK hydro member
Lapland SS (+1941)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo19361941 1330hydro member
Luigi SS (+1942)italiancargo shipsteamtorpedo192019422494283hydro member
Luisa SS [+1942]italiancargo shipsteamcollision19051942941483hydro member
Luna SS (+1914)swedishcargo shipsteammine19051914981005hydro member
Magnhild SS (+1942)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190319420811383
Maloja MV (+1942)norwegiancargo shipmotor vessel (diesel)torpedo1930194222556400hydro member