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nationality british
city London
country United Kingdom
year founded 1881
year stopped 1916
reason stopped acquired
acquired by Furness Withy & Co. Ltd. (Neptune Steam Nav. Co., Norfolk & North American Steam Shipping Co., Hessler Shipping Co.)
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Racey Carl29/05/2014In 1881 James Knott saw the advantages of steam and he bought the Swan Hunter built 'Saxon Prince' and founded the Prince Line which became one of the world's biggest shipping lines with over 40 ships. His large fleet of steamers with slate grey hulls and black and red funnels with white Prince of Wales feathers became familiar the world over.

The Prince Line gave James wealth beyond all his dreams, and over the years James and his wife became well-known on Tyneside for their philanthropy. He was a man of many parts; he owned coal mines, became a ship's master, studied law and was called to the Bar in 1889. In 1910, he served for a short time as MP for Sunderland.

James Knott was one of the merchant giants of the nineteenth century. The Prince Line Ltd was a major shipping company that was held in the highest regard by all who sailed in their ships and by passengers voyaging on the Round the World service. During this time the Knotts lived in various parts of the North East - Monk's Haven, Cullercoats; Manor House, Jesmond; Close House, Wylam. -- He retired in 1916 after the tragic loss of two sons in the First World War and the Prince Line was sold to Furness Withy & Co.

In 1917, Furness, Withy created a subsidiary to the company, Rio-Cape Line Ltd. Rio-Cape was merged back into Prince Line in 1954.

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NameNationalityTypePropulsionCause LostYear°Year†No.WeightPosition
Afghan Prince SS (+1918)britishschoonersail and steamran aground (wrecked)190319183114923hydro member
Belgian Prince SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamscuttled19041917405784765hydro member
British Prince SS [+1915]britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)191419153855936hydro member
Corsican Prince ? SS [+1917]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1900191712892776UK hydro member
Creole Prince SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamcollision189319162251988hydro member
Crown Prince SS (II) (+1910)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190419101302539hydro member
Cyprian Prince SS (+1908)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)18781908941888
Cyprian Prince SS (+1941)britishcargo shipsteamair raid193719412631988
Danish Prince SS (+1897)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188418972041541hydro member
Eastern Prince SS [+1917]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo191019175 2885UK hydro member
French Prince SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamscuttled19001917 4766hydro member
Indian Prince SS (+1914)britishcargo shipsteamcharges/explosives191019144142846hydro member
Italian Prince (+1920)britishcargo shipsteamfire18931920 3083
Italian Prince SS (+1938)britishcargo shipsteamfire19211938233477
Japanese Prince SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo191119170 4876
Lancastrian Prince SS (+1895)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188118954501746
Lancastrian Prince SS (+1943)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo194019434510671914hydro member
Norman Prince SS (+1942)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo194019421610661913hydro member
Norse Prince SS (+1910)britishcargo shipsteamfire190719107985611
Ocean Prince SS (II) (+1915)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190619157775101hydro member
Orange Prince SS (+1915)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1894191531033578hydro member
Polish Prince SS (+1915)britishcargo shipsteamcollision189419153962932hydro member
Sailor Prince SS (+1915)britishcargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled1901191521173144hydro member
Saxon Prince SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamscuttled189919162823471UK hydro member
Siamese Prince MV (+1941)britishcargo shipmotor vessel (diesel)torpedo1929194157248546hydro member
Spartan Prince I SS (+1908)britishpassenger/cargo shipsail and steamcollision189719082343299
Stuart Prince SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo18991917201333597hydro member
Swedish Prince SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled1896191613383712hydro member
Tartar Prince SS (I) (+1902)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamfire189519022333772hydro member
Trojan Prince SS (+1917)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamtorpedo189619172 3196hydro member
Tuscan Prince SS (+1923)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1913192304645275
Welsh Prince SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1903191621844934hydro member
Welsh Prince SS (+1922)britishcargo shipsteamrammed1912192273425221
Welsh Prince SS [+1941]britishcargo shipsteammine19401941 5148UK hydro member
Western Prince MV (+1940)britishocean linermotor vessel (diesel)torpedo192919401526710296hydro member