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city Glasgow
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Siert Ingo28/05/2014Alexander Stephen and Sons Limited, often referred to simply as Alex Stephens, was a Scottish shipbuilding company based in Linthouse, Govan in Glasgow, on the River Clyde. Alexander Stephen, a member of the third generation of the family, merged the Aberdeen and Arbroath businesses in 1828 and then, after closing the Aberdeen yard in 1829, moved production to the Panmure yard in Dundee in 1842. In 1850 part of the business was transferred to Kelvinhaugh yard, now known as Yorkhill Quay, near Glasgow. The Arbroath yard finally closed in 1857. Then in 1870 the business moved to Linthouse near Glasgow.

In a tragic disater in 1883, the Daphne, a steamer, capsized after its launch from the yard, and 124 workers lost their lives. The Dundee shipyard was sold in 1893. In 1968, Stephens was incorporated into Upper Clyde Shipbuilders and was closed after the latter organisation collapsed in 1971.

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NameNationalityTypePropulsionCause LostYear°Year†No.WeightPosition
Abeona SV (+1900)britishbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)18671900951004
Aberdeenshire (+1882)britishbarque - barksailing shipwater leakage (flooding)188218822701340
Abhona SS (+1910)britishocean linersteammissing19101910904394066
Afon Cefni (+1894)britishbarque - barksailing shipmissing18921894283392066
Africa SS (+1883)germancargo shipsteamfoundered187918832411495
Ailsa Craig SS (+1865)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamfoundered1860186525234
Albany SS (+1891)britishcargo shipsteamfoundered188218912672276
Albertine Beatrice (+1917)dutchbarque - barksailing shipgunfire - shelled18851917851352hydro member
Alice Platt SV (+1891)britishbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)187818912241139hydro member
Alverton SS (+1881)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188018812501321
Amana SV (+1889)britishcargo shipsailing shipran aground (wrecked)187518891871375
Ambulombo MV [+1972]indonesianocean linermotor vessel (diesel)foundered1935197254010856hydro member
America (+1903)canadianwhalersail and steam18651903 573
American RMS (+1880)britishocean linersteamwater leakage (flooding)18731880 2485hydro member
Andreas SS [+1928]cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)18811928 987hydro member
Anglia SS (+1880)britishcargo shipsail and steamcollision1869188001352253hydro member
Anglian SS [+1917]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1896191713645531UK hydro member
Anne Main SV (+1895)britishbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)18671895109545
Aquila SV (+1917)norwegianbarque - barksailing ship1876191702031092hydro member
Ardenclutha SV (+1895)britishfully rigged shipsailing shipran aground (wrecked)187618952001293
Arima SV (+1870)britishpassenger/cargo shipsailing shipmissing1862187035704
Arklow SS (+1880)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1861188028765
Atlantic SV (+1907)norwegianbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)18691907122511
Attiki SS (+1941)greekcargo shipsteamair raid18961941103632158
Aurora SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsail and steammissing1876191721 580hydro member
Bahia PSS (+1887)brazilianpassenger/cargo shipsail and paddlescollision187218871551542
Baltimore City SS (+1897)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188818973112334
Barcelona SS (+1898)germanpassenger/cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)187918982391346
Bayano HMS [+1915]britishocean linersteamtorpedo191319151964535948UK hydro member
Beachy SS [+1941]britishcargo shipsteamair raid1936194155511600hydro member
Bear SV (+1963)americancutter 1 mastsail and steamwater leakage (flooding)18741963561700hydro member
Begona No.3 SS (Begoña) (+1917)spanishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1884191702862699UK hydro member
Benalder SS (+1920)japanesecargo shipsail and steamfoundered188019202472054
Bengalia SS (+1905)germanpassenger/cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)189819053777661hydro member
Benvorlich SS (+1915)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo189619153653381UK hydro member
Black Watch SV (+1883)germanbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)18621883438491hydro member
Bleeville SS (+1893)frenchcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188618933002518
Blenheim SV (+1917)norwegianbarque - barksailing shipcharges/explosives1877191702051143hydro member
Bleville SS (+1893)frenchcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188618933002518
Bloodhound SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsail and steamran aground (wrecked)1873191753542
Bohemian SS (+1920)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1900192063865544hydro member
Britannia SS (+1941)britishpassenger shipsteamgunfire - shelled192619412495088799hydro member
Bruce SS (+1875)britishcargo shipsail and steamfog18741875175339.94
Brutus SS (+1901)germancargo shipsteammissing18771901209628
Burutu SS (I) (+1918)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamcollision190219181483943863UK hydro member
Cabo Roche SS (+1921)spanishcargo shipsteamfire18771921210832hydro member
Cairo SS (+1905)italianpassenger/cargo shipsail and steamran aground (wrecked)188119052582837
Calanthe HMY (+1941)britishyachtsteamair raid18981941 351
Calcutta SV (+1895)britishbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)1860189527967hydro member
California SS (+1943)britishpassenger shipsteam turbineair raid1923194349416792hydro member