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year founded 1660
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Racey Carl27/05/2014In 1509 when Henry VIII was crowned he realised the growing navel power of King James IV of Scots. James had built an impressive fleet to control the Western Isles and was allied to France. Henry built up of his own fleet, the Navy Royal, as it was then known. New ships were constructed, the best known being the Mary Rose. Smaller types of warships (galleases) combining the best features of oars, sails and guns were also built. By Henry's death in 1547 his fleet had grown to 58 vessels.

In 1546 a 'Council of the Marine' was established which later became the 'Navy Board'. The Navy Board was in charge of the daily administration of the navy until 1832 when it was combined with the Board of the Admiralty....

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Ships lost
2581 results
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NameNationalityTypePropulsionCause LostYear°Year†No.WeightPosition
482M (+1990)britishcable shipno propulsiondeliberate 1990  hydro member
A-1 HMS [+1911]britishsubmarinediesel and batteriesused as a target19021911 207hydro member
A-10 HMS (+1917)britishsubmarinediesel and batterieswater leakage (flooding)19031917 207
A-2 HMSbritishsubmarinediesel and batteries   207UK hydro member
A-3 HMS [+1912]britishsubmarinediesel and batteriesused as a target1904191214 207UK hydro member
A-4 HMS (+1905)britishsubmarinediesel and batterieswater leakage (flooding)19031905 207
A-7 HMS [+1914]britishsubmarinediesel and batteriesexercise1905191411 207UK hydro member
A-8 HMS (+1905)britishsubmarinediesel and batteriesexplosion1905190515 207
Abdiel HMS (M-39) [+1943]britishminelayersteammine19391943106 2650hydro member
Abelard HMT (151) [+1916]britishtrawlersteamran aground (wrecked)19091916392187UK hydro member
Abingdon HMS (J-23) [+1942]britishminesweepermotor vessel (diesel)air raid19181942335710hydro member
Aboukir HMS [+1914]britishcruisersteamtorpedo1901191441012000hydro member
Abronia HMT (FY734) (+1940)britishtrawlersteamfoundered19051940356242
Acasta HMS (H09) [+1940]britishdestroyersteam turbinenaval battle192819401605251350hydro member
Accord HMS (A90) [+1986]britishtugmotor vessel (diesel)used as a target195819861579760UK hydro member
Achates HMS (+1810)britishgun-brig (cutter)sailing ship18081810 238
Achates HMS (H12) (+1942)britishdestroyersteamnaval battle192819421135261350hydro member
Acheron HMS (H45) (+1940)britishdestroyersteam turbinemine1931194019610831350hydro member
Achilles II HMT (FY293) [+1918]britishminesweepersteammine1906191813382225UK hydro member
Acorn HMS (+1828)britishsloop-of-warsailing shipran aground (wrecked)18261828 455
Actaeon HMS (+1776)britishfrigate (old warship)sailing shipexplosion17751776  
Actif HMS (+1794)britishgun-brig (cutter)sailing ship 1794  
Active HMS (+1796)britishfrigate (old warship)sailing ship17801796  
Active III (+1917)britishdriftermine 191710 81hydro member
ADC 527 LCT ? [+1946]britishLCT (landing craft tank)motor vessel (diesel)gale/storm19421946 200UK hydro member
Adder HMS (+1832)britishgun-brig (cutter)sailing ship18131832  
Adept SS [+1942]britishtugsteamran aground (wrecked)194119421237630UK hydro member
Admirable HMT (+1917)britishdriftersteamgunfire - shelled 1917 90
Adonis ? HMT [+1943]britishtrawlersteamtorpedo19151943610634UK hydro member
Adrian HMT (FY820) (+1918)britishminesweepersteamcollision19001918277199
Advice HMS (+1793)britishgun-brig (cutter)sailing shipran aground (wrecked) 1793 10.95
Aegusa HMS (+1916)britishyachtsteammine1896191663431242hydro member
Affray HMSM (P421) [+1951]britishsubmarinediesel and batteriesfoundered1944195175 1385UK hydro member
Africa HMS (+1906)british 1906  hydro member
Afridi HMS (F07) (+1940)britishdestroyersteamair raid1936194092 1850hydro member
Afrikander II HMS (+1937)britishgunboatsteamscuttled18791937 254
Afterglow HMSbritishminesweepersteamabandoned1918  112
Agamemnon II HMT (FY19) (+1915)britishminesweepersteammine190619159383225hydro member
Agate HMT (T-87) [+1941]britishtrawlersteamran aground (wrecked)1934194126963627UK hydro member
Agate HMT [+1918]britishminesweepersteammine191319184582248UK hydro member
Agile HMT (FY697) [+1917]britishminesweepersteammine190719173132246UK hydro member
Aigle HMS (+1798)britishfrigatesailing shipran aground (wrecked)17801798 1003hydro member
Aire HMS (K262) (+1946)britishfrigatesteamtyphoon194319465971370
Airedale HMS (L07) [+1942]britishdestroyersteam turbinescuttled1940194244578904hydro member
Aisha HMS [+1940]britishyachtmotor vessel (diesel)mine19341940 117UK hydro member
Ajax HMS (+1807)britishShip of the Linesailing shipfire179818076 1933
Akranes HMT (FY513) [+1941]britishminesweepersteamair raid1929194101060358UK hydro member
Alarm HMS (+1778)britishgalleonsailing ship 1778  hydro member
Alarm HMS (J-140) (+1943)britishminesweepermotor vessel (diesel)air raid19411943 850
Alban HMS (+1812)britishschoonersailing shipran aground (wrecked)18061812 111hydro member