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nationality british
city Stockton-On-Tees
country United Kingdom
year founded 1866
year stopped 1919
reason stopped acquired
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[1866] Fossick & Hackworth
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Allen Tony30/05/2014Blair & Co. was formed from the engine maker Fossick & Hackworth.
In 1855 George Blair was appointed manager and in the spring of 1865 he was made a partner and the company became Fossick, Blair & Co. when Hackworth retired. Fossick died in 1866 and the company became Blair & Co. Blair was responsible for the expansion of the works to specialise in marine engines.

At this time the company had 700 employees (later to rise to 2,000) and covered an area of seven and a half acres. The first compound marine engine on the Tees was built by Blair's in January 1869 and fitted to the "Glenmore" built by Backhouse & Dixon.

In 1884 the company produced its first triple expansion engine for the "Burgos" built by Richardson Duck. In 1887 the sheerlegs, which were to become a Stockton landmark for many years were errected at a cost of £2,695. These shearlegs were capable of lifting up to 100 tons and were sighted near the river to lift marine engines into newly built ships.

By 1914 almost 1,400 marine engines had been built. At least 340 for Pearse, and later Ropner, 240 for Richardson Duck and 103 for Thomas Turnbull at Whitby. A total of 75 engines were built during the First World War.

The company was taken over by Gould Steamships and Industrials in 1919.

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Abeona SS [+1883]britishcargo shipsteamcollision18801883160573UK hydro member
Achille SS (+1941)italiancargo shipsteamair raid189019412542425hydro member
Acis SS (+1901)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190019013733149
Acklam ? SS [+1878]britishcargo shipsteamcollision187618782127508UK hydro member
Ada SS (+1917)swedishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1881191731852327UK hydro member
Adalands SS (+1917)norwegiancargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled188019170691577hydro member
Adamantios Lemos ? SS [+1921]greekcargo shipsteamfoundered189019213162485UK hydro member
Aduatiek SS [+1916]belgiancargo shipsteammine1890191601682221UK hydro member
Aeon SS (+1896)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188918962422220hydro member
Agnes Wylie SS (+1877)britishcargo shipsteamgale/storm1871187711175302
Aida Lauro SS [+1937]italiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)192319376844538UK hydro member
Aikaterini SS [+1941]greekcargo shipsteamtorpedo1913194104784929hydro member
Aladdin SS (+1925)norwegiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)189219252713082
Aldershot SS [+1918]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1897191813392177UK hydro member
Alecos SS [+1935]greekcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190619355714395hydro member
Alexandre Bixio SS [+1905]frenchcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188019051782175hydro member
Alicia SS (+1895)britishcargo shipsteamcollision18801895891428
Alleghany SS (+1885)britishcargo shipsteammissing18801885291812283
Alma Dawson ? SS [+1940]britishcargo shipsteammine191719401963985UK hydro member
Alu Mendi SS (+1917)spanishcargo shipsteamscuttled190719174352104hydro member
Alvi SS (+1917)indiancargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled18931917983623
Amaler SS (+1921)germancargo shipsteamcollision19011921813062hydro member
Amcott ? SS [+1893]britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)187218931528998UK hydro member
Amethyst SS (+1911)canadiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)187819111611357
Ampleforth SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1914191746433873hydro member
Ampleforth SS [+1940]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1929194092264576UK hydro member
Anastassia SS [+1940]greekcargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled19051940181952883hydro member
Angela SS (+1917)italiancargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled1891191701882422hydro member
Angelo Parodi SS (+1916)italiansteamgunfire - shelled190119161683825hydro member
Anglesea SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo191419176404534hydro member
Anna Bulgaris SS (+1941)greekcargo shipsteamtorpedo191219416214603hydro member
Anna Fostenes SS [+1917]norwegiancargo shipsteammine1902191784222208hydro member
Anna Sofie SS [+1918]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1896191813212577hydro member
Antaeus SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1906191704273061hydro member
Antonio Sciesa SS (+1917)italiancargo shipsteamtorpedo1887191703361905hydro member
Antonios M. Mavrogordatos SS (+1917)greekcargo shipsteamtorpedo190119173843771hydro member
Antonios SS [+1923]greekcargo shipsteamexplosion189619234822720UK hydro member
Appledore SS (+1917)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1901191705253843hydro member
Aqua SS (+1905)britishcargo shipsteamfoundered190019053673045
Araby SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190419165543303
Aranda SS (+1916)norwegiancargo shipsteammine1890191623701838UK hydro member
Arbonne SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1908191614173672UK hydro member
Argonaut SS (+1895)britishcargo shipsteamfoundered187218951171045hydro member
Argos SS (+1925)swedishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)189919255032538
Ariadne SS (+1905)dutchcargo shipsteamgale/storm187919051681378hydro member
Aris SS [+1939]greekcargo shipsteamgunfire - shelled1914193926394810UK hydro member
Arkadia SS (+1910)americanpassenger/cargo shipsteammissing1895191041432327
Arno Mendi SS [+1918]spanishcargo shipsteamtorpedo18971918162192828UK hydro member
Asama SS (+1897)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188818972293716
Ashby SS (+1916)britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1896191623221947hydro member