J. Caird & Co. report an error
type builder
engine builder? yes
nationality british
city Greenock
country United Kingdom
year founded 1828
year stopped 1916
reason stopped acquired
acquired by Harland & Wolff Ltd.
companies acquired
is navy?
entered by Lettens Jan
entered 08/01/2009
last update Allen Tony
last update 15/11/2013
Allen Tony01/06/2014Caird & Company was a Scottish shipbuilding and engineering firm based in Greenock. The company was established in 1828 by John Caird when he received an order to re-engine Clyde paddle-tugs.[1]
John's relative James Tennant Caird joined the company in 1831, and after leaving to work for Randolph, Elder & Co in Glasgow, rejoined the family business for good in 1838.
A year after the death of Robert Caird, the company was sold to Harland & Wolff Ltd in 1916 for £432,493. The firm continued trading as a separate enterprise, with Arthur and Patrick Caird on the board, until 1922. The Arthur Street engine works was sold to John G Kincaid & Co Ltd in 1919.

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Ships lost
126 results
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NameNationalityTypePropulsionCause LostYear°Year†No.WeightPosition
Agnes E. Fry PSS (+1864)britishpassenger/cargo shippaddle-steamran aground (wrecked)18641864109559hydro member
Alf SV (+1909)norwegianbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)1876190932051135UK hydro member
Angarstroi SS (+1942)russiancargo shipsteamtorpedo192719426474761hydro member
Angelica SS (+1895)britishcargo shipran aground (wrecked)18571895 1180
Arabia RMS (+1916)britishocean linersteamtorpedo189819162 7903hydro member
Arno PSS (+1898)puerto ricanpassenger/cargo shippaddle-steamblockship186518981201038
Ashruf SS (+1905)indianocean linersail and steamran aground (wrecked)187119051643782
Asian SS [+1924]britishcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1898192412895614UK hydro member
Australia RMS (II) (+1904)britishpassenger shipsteamran aground (wrecked)189219042676901hydro member
Austria SS (+1858)germanpassenger shipsail and steamfire18571858470552684hydro member
Ballarat SS [+1917]britishocean linersteamtorpedo19111917031811120UK hydro member
Barwon SS (+1871)australiancargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)18631871 367hydro member
Bavaria SS (+1877)britishocean linersail and steamfire185718770492405hydro member
Behar SS [+1940]britishcargo shipsteammine19281940 6100UK hydro member
Blair Drummond SV (+1893)britishbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)187518931851521
Blokshif No.5 (+1916)russianpassenger/cargo shipsail and steamscuttled186819161433134hydro member
Bokhara SS (+1892)britishocean linersteamran aground (wrecked)187318921251702944
Borussia SS (+1879)britishpassenger shipsail and steamwater leakage (flooding)18541879169382131hydro member
Bremen SV (+1882)britishbarque - barksailing shipran aground (wrecked)185818820582794hydro member
Brockley Hill SS (+1941)britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1919194103535287hydro member
Bunmei Maru (+1925)japanesecargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188319252281568
California SS (U-22) (+1917)britishocean linersteamtorpedo1902191743005629hydro member
Campania SS (+1943)italiancargo shipsteamair raid191819433505247
Candia SS [+1917]britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamtorpedo1896191712846482UK hydro member
Cimbria SS [+1883]germanocean linersail and steamcollision186718834371363037hydro member
Colombia SS (+1907)britishpassenger shipsteamran aground (wrecked)189919072913335hydro member
Conqueror SV (+1885)britishbrigantine (2 masts)sailing shipcollision18401885 215
Culloden PSS (+1872)australianpassenger/cargo shipsail and paddlesran aground (wrecked)184518729152
Cuxhaven PS (+1891)germanpaddle-steamran aground (wrecked)18641891 377
Dania PSS (+1866)danishpassenger/cargo shippaddle-steamran aground (wrecked)1858186660441
Delhi SS (+1911)britishpassenger shipsteamran aground (wrecked)190519113078090hydro member
Deutschland SS (+1875)germanocean linersail and steamran aground (wrecked)18661875571322898UK hydro member
Dimitris SS [+1953]greekcargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)1918195303515250UK hydro member
Djeyhun SS (+1915)turkishpassenger/cargo shiptorpedo189019152593509
Don Jose SS (+1925)philippinescargo shipsteamran aground (wrecked)187919252121746
Donau SS (+1895)germancargo shipsteamabandoned1868189501472896
Donegal SS [+1917]britishcargo shipsteamtorpedo1904191740 1885UK hydro member
Douro RMS (+1882)britishpassenger/cargo shipsail and steamcollision18651882591102824
Egypt RMS [+1922]britishocean linersteamcollision18971922862857941hydro member
Electra SV (+1922)italianbarque - barksailing shipscuttled18741922182907
Erna SS (+1912)britishcargo shipsteammissing18901912442603476
Euxine SV (+1874)britishcargo shipsailing shipfire184718743121594hydro member
Foyle PSS (+1866)irishcargo shippaddle-steamcollision1848186617795
Fresia SS (+1949)chileanpassenger/cargo shipsteamfoundered189919492933227
Germania SS (I) (+1869)germanocean linersail and steamran aground (wrecked)186318690992123
Germania SS (II) (+1876)germanocean linersail and steamran aground (wrecked)187018761612810hydro member
Guahy PSS (+1891)brazilianpassenger shippaddle-steamran aground (wrecked)188518910239336hydro member
Hazel SS (+1883)britishpassenger/cargo shipsteamfire18751883186452hydro member
Hokoku Maru (+1915)japanesecargo shipsteammissing189519152795038
Hong Kong SS (+1890)britishpassenger shipsteamran aground (wrecked)188918902543174