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14/12Bower StephenMaster Of Ss Vicksburg[0]
06/12Jan LettensSs Kirktown[1]
03/12Wendes DavidOriginal Titanic Passenger List[1]
02/12Martin RogerS.S. Churston[0]
01/12Pembroke SamLobster Boat Fair Wind[0]
30/11Steve CEdderside Kristiania[0]
27/11Racey CarlSs John Miles[1]
24/11Hannah LaneHms Paragon[4]
21/11Jan LettensBrigantino Bartolomeo Wreck 1874[1]
20/11Jan LettensSs Flush. Lost 19th Nov.1919 Baltic.[3]
18/11Wendes DavidTankexpress[1]
18/11Geraint EdwardsS S Avocet (+1917)[0]
18/11Jan LettensS/S Teano (Ii)[1]
18/11Jan LettensA Painting Of The Teie[2]
17/11Jan LettensHms Penelope (1798)[1]
14/11Jan LettensShipwrecks Coordinates Off South African Coast[1]
10/11P BarrySs Turret Bay Ship Wreck[4]
10/11M SimmondsLcf-37[0]
09/11Jan LettensiOS8 and Wrecksite[2]
07/11Wreck HunterUnidentified Sunken Ships[1]
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18/12/1907 Falklandbank SV (+1907) wreck
Falklandbank SV (+1907)Falklandbank was a fully rigged ship built by Mackie & Thompson in 1894 and owned by the Bank Line. She sailed from Port Talbot for Valparaiso on 9th November, 1907 with a cargo of coal. She was last seen in lat/lon 31°S, 45°W by the Italian barque Checco (arrived Montevideo Dec 27th) on 18th December and never heard of again.
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18/12/1890 Oregon SV [+1890] wreck
Oregon SV [+1890]On December 18th, 1890, the 801 tons steel 3-masted barque OREGON, while being managed by a pilot, was caught by onshore winds and bad visibility. She hit the a rocky reef called the Books, close to Thurlestone Rock. She got clear, slipping off the rocks, but was badly holed and foundered in a short time. The boats were launched and there was no loss life. She had just managed to finish her Iquique-Cape Horn-UK voyage successfully with a cargo of nitrates.
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18/12/1954 Hispania SS [+1954] wreck
Hispania SS [+1954]On Saturday, 18 December 1954, the storm wind, rain and sleet became so bad that Captain Ivan Dahn took the Hispania into the waters of the Scottish islands for shelter, writes Kendall McDonald. The Swedish steamer, built in 1912, had left Liverpool the previous day bound for Varberg with a cargo of steel, asbestos and rubber sheeting. In the Sound of Mull, visibility was almost nil, but the Hispania got nearly all the way up it before striking Sgeir More (the ´´Big Rock´´), half a mile off the western shore of Mull, at 9pm. Her engines were immediately put to full astern, and that dragged her off backwards. But it was clear that she was badly holed forward, and was soon listing heavily to port. The crew of 21 had plenty of time to launch their two lifeboats, but Captain Dahn refused to join them. During a lull in the storm the crew rowed around their ship for nearly an hour pleading with him, but suddenly a bulkhead gave way, and she started sinking fast. Some of the survivors said they saw their captain on the bridge, hand to forehead in a salute as he and his ship disappeared.
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18/12/1940 Birkenfels SS (+1940) wreck
Birkenfels SS (+1940) S/S Birkenfels; Built for the Deutsche Dampf. Ges. Hansa in 1922 by Act. Ges. Weser; 6.322 tons; 431.6x56.5x30.3 ft.; 430 n.h.p.; triple expansion engine & L.P. turbines. On December 18th, 1940, the German steamship S/S Birkenfels was torpedoed and sunk by a British submarine, off the Scheldt estuary, Belgium.
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18/12/1943 Thor MV [+1943] wreck
Thor MV [+1943]Thor sank during the War when it was swamped by a following sea. Cargo was coal, sank 18/12/1943, three men killed.
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18/12/1944 Silverlaurel SS [+1944] wreck
Silverlaurel SS [+1944]Silver Laurel was built in 1939 as 6.142 ton steam freighter. She was on route from DUALA & FALMOUTH for HULL carrying 2.949 tons cocoa beans. 2.423 tons palm oil, 758 tons, timber, 303 tons lumber, 317 tons rutile, 66 tons coffee, 30 tons ramie, 195 tons of rubber. She was torpedoed by U-486 on the 18th Dec 1944. 68 crew saved.
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18/12/1992 Demetrios MV [+1992] wreck
Demetrios MV [+1992]Demetrios was blown on to Prawle Point, Devon, UK in a gale in 1992 , it is a classic example of how the sea destroys a huge onshore wreck very quickly, though there are still pieces the size of double-decker buses up on the rocks.
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18/12/1940 V-403 (Deutschland) (+1940) wreck
V-403 (Deutschland) (+1940)EDWARD WITHY & Company, HARTLEPOOL, 1874 - 1891. - Edward Withy continued to build at the Middleton yard previously operated with his partner Edward Alexander. He emigrated in 1884, selling his shares to shipowner Christopher Furness who engaged Edward's brother Henry as Managing Director. After 1891 the yard operated as Furness, Withy.
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18/12/1944 Spence USS (DD-512) (+1944) wreck
Spence USS (DD-512) (+1944)On 17 December 1944, the ships of Task Force 38, seven fleet and six light carriers, eight battleships, 15 cruisers, and about 50 destroyers were operating about 300 miles east of Luzon in the Philippine Sea. The carriers had just completed three days of heavy raids against Japanese airfields, suppressing enemy aircraft during the American amphibious operations against Mindoro in the Philippines. Although the sea had been becoming rougher all day, the nearby cyclonic disturbance gave relatively little warning of its approach. On 18 December, the small but violent typhoon overtook the Task Force while many of the ships were attempting to refuel. Many of the ships were caught near the center of the storm and buffeted by extreme seas and hurricane force winds. Three destroyers, USS Hull, USS Spence and USS Monaghan, capsized and went down with practically all hands, while a cruiser, five aircraft carriers, and three destroyers suffered serious damage. Approximately 790 officers and men were lost or killed , with another 80 injured. . Fires occurred in three carriers when planes broke loose in their hangars and some 146 planes on various ships were lost or damaged beyond economical repair by fires, impact damage, or by being swept overboard. This storm inflicted more damage on the Navy than any storm since the hurricane at Apia, Samoa in 1889. In the aftermath of this deadly storm, the Pacific Fleet established new weather stations in the Caroline Islands and, as they were secured, Manila, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. In addition, new weather central offices (for coordinating data) were established at Guam and Leyte.
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18/12/1869 Gorgone PSS (La) (+1869) wreck
Gorgone PSS (La) (+1869)La corvette Gorgone, Lieutenant de Vaisseau Eugène Mage, était arrivée au terme d’une mission de protection sur les côtes d’Espagne et avait appareillé de La Corogne à destination de Cherbourg le 16 Décembre 1869 alors qu'une forte tempête soufflait sur le Golfe de Gascogne. Le navire ne devait jamais arriver à destination. Dans la matinée du 19 Décembre, de nombreux débris de navire sont signalés entre Le Conquet et St Mathieu. Leur examen ne laisse aucune place au doute, ces débris proviennent d’un bateau français et leur apparence indique que le naufrage est récent. Dans l’après-midi, de nouveaux débris sont encore retrouvés sur la côte ou repêchés dans le goulet de Brest. Mais ce n’est que dans la soirée lorsque l'on retrouvera des documents et plusieurs bonnets de marin portant le nom du bâtiment que le navire sera identifié. Dans la journée du 20, profitant d’une accalmie de la mer, le Flambeau et la Belliqueuse explorent la zone des abords du goulet sans trouver la moindre trace ni du navire ni de ses occupants. Le lendemain, les premiers cadavres sont découverts et formellement identifiés. Il est désormais certain que La Gorgone s’est perdue corps et biens avec l'ensemble de ses 93 hommes d’équipage. La cause du naufrage est dans un premier temps attribuée à une erreur de navigation mais les antécédents techniques du navire donneraient plutôt à penser que le Commandant Mage confronté à une nouvelle défaillance de sa machine aura tenté malgré le temps et le peu de manoeuvrabilité sous voiles de son bâtiment, de rejoindre Brest. Ce faisant, dans la tempête et la nuit, il se sera jeté sur les récifs.
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18/12/1891 Abyssinia SS (+1891) wreck
Abyssinia SS (+1891)Abysinnia SS on the 13th December 1891, sailed from New York for Liverpool. On the 18th December 1891 she was destroyed by fire at sea, with no loss of life; the passengers were rescued by the Norddeutscher Lloyd steamship SS SPREE.
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18/12/1894 Sylphide SV (+1894) wreck
Sylphide SV (+1894)6/1868: Johs.Westergaard,Arendal "SYLPHIDE" /1887: reparert i Lillesand /1893: Rederiselskapet Sylphide(S.C.Larsen)Brevik do 12/1894: Forliste og ble vrak den 18/12-1894 ved Tromøya på reise Brevik til Middlesbrough med trelast.
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18/12/1899 Barge 115 (+1899) wreck
Barge 115 (+1899)Broke from her tow steamer, the whaleback COLGATE HOYT, well out in the lake, barge 115 with a cargo of iron ore, went ashore 5 days later & broke up. Other ships of her fleet saerched the lake for her for days. Her crew was thought to be lost, but showed up days later after long tramp through the wilderness. Ship declared total loss the following May. Master: Capt. Arthur A. Boyce. Owned by Pickands, Mather & Co.
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18/12/1901 Bandaneira SV [+1901] wreck
Bandaneira SV [+1901]On 18 December 1901, BANDANEIRA ran aground during a force 7-8 gale between Sandy Island and Heligoland. She was on voyage from Iquique to Hamburg with a cargo of nitrate. While aground and damaged, the cargo dissolved into the sea. During January 1902 the wreck broke up in a gale.
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18/12/1902 Lady Isabella SV (+1902) wreck
Lady Isabella SV (+1902)Lady Isabella was an iron barque of 1.396 tons and 255.7 feet in length. Launched in August 1882 and sank December 1902.
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18/12/1902 Ararat SV (+1902) wreck
Ararat SV (+1902)ararat; 18.12.1902 - Strandet og ble vrak på Tunas de Zaza, Cuba på reise fra Delgsa Bay til Jucaro, Cuba i ballast; (owner Stiansen,Jørgen Christoffer,Lillesand)
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18/12/1904 Lizzie H. Brayton SV (+1904) wreck
Lizzie H. Brayton SV (+1904)The "Lizzie" sank off Point Pleasant in December of 1904. She was a 201 foot, 1000 ton four-masted schooner. She was built in 1891 in Bath, Maine. The Lizzie Brayton was enroute to New Haven, Connecticut with a cargo of coal when she struck a sand bar in a storm. She was pushed up onto the beach and swamped by the relentless waves.
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18/12/1909 F.A. Meyer SS (+1909) wreck
F.A. Meyer SS (+1909)Cut by ice and foundered twenty-two miles east of Southeast Shoal, Lake Erie, on December 18, 1909; crew rescued by propeller MAPLETON. Vessel was bound from Boyne City, MI, for Buffalo, NY, with lumber at time of loss.
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18/12/1911 Chakrabhongs SS (+1911) wreck
Chakrabhongs SS (+1911)On December 18th, 1911, the Thai cargo ship CHAKRABHONGS, built in 1902 by Flydedok & Skibsvaerft and owned by Siam Steam Navigation Co., on voyage from Singapore to Kalantan Islands with general cargo, was wrecked on Lantiga Island. 2 people lost their lives.
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18/12/1914 Antares SV (+1914) wreck
Antares SV (+1914)The Italian barque Antares left Marseille 18th December 1913 for Melbourne, but failed to arrive. Wreckage was found near the Bay of Islands and a body had washed ashore. Some of the timbers were charred by fire, and a small boat´s stern board with the name"Sutlej" led to the identification of the wreck as Antares which had been reported missing. According to Loney, the Antares wrecking was overshadowed by war news. A young local boy had apparently remarked that the Germans had arrived off the coast as he had seen them firing off shells and rockets, but his story was passed off as a joke. These rockets were most likely the distress signals from the stricken ship. The Italian barque Antares was reported overdue on a voyage from Marseille to Melbourne. The wreck of the ship was later found at the base of a cliff at the Bay of Islands near Warrnambool - there were no survivors.
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18/12/1914 Malakka MV (+1914) wreck
Malakka MV (+1914)On December 18th, 1914, the Danish steel motor vessel MALAKKA, built in 1914 by Burmeister & Wain and owned at the time of her loss by Det Østasiatiske Kompagni A/S, on voyage from San Francisco to Copenhagen with a cargo of barley and general, was wrecked on the southwestern end of Cedros Island, near the Skaw. There were no casualties.
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18/12/1916 Hirondelle SV (+1916) wreck
Hirondelle SV (+1916)Hirondelle, built in Paimpol in 1884 and owned at the time of her loss by armement Barazer et Carrières de l'Ouest, was a French schooner of 214 tons. On December 18th, 1916, Hirondelle, on passage from Britton Ferry to Nantes with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine U-70 (Otto Wünsche), northeast from Le Four lighthouse, Ushant. U-70 tried to sink her with 2 bombs, but Hirondelle stayed afloat. She was then sunk by gunfire. All crew was allowed in the boats before the sinking and were later recovered.
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18/12/1917 Mariposa SS (+1917) wreck
Mariposa SS (+1917)Mariposa SS was built by William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Co., Philadelphia. ex- Mariposa, 1912 purchased from Oceanic Navigation Company (Matson) not renamed. On the 18th December 1917 sank after hitting Straits Island Reef, British Columbia.
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18/12/1919 Constance SS [+1919] wreck
Constance SS [+1919]18-12-1919 She left Garston for Belfast with a cargo of coal and went missing. She was owned by William Clint of Belfast
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18/12/1919 Manxman SS (+1919) wreck
Manxman SS (+1919)S/S Manxman was a cargo that foundered on December 18th, 1919. She was on passage from Portland to Gibraltar with a cargo of wheat, when her cargo shifted in heavy seas. She capsized and 39, including her Captain were drowned. 19 were rescued by the vessel British Isles.
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18/12/1921 Febo SS (+1921) wreck
Febo SS (+1921)On December 18th, 1921, the Italian cargo ship FEBO, built in 1889 by Sunderland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. and owned at the time of her loss by Societa Ligure Commerciale Di Navigazione, on voyage from Cyprus to Leith with a cargo of beans, was wrecked at Alexandria, Egypt.
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18/12/1922 Rio Preto SS (+1922) wreck
Rio Preto SS (+1922)Rio Preto SS was a British cargo steamer of 4,027grt which ran aground and was wrecked at Pointe de St. Questin, 6nm N. St. Valery sur Somme on the 18th December 1922 when on route from Poti for Boulogne with a cargo of manganese ore.
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18/12/1923 Wren FV (+1923) wreck
Wren FV (+1923)On December 18th, 1923, the British iron fishing ship WREN foundered in the North Sea.
see wreck
18/12/1924 Saturn SS [+1924] wreck
Saturn SS [+1924]Lancé le 29 avril 1918 sous le nom d' ARILD pour A/S D/S Arild (Moritz Vaumund), Kristiania. Construit par le chantier Trondhjems mek. Verksted, Trondhjem (yard 170), c'est un cargo de 226.3' x 36.5' x 15.7' pieds qui jauge 1119 tonnes en brut. Il est propulsé par une machine triple expension de 600 IHK (139 NHK) qui lui donne une vitesse de 9 noeuds. En août 1920, il est vendu à A/S D/S Arild (Louis Hannevig) de Kristiania, puis en février 1921, il passe sous le propriété de Tr.hjems Bank A/S, Kristiania, toujours sous le nom d'ARILD. Il est enfin acheté par la Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen, en mars 1921 qui le renomme SATURN. Le cargo parti de Bergen avec un chargement de manganèse pour les Forges d'Hennebont (3) traverse la passe ouest de Groix. Il n'a plus qu'à reconnaître le feu des Trois Pierres pour suivre l'alignement de la passe de Lorient. Suite à une man?uvre d'autant plus inexpliquée que se trouve à son bord un pilote de la station de Groix, le SATURN vient s'empaler sur le roche dite "La Pierre d'Orge".
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18/12/1924 Tarnan SV (+1924) wreck
Tarnan SV (+1924)The sailing ship Tarnan was built as Castle Holme for Hine Bros. She was renamed Ester, Ternen, Ternan and finally Tarnan for owner E. Forsberg. She was wrecked outside Torekov in 1924.
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