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22/11Jan LettensHms Paragon[3]
21/11Jan LettensBrigantino Bartolomeo Wreck 1874[1]
20/11Jan LettensSs Flush. Lost 19th Nov.1919 Baltic.[3]
18/11Wendes DavidTankexpress[1]
18/11Geraint EdwardsS S Avocet (+1917)[0]
18/11Jan LettensS/S Teano (Ii)[1]
18/11Jan LettensA Painting Of The Teie[2]
17/11Jan LettensHms Penelope (1798)[1]
14/11Jan LettensShipwrecks Coordinates Off South African Coast[1]
10/11P BarrySs Turret Bay Ship Wreck[4]
10/11M SimmondsLcf-37[0]
09/11Jan LettensiOS8 and Wrecksite[2]
07/11Wreck HunterUnidentified Sunken Ships[1]
07/11Le GrizzlyLes Epaves Du Grizzly[0]
04/11Levano HervéJune 44 Crew On Ship Blijdendyk[0]
04/11Levano HervéSs Taxiarchis - Lost 1952[1]
31/10Lettens JanU-482[1]
29/10Hazel Swan-DavisonS.S. Inniscarra.[0]
28/10Cummings SusanKing George: Indiaman +1720[0]
28/10Alan GrahamWreck Of Ss Stanley 24/11/1864[0]
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24/11/1893 Serica SS [+1893] wreck
Serica SS [+1893]On November 24th, 1893, the British steamer SERICA, built in 1888 by Sunderland Shipbuilding and owned at the time of her loss by Gordon Steam Shipping Co., on voyage from Barry Dock to Port Said, was wrecked in St. Mary's Sound, Scilly Isles. There were no casualties.
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24/11/1917 Nyassa SS [+1917] wreck
Nyassa SS [+1917]SS Nyassa, built by W. Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool in 1897 and owned at the time of her loss by Glasgow Navigation Co. Ltd. (Maclay & McIntyre), Glasgow, was a British steamer of 2579 tons. On November 24th, 1917, Nyassa, on a voyage from Cardiff to Rouen with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine UB-57 (Otto Steinbrinck), 3 miles ESE of the Lizard. There were no casualties.
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24/11/1941 Dunedin HMS (D-93) (+1941) wreck
Dunedin HMS (D-93) (+1941)Dunedin HMS was a British Navy Light Cruiser Class D built in 1919. On the 24th November 1941 when on patrol to intercept a meeting between the German supply ship Python and U-124, the u-boat saw the Navy Cruiser first and launched torpedoes at a great distance. They struck after 5 minutes and the cruiser was sunk with only 67 survivors. 417 dead.
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24/11/1939 Pegu SS (bow Section) [+1939] wreck
Pegu SS (bow Section) [+1939]SS Pegu became stranded on the Liverpool revetment and broke into two parts. The stern section broke away and is listed separately. The bow section remains visible today. For full details of the reason for the stranding, the rescue and the current state of the wreckage - see Wrecks of Liverpool bay vol II.
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24/11/1940 Behar SS [+1940] wreck
Behar SS [+1940]Beahr SS was a British Cargo Steamer of 6,100 tons built in 1928 by Caird & Company, Greenock, Yard No 830 for the Hain Steamship Company Ltd, London. She was powered by a quadruple steam 4 cylinder engine with a low pressure turbine. Engines by Harland and Wolff Ltd., Glasgow. On the 24th November 1940 she was mined and badly damaged when leaving Milford Haven and declared a constructive total loss. 1941 The wreck was sold to British Iron and Steel Corporation (Salvage) Ltd. for demolition.
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24/11/1941 Virgilia SS [+1941] wreck
Virgilia SS [+1941]Virgilia SS was a British Steam Tanker of 5,723 tons built in 1927 by Greenock Dockyard Co, Greenock for Gow, Harrison & Co., Glasgow. She was powered by a steam, triple expansion, 11 knots 565nhp built by J G Kincaid & Co Ltd, Greenock. On the 24th November 1941 when under command of Captain N.R.Caird, she was sunk by torpedo boat (MTB. S-109) three miles north east of Hearty Knoll Buoy with the loss of 23 of the crew. Capt Caird and 21 others survived.
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24/11/1915 Liguria SS (+1915) wreck
Liguria SS (+1915)SS Liguria, built by Armstrong, Mitchell & Co. Ltd., Newcastle in 1895 and owned at the time of her loss by Celle & Barbagelata, Genoa, was an Italian steamer of 3199 tons. On November 24th, 1915, Liguria, on a voyage from Norfolk, Va. to Portoferraio with a cargo of coal, was stopped and sunk by the German submarine U-33 (Konrad Gansser), south of Marseille. There were no casualties.
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24/11/1917 U-48 [+1917] wreck
U-48 [+1917]U-48; Commander : Edeling (III Flotilla) Destroyed by gunfire of destroyer GIPSY and five drifters, while stranded on Goodwins, 24 November 1917. 51°17´N 01°31´E
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24/11/1917 Pomone SS (+1917) wreck
Pomone SS (+1917)SS Pomone, built by W. Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool in 1896 and owned at the time of her loss by Cie. des Vapeurs Français (J. Stern), Rouen, was a French steamer of 2911 tons. On October 13th, 1911, while named GORBEA MENDI (Sota y Aznar), she was on voyage from Sagunto to Rotterdam with iron ore, when she was wrecked on Le Plateau Cromic, Brest, but refloated. On November 24th, 1917, Pomone, on a voyage from Lisbon to Brest with a cargo of phosphates & wine, was sunk by the German submarine UC-79 (Werner Löwe), 7 miles of Tazones, Santander. 1 crew member was lost.
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24/11/1940 Alice Marie SS [+1940] wreck
Alice Marie SS [+1940]On November 24th, 1940, the British cargo ship ALICE MARIE, built in 1920 by Austin S. P. & Son Ltd. and owned at the time of her loss by Rodney Steamship Co. Ltd., on voyage from Methil to London, was sunk by a mine near the Knob Lightvessel.
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24/11/1973 Alca Torda MFV (Z-587) [+1973] wreck
Alca Torda MFV (Z-587) [+1973]Steel trailor; built 1966 by De Graeve & Zn; 250 hp; 5 crew; On November 1973, Alca Torda capsized in heavy seas after having taken too much water. All crew were saved. Sunk by the stern, bows up.
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24/11/1860 Dacotah SS (+1860) wreck
Dacotah SS (+1860)Though most sources say she went missing, she actually was driven ashore and destroyed quickly with her entire crew in one of the most powerful storms of the decade. Those aboard included members of the crew of the propeller MARQUETTE, who had been traveling home after that vessel was laid up for the season. Her engine and boiler were salvaged by the tug HOMER the following July. Owned by New York Central Railroad. Master: Capt. Wm. S. Cross(d).
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24/11/1863 Sir Robert Peel SV (+1863) wreck
Sir Robert Peel SV (+1863)Served in the Hamburg - New York trade for Sloman. She made some voyages to New Orleans (1852/54) and to San Jose (1855). She got finally lost off the German island Juist in the North Sea with a cargo of 4000 cages of Petroleum. Captains in her sailing time were J.C. Wienholtz, J. Knudtzen, H.L. Visser and N.J. Jürgensen. The ship was accounted for 80.000 Taler (coins).
see wreck
24/11/1864 Friendship SV (+1864) wreck
Friendship SV (+1864)Ran on to The Black Middens at the mouth of the Tyne in a violent storm. The ship broke in two and 34 lives were lost on Stanley and the schooner Friendship which was also lost.
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24/11/1872 Mary Ward SS (+1872) wreck
Mary Ward SS (+1872)Recently purchased by five Owen Sound men, the vessel was making the trip from Sarnia to her new home port of Collingwood with twenty-seven aboard, including a Canadian Pacific Railway survey party when the accident occurred. The first lifeboat safely reached shore, then a fierce gale sprang up, delaying rescue operations. After a perilous journey the second lifeboat succeeded in landing but the third capsized and all eight aboard drowned. A group of local fishermen, led by Frank Moberly and Captain George Collins, later rescued those remaining on the wreck, and they were subsequently recognized by the Canadian government for their heroic actions. Owner: John C. Stephens et. al, Owen Sound. Master: Capt. William Johns. The area where she was lost is still called "Mary Ward Ledges."
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24/11/1877 Huron USS (+1877) wreck
Huron USS (+1877)USS Huron, a 1020-ton Alert class screw steam gunboat built at Chester, Pennsylvania, was commissioned in November 1875. Until mid-1877, she cruised in the Caribbean area, calling on ports in Central America, northern South America and the West Indies. Following repairs at New York, Huron departed Hampton Roads, Virginia, on a voyage to collect scientific information in the area of Cuba. However, while en route on 24 November 1877, she was wrecked in a storm near Nag´s Head, North Carolina. Nearly a hundred of her officers and men were lost in this tragedy.
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24/11/1880 Oncle Joseph SS (+1880) wreck
Oncle Joseph SS (+1880)Oncle Joseph; Collided with italian steamer Ortiga off Livorno and sunk. Ca 250 casualties.
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24/11/1885 Malta SS (+1885) wreck
Malta SS (+1885)A Navigué sous le nom de Queen of the South sous: General Screw SS Co (1852-57), European & American SS Co (1857-59), East Indian & London Co (1861-72), et nommé Milford Haven sous la Real Cia de Nav. a Vapor Anglo-Luso-Brasileira (1859-64). Transformé en voilier après 1872 eTrenommé Malta. Echoua à Belmar, NJ (USA) avec 1 victime Sailed as the Queen of the South under: General Screw SS Co (1852-57), European & American SS Co (1857-59), East Indian & London Co (1861-72), and named Milford Haven by Real Cia de Nav. a Vapor Anglo-Luso-Brasileira (1859-64). Transformed into sailing vessel after 1872 and renamed Malta. Ran aground at Belmar, NJ ( USA ), having one victim Navegó como Queen of South bajo : General screw SS Co (1852-57), European & American SS Co (1857-59), East Indian & London Co (1861-72), y nombrado Milford Haven pela Real Cia de Nav. a vapor Anglo-Luso-Brasileira (1859-64). Transformado en velero después de 1872 y nombrado Malta. Varó en Belmar, NJ, (EE.UU.) con una víctima Navegou como o Queen of the South con: Geral Screw SS Co (1852-57), E uropean & American SS Co (1857-59), East Indian & London Co (1861-72), e nomeado Milford Haven pela Real Cia de Nav. a Vapor Anglo-Luso-Brasileira (1859-64). Transformado em veleiro após 1872 e nomeado Malta. Encalhou em Belmar, NJ (Estados Unidos) com uma vítima
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24/11/1889 Cito SV (+1889) wreck
Cito SV (+1889) /1860: H.C.Lautrup m.fl.,Mandal "CITO" 4/1869: Chr.Gjertsen,Mandal do 3/1871: T.P.Wiibe,Porsgrunn /1872: Thor Jacobsen Næss,Sandefjord 12/1881: Thor Jacobsen Næss m.fl.,Sandefjord 11/1889: Grunnstøtte og ble vrak 24/11 i regntykke og storm på Malmøen utenfor Viksfjord
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24/11/1891 San Pedro SS (+1891) wreck
San Pedro SS (+1891)Wrecked off Victoria harbour mouth B.C. on Brotchie Ledge. Subsequently blown up and part salvaged but now a popular dive site.
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24/11/1904 Glenburn SV (+1904) wreck
Glenburn SV (+1904)Partit de San Francisco à destination de Liverpool. 11.12.1904: vu pour la dernière fois à la position 24° S - 127° W. Supposé perdu dans la région du cap Horn Sailed from San Francisco to Liverpool. 11.12.1904: seen for the last time at position 24 ° S - 127 ° W. Assumed lost in the region of Cape Horn Zarpó de San Francisco para Liverpool. 11.12.1904: visto por la última vez en la posición 24 ° S - 127 ° W. supuestamente perdido en la región del Cabo de Hornos Zarpou de San Francisco para Liverpool. 11.12.1904: visto pela última vez na posição 24 ° S - 127 ° W. Presumidamente perdido na região do Cabo Horn
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24/11/1905 Harvey Bissell (+1905) wreck
Harvey Bissell (+1905)The Harvey Bissell went through many changes during the four decades that it sailed the Great Lakes. Originally rigged as a barkentine, it was made a three-masted schooner in 1874, and later cut down to a two-masted towbarge. Like most of its contemporaries, the ship suffered many accidents during its long career. At 39, the Bissell was wrecked for the last time, between Thunder Bay Island and Presque Isle. Three weeks later it was salvaged and towed to Alpena to be dismantled and abandoned in the outer harbor
see wreck
24/11/1908 Paragon FV (H56) (+1908) wreck
Paragon FV (H56) (+1908)On the 24th November 1908 the Hull steam trawler FV PARAGON (H56) stranded and was wrecked in a thick fog at Adlavik, Iceland. All the crew were lost.
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24/11/1911 Romagna MV (+1911) wreck
Romagna MV (+1911)The Italian cargo/passenger ship Romagna, on passage Ravenna to Trieste with passengers and a general cargo, was overwhelmed by a gale and foundered off Rovigno.
see wreck
24/11/1911 Joseph G. Ray SV (+1911) wreck
Joseph G. Ray SV (+1911)On November 24th, 1911, the American wooden schooner JOSEPH G. RAY, on voyage from Port Tampa to Baltimore with a cargo of phosphate rock, was wrecked on Cape Charles Middle Ground.
see wreck
24/11/1912 Salazie SS (+1912) wreck
Salazie SS (+1912)The French ocean liner Salazie was wrecked in 1912 off Madagascar, North of Vohémar in a cyclone. The crew and passengers were able to reach the shore and were picked up 3 days later. The wreck was sold in situ.
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24/11/1915 Carelmapu SV (+1915) wreck
Carelmapu SV (+1915)Carelmapu was a Chilean sailing ship of 1,447 grt. On the 24th November 1915 she was wrecked when 1nm East of Gowland Rock, West Vancouver Island.
see wreck
24/11/1916 Øifjeld SS [+1916] wreck
Øifjeld SS [+1916] SS ØIFJELD SS Øifjeld, built by W. Dobson & Co., Newcastle in 1912 and owned at the time of her loss by Klaveness D/S A/S (A. F. Klaveness & Co.), Christiania, was a Norwegian steamer of 1988 tons; 1086 nrt; 285.1 x 40.1 x 19.5; triple expansion engine (NE Mar. Eng. Co. Ltd., Newcastle), 231 nhp; On November 24th, 1916, Øifjeld, on a voyage from Bilbao to Boulogne with a cargo of iron ore, was sunk by the German submarine UB-18 (Claus Lafrenz), 10 miles northwest of Pointe d'Ailly, Antifer. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1912: Nov.: Levert som ØIFJELD for D/S A/S Øifjeld (P. A. Grøn), Sandefjord 1915: Solgt til Klaveness D/S A/S (A. F. Klaveness & Co., Lysaker), Kristiania 1916: 24.11. : Stanset og torpedert av tysk ubåt UB-18 10’ NV Ailly, på reise Bilbao – Boulogne med jernmalm
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24/11/1916 Padang SV [+1916] wreck
Padang SV [+1916] SV PADANG Built at Arendal; ; 686 grt, 617 nrt; 159.8 x 34.7 x 17.9 On November 24th, 1916, the Norwegian barque SV PADANG was on a voyage from Ålborg to Rio de Janeiro with cement, when she was wrecked in fog on Île Molène, near Brest. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1914: Levert som PADANG for A/S Padang (T. A. Mørland), Arendal 1916: Solgt til A/S Padang (Harris Hansen), Sandefjord. 1916: 24.11. : Grunnstøtte utf. Brest på reise Ålborg – Rio de Janeiro med sement (Padang var den siste havgående treseiler som ble bygd i Norge)
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24/11/1917 Dunrobin SS [+1917] wreck
Dunrobin SS [+1917]Dunrobin SS was a 3,617grt defensively-armed British Merchant ship. On the 24th November 1917 when on route from Almeria for the Tyne with a cargo of iron ore and grapes she was torpedoed by German submarine U-53 and sunk when 49 miles SW by S ½ S from the Lizard, Cornwall. 31 lives lost including Master.
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