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24/01Encontre DenisSS Halifax[0]
23/01Elderfield Jane1690s Cape Cod Mystery Wreck[1]
17/01Jan CareMerchant Ship Empire Stanley[2]
16/01Jens RasmussenBallot 1942-43 Final Log[1]
06/01Wendes DavidSs Fernside #144834[1]
05/01Saques IsabelLa Rata Santa Maria Encoronada[0]
30/12Philippe BellegoCollier Orne Sunk On 21th Dec 1917[2]
27/12Stallwood JanOld Photo Of Grounded Ship[1]
26/12Hendryckx ClaudeFluitschip 'Drie Gebroeders' 1792[0]
22/12Eliane Ortega BernabeuInformation Sur Hochheimer Ou Ronwyn[0]
06/12Jan LettensSs Kirktown[1]
03/12Wendes DavidOriginal Titanic Passenger List[1]
02/12Martin RogerS.S. Churston[0]
01/12Pembroke SamLobster Boat Fair Wind[0]
30/11Steve CEdderside Kristiania[0]
27/11Racey CarlSs John Miles[1]
24/11Hannah LaneHms Paragon[4]
21/11Jan LettensBrigantino Bartolomeo Wreck 1874[1]
20/11Jan LettensSs Flush. Lost 19th Nov.1919 Baltic.[3]
18/11Wendes DavidTankexpress[1]
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25/01/1942 Bruno Heinemann (Z-8) [+1942] wreck
Bruno Heinemann (Z-8) [+1942]German destroyer built in 1936 in Bremen; 119x11,3x4,23m; 3.110 tons. The Bruno Heinemann was used for escorting (whereunder the famous Prinz Eugen and the Scharnhorst) and mine-laying operations. The destroyer escaped many times torpedo attacks and air raids. On 24th January, 1942 she was on a voyage in company in 5th Destroyer Flotille (with Z-4, Z-5, Z-7 and Z-8) from Kiel to France. On 25th January 1942 around 23u15 she hit two mines in ‘Dover Narrows’ and sank. The second mine tore off the bow, just before the second canon. This was the main reason why the ship went down in a few minutes. 93 of the complement of 325 drowned. The survivors were picked up by escorting destroyers Paul Jacobi and Richard Beitzen.
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25/01/1917 O. B. Suhr SS [+1917] wreck
O. B. Suhr SS [+1917]SS O. B. Suhr, built by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen in 1878 and owned at the time of her loss by Det Forenede Dampskibs Selskab, Copenhagen, was a Danish steamer of 1482 tons. On January 25th, 1917, O. B. Suhr, on a voyage from Shields to Vejle & Copenhagen with general cargo, was scuttled by the German submarine UC-31 (Otto von Schrader), 150 miles west of Horns Riff. There were no casualties.
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25/01/1935 Rondo SS [+1935] wreck
Rondo SS [+1935] In January 1935 the RONDO, under Norwegian ownership, was in Glasgow and left Dunston in ballast intending to sail north round the top of Scotland and down the East coast to her Northumberland port destination were she was due to pick up a cargo for Oslo. As she sailed north into the Sound of Mull on the 25th the weather was atrocious and she was forced to anchor in Aros Bay near Tobermory for Shelter in a blinding snow storm. As the crew settled down for an uncomfortable night, the anchor chain parted and she started to drift east down the Sound driven by the strong winds and tide. The crew were powerless to guide the helpless ship in the darkness and could only hope that they would be lucky but this was not the case. The RONDO was swept onto Dearg Sgeir near Eileanan Glas almost demolishing the small lighthouse as she crashed ashore and stuck fast, high and dry on the rock. The twenty one crew were in no danger but fired distress flares to attract the attention of nearby ships. As the new day dawned the RONDO was sitting securely astride the small rock and preparations began for a salvage attempt. The crew remained aboard for two weeks hoping that something could be done to save her but eventually she was abandoned to be broken up were she lay. The activity was well underway when she finally slipped of the rock and sank, bow first, in the deep water close to the island.
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25/01/1809 Admiral Gardner [+1809] wreck
Admiral Gardner [+1809]Admiral Gardner was built in 1797 by Melhuish at Limehouse, London, (subcontracted from Perry, Blackwall) for John Woolmore. She served most of her career for the East India Company, making 5 succesful voyages. On 25th January 1809, Admiral Gardner (Capt. William John Eastfield) was sheltering for a gale on the Downs, when she ran aground on Goodwin Sands, off South Foreland. She had just begun her outbound voyage to Madras. Britannia, in company with her to Madras, was also lost on Goodwins.
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25/01/1918 Humber SS [+1918] wreck
Humber SS [+1918]SS Humber, built by Ardrossan Dry Dock Co. Ltd., Ardrossan in 1899 and owned at the time of her loss by J. B. Knapton, London, was a British steamer of 280 tons. On January 25th, 1918, Humber, on a voyage from Lynn to Dunston with a cargo of wheat, was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UB-34 (Hellmuth von Ruckteschell), 2 miles east from Sunderland. 7 persons were lost.
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25/01/1936 Andri FV [+1936] wreck
Andri FV [+1936]The ANDRI, about which Arthur Godfrey & Peter Lassey say in SHIPWRECKS OF THE YORKSHIRE COAST: "Another trawler, the Icelandic vessel ANDRI bound for Grimsby with 120 tons of fish, came ashore at almost the same place [i.e. about a mile and half south of Kettleness) four years later, on 25 January 1936, and in almost the same foggy conditions. This time the vessel's distress signals were heard and at 8.00pm the Runswick lifeboat ROBERT PATTON was launched and the Whitby Number 2 pulling and sailing lifeboat also set out an hour later. The Runswick boat was unable to close on the ANDRI, only three hundred yards from the cliffs. An attempt to escape in the ship's lifeboat also failed when it was smashed against the trawler's side. Soon afterwards the Whitby lifeboat arrived on the scene and, after picking up three survivors in a boat, managed to rescue eight others, but before she could return the remainder of the 17 crew and eight seamen passengers were saved by the Kettleness L.S.A." From LR 1934, her details are ANDRI ex GULLTOPPUR, built in 1922, 316grt, 145ft. x 25ft. by Schiffbau Ges. 'Unterweser', Wesermunde.
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25/01/1884 Simla SV [+1884] wreck
Simla SV [+1884]Simla SS was originally a P & O sailing iron steamship which was converted to a four masted sailing barque of 2,288 tons. She was built at Glasgow, 1854 and measured 330x39.8x26.7 ft. Bound from London to Sydney, she sank off the Isle of Wight, England following a collision with the City of Lucknow, near The Needles, 25 January 1884. Twenty crew were lost. Survivors were rescued by the badly damaged City of Lucknow and the steamer Guernsey.
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25/01/1890 Irex SV [+1890] wreck
Irex SV [+1890]On Christmas Eve, December 24th 1889, the brand new 2,347 ton Irex began her maiden voyage. She had been scheduled to leave on December 10th, but storms had made that impossible. Her steel hull was 302 feet long, her masts 220 feet high, and had a crew of 34, plus 2 stowaways. She left Greenock bound for Rio de Janeiro, but immediately was caught in a storm and driven to Belfast Lough, where she was forced to remain until New Year's Day 1890.
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25/01/1889 Benbrack SS [+1889] wreck
Benbrack SS [+1889]Joseph Hoult & Co.; 1862; Smith & Roger; 1.944 tons; 300x34x24; 220 hp; compound engines; The British steamship Benbrack was wrecked January 1889 at Texel. She was on voyage from Savannah to Bremen, carrying cargo of cotton.
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25/01/1935 Mohawk SS (+1935) wreck
Mohawk SS (+1935)Mohawk SS was given its name after a previous ship of the same name belonging to the same company which burned and sank in Delaware Bay in 1925. Another Mohawk SS is sunk outside the mouth of New York harbor. Thus there are plenty of Mohawk wrecks in the New Jertsey area. This does not seem to be a lucky name.
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25/01/1940 Biarritz ? SS [+1940] wreck
Biarritz ? SS [+1940]Het is een schip van de Fred Olson Line, gebouwd in 1928 en gezonken in 1940 doordat het op een mijn was gelopen (dat is op het wrak goed te zien). d/s Biarritz is in 1922 gebouwd bij Akers Mekaniske Verksted Oslo Norge Reder Fred Olsen&co thuishaven was Oslo Noorwegen. lengte 255.7 meter breedte 39.7 BRT:6183 motor een tripel Dampmaskin m/tre Cilinder 206 Ihk Biarritz vaarde van Antwerpen-Oslo 25-1-1940 vaarde ze op een mijn had 57 personen aan boord 26 manschappen en 11 passagiers kwamen om andere zijn gered door het schip Borgholm van de zelfde reder aan boord kwamen 21 geredde en 3 doden en is toen naar Ijmuiden gevaren.
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25/01/1782 Solebay HMS (+1782) wreck
Solebay HMS (+1782)HMS SOLEBAY; 6th Rate; 28 cannons; 619 bm; 124x33.5 ft; Built in 1763 by Airey, Newcastle. Wrecked 25th January 1782, off Nevis.
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25/01/1861 Sully SS (+1861) wreck
Sully SS (+1861)The French liner Sully, owned at the time of her loss by Messageries Maritimes, was at Trebizonde (Trabzon, North Anatolia), when a storm surprised her and before she could even start her engines, she was washed ashore and lost, January 25th, 1861. There were no casualties. Remarkable is that her sistership, Henri IV was shipwrecked at approx. the same place, just 2 weeks later.
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25/01/1889 Minister Maybach SS (+1889) wreck
Minister Maybach SS (+1889)On January 25th, 1889, the German tanker MINISTER MAYBACH, built in 1887 by Armstrong W. G. & Whitworth Co. Ltd. and owned at the time of her loss by Deutsch-Amerikanische Patroleum, left New York for Hamburg (via Antwerp) with 3840 tons of petroleum and 55 tons of barrels, and went missing. She was not heard of ever since. 34 people lost their lives.
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25/01/1898 Koonya SS (+1898) wreck
Koonya SS (+1898) Koonya; Coaster; 119 tons; 32.7x5.9x2.9 m.; Owned by Moruya Steam Navigation Co.; Built at W. Bayes in 1887. Registered at Sydney. Registration no. 17/1896. On 25 January 1898, Koonya was on voyage from Moruya to Sydney with a cargo of general goods, when she was lost off Port Hacking, Cronulla Beach.
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25/01/1900 Ajaccio SS (+1900) wreck
Ajaccio SS (+1900)
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25/01/1903 Otto SS [+1903] wreck
Otto SS [+1903]Op zondag 25 januari 1903 voer kapitein Morel met zijn Zweedse stoomschip “de Otto” vanuit Gothenburg richting Manchester met een grote lading graniet aan boord. Het was zwaar weer en voor de kust van Terschelling kwam het schip tot zinken. De kapitein en de stuurman kwamen daarbij om. De andere 19 opvarenden ( waaronder 2 vrouwen) werden gered en op Terschelling aan land gebracht. In 2003 en 2004 heeft de Israëlisch-Marokkaanse kunstenaar Yaël Artsi een periode met een aantal van de 33 blokken graniet gewerkt. Hieruit is het beeld “Bolder” voortgekomen en een gedeelte van het beeld “Zeilen”. Het plan is om te komen tot een kunstwerk, bestaande uit drie monumentale sculpturen, dat op een prominente locatie op het eiland wordt geplaatst.
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25/01/1910 Haugesund SV (+1910) wreck
Haugesund SV (+1910) SV HAUGESUND Built by J. Hauge, Haugesund; 1064 grt, 987 nrt; 195.8 x 37.1 x 21.9 On January 25th, 1910, the Norwegian barque SV HAUGESUND, owned at the time of her loss by Wilhelmsen A. G., Oslo, was on a voyage from Kotka to London, when she was abandoned northeast of the Spurn. HAUGESUND subsequently drifted ashore at Jaederen and broke up. 2 persons were lost. From Norway sources : 1876: Sept.: Levert som HAUGESUND for A. Lothe m.fl., Haugesund 1907: Solgt til Johan Hauge, Haugesund 1908: Solgt til Skibs-A/S Haugesund (A. G. Wilhelmsen), Kristiania 1910: 25.01. : Forlatt i Nordsjøen på reise Kotka – London med splittved. 2 mann omkom.
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25/01/1917 Amiral Magon SS (+1917) wreck
Amiral Magon SS (+1917)The French liner Amiral Magon SS was carrying 900 French troops from Marseille to Salonika when, on January 25th, 1917, she was torpedoed by German submarine U-39 and sunk when 160 miles West of Antikythera Island. The liner remained afloat for only ten minutes, going down with most of those on board.
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25/01/1917 Vidar SS (+1917) wreck
Vidar SS (+1917) SS VIDAR Built by R. Craggs & Sons, Middlesbrough (#125); 1543 grt, 940 nrt, 2382 dwt.; 255.0 x 36.8 x 18.2; triple expansion engine, (Westgarth, English & Co., Middlesbrough), 176 nhp, 850 ihp On January 25th, 1917, the Norwegian cargo SS VIDAR, owned at the time of her loss by Wiel & Amundsen, Fredrikshald, was on a voyage from Cardiff to Chantenay with a cargo of coal, when she was wrecked, off Île de Croix. From Norway sources : 1896: Sept.: Levert som VIDAR for A/S D/S Vidar (Wiel & Amundsen), Fredrikshald 1917: 25.01. : Grunnstøtte ved Ile de Croix på reise Cardiff – Chantenay med kull.
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25/01/1917 Sylvie SS (I) (+1917) wreck
Sylvie SS (I) (+1917)SS Sylvie, built by Sir Raylton Dixon & Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough in 1904 and owned at the time of her loss by Soc. les Affréteurs Réunis (J. Stern), Rouen, was a French steamer of 2.591 tons. On January 25th, 1917, Sylvie was sunk by the German submarine U-38 (Max Valentiner), 190 miles southwest of Cape Matapan.
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25/01/1918 Normandy SS [+1918] wreck
Normandy SS [+1918]SS Normandy, built by Earle's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull in 1910 and owned at the time of her loss by London & South Western Railway Co., Southampton, was a British steamer of 618 tons. On January 25th, 1918, Normandy, on a voyage from Southampton to Cherbourg with general cargo & mails, was sunk by the German submarine U-90 (Walter Remy), 8 miles ExN Cape de la Hague. 14 persons were lost.
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25/01/1918 Guinevere USS (SP-512) [+1918] wreck
Guinevere USS (SP-512) [+1918]Navire réquisitionné par l'US Navy à son propriétaire et armé póur servir comme patrouilleur sur les côtes atlantiques françaises. Heurta des rochers et sombra lors d'une patrouille entre Quiberon et Lorient (Bretagne, France), sans faire de victimes. Ship requisitioned by the U.S. Navy to her owner to serve as armed patrol on the French Atlantic coast. Hit rocks and sank during a patrol between Quiberon and Lorient (Brittany, France), no having casualties. Barco requisado por la Marina de los EE.UU. a su propietario para servir como patrulla armada en la costa atlántica francesa. Chocó rocas y se hundió durante una patrulla entre Quiberon y Lorient (Bretaña, Francia). No hubo víctimas. Navio requisitado pela Marinha dos EUA ao seu proprietário para servir como patrulha armada na costa atlântica francesa. Bateu rochas e afundou durante uma patrulha entre Quiberon e Lorient (Bretanha, França), não havendo vítimas.
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25/01/1921 Zannis SS (+1921) wreck
Zannis SS (+1921)On January 25th, 1921, the Greek iron cargo ship ZANNIS, on voyage from Salonica to Genoa with a cargo of iron rails, foundered 44 miles northwest from Nisis Sapientza (west-northwest more probable). Previously called, SS Glenisla 1893-1874 SS Avena 1874-1920 SS Zannis 1920 Owned by Zannis W. ,Greece.
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25/01/1933 Cape Delgado FV (H47) (+1933) wreck
Cape Delgado FV (H47) (+1933)FV Cape Delgado (H47) was a British registered fishing vessel of 344grt that was built in 1928 by Cochranes of Selby. On the 25th January 1933 the vessel failed to return to Hull after being caught in a hurricane on her way home from the White Sea. All the crew were lost.
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25/01/1940 Gudveig SS [+1940] wreck
Gudveig SS [+1940]Built at Odense, Denmark 1920. Previous name: Robert Maersk. She was 73.5m x 11.04m x 4.95m, had one deck, a single propeller powered by a 3 cyl. triple exp. steam engine developing 106 hp using one boiler. Became Norwegian Gudveig in 1935, owned by D/S A/S Gudvin. On the 25th January, 1940 - ´SS Gudveig´ (1,300t) a Norwegian ship was on route from TYNE for BERGEN carrying coal, when she was torpedoed and sunk by U-19, 5 miles NE by E of Longstone Island, Farnes at 55 42 15N 01 30 30W and lies in 50 metres of water. 10 crew were lost and 8 crew saved.
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25/01/1940 Everene SS [+1940] wreck
Everene SS [+1940]On January 25th, 1940, the unescorted Everene, on a voyage from Blyth to Liepaja was hit aft by a torpedo from U-19 and sank by the stern, 5 miles from the Longstone Lighthouse, Farne Island. 1 crew was killed. The 30 survivors were saved by the British fishing vessels Dole and Evesham.
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25/01/1940 Gleneden SS [+1940] wreck
Gleneden SS [+1940]Gleneden SS was a British Cargo Steamer of 4,772 tons built in 1909 by Scotts, Greenock, Yard No 425 for Gleneden Steamship Co. Ltd. (John Napier Glasgow Managers). On the 25th January 1940 she ran aground and was beached after striking a rock 0.5 miles SE of Puffin Island, Anglesey, and was declared a total loss.
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25/01/1941 Lurigethan SS [+1941] wreck
Lurigethan SS [+1941]Built as the Dutch cargo steamer Celaeno SS in 1916 by Rotterdam Dry Dock, Rotterdam for N.V.Maats Zeevaart (Hudig & Veder), Rotterdam. In 1933 renamed Lurigethan SS when purchased by G. Heyn & Sons.
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25/01/1942 Varanger MV (+1942) wreck
Varanger MV (+1942)Varanger MV was a Norwegian Motor Tanker of 9,305 tons built in 1925. On the 25th January 1942 when on route from CURACAO for NEW YORK carrying petroleum products she was torpedoed buy U-130 and sunk. Crew of 38 saved.
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