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24/11Hannah LaneHms Paragon[4]
21/11Jan LettensBrigantino Bartolomeo Wreck 1874[1]
20/11Jan LettensSs Flush. Lost 19th Nov.1919 Baltic.[3]
18/11Wendes DavidTankexpress[1]
18/11Geraint EdwardsS S Avocet (+1917)[0]
18/11Jan LettensS/S Teano (Ii)[1]
18/11Jan LettensA Painting Of The Teie[2]
17/11Jan LettensHms Penelope (1798)[1]
14/11Jan LettensShipwrecks Coordinates Off South African Coast[1]
10/11P BarrySs Turret Bay Ship Wreck[4]
10/11M SimmondsLcf-37[0]
09/11Jan LettensiOS8 and Wrecksite[2]
07/11Wreck HunterUnidentified Sunken Ships[1]
07/11Le GrizzlyLes Epaves Du Grizzly[0]
04/11Levano HervéJune 44 Crew On Ship Blijdendyk[0]
04/11Levano HervéSs Taxiarchis - Lost 1952[1]
31/10Lettens JanU-482[1]
29/10Hazel Swan-DavisonS.S. Inniscarra.[0]
28/10Cummings SusanKing George: Indiaman +1720[0]
28/10Alan GrahamWreck Of Ss Stanley 24/11/1864[0]
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26/11/1939 Pilsudski MV [+1939] wreck
Pilsudski MV [+1939]14.294 ton twin-screw Polish liner converted by Admiralty to troopship at start of WWII, built 1935. 526ftx70ft. 2516hp diesel engines. Armed: AA guns. In ballast, Tyne for Australia. Sunk: 26 November, 1939 after striking German mine 25 miles off Withernsea. 10 crew lost.
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26/11/1943 Rohna HMS (+1943) wreck
Rohna HMS (+1943)His Majesty´s Troopship Rohna (named after a village in Sonipat, Punjab, in India) was a troop ship carrying U.S. troops that was sunk by the an air attack of the Luftwaffe during World War II, on 26 November 1943. The ship sank in the Mediterranean north of Béjaïa, Algeria.The ship was part of convoy KMF-26 (Annex) travelling east from Oran to the Far East via the Suez Canal.Of the 1,138 men lost, 1,015 were American. The attack still constitutes the largest loss of U.S. troops at sea. A further 35 American troops of the 2,000 originally on board later died of wounds. As well as the troops, five ship officers and 117 ratings (out of 200) died, along with 11 of the 12 gunners on board and one hospital orderly.The heavy loss was in part due to a flotilla of seven empty large landing craft (LCI(L)) failing to stop to pick up survivors, for which the commanding officer was relieved of his command.[citation needed] However, 606 survivors were rescued by the minesweeper USS Pioneer. [2]The details of the loss were revealed slowly over time and were only released in full in 1967 following the introduction of the Freedom of Information Act. However, already by February 1944 the US government had acknowledged that over 1000 soldiers had been lost in the sinking of an unnamed troopship in European waters, though it hinted at the time that a submarine was responsible. By June 1945, the government had provided accurate casualty figures, the ship had been identified by name as Rohna, and the cause of the sinking had been identified as German bombers. This account did not mention the fact that a guided missile was responsible.The sinking was done with a Henschel Hs 293 radio-controlled glide bomb, launched and controlled by a Heinkel 177 bomber piloted by Hans Dochtermann. HMT Rohna was not the first casualty of a guided missile, however, as the British HMS Egret was sunk with the loss of 198 men on 27 August the same year by a Henschel Hs 293. Additional ships sunk by Hs 293 missiles prior to Rohna include HMHS Newfoundland, HMS LST-79, SS James W. Marshall, HMS Rockwood, HMS BYMS-72, HMS Dulverton and MV Marsa.A memorial to the sinking was unveiled at the Fort Mitchell National Cemetery in Seale, Alabama in 1996.
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26/11/1878 Pommerania SS [+1878] wreck
Pommerania SS [+1878]The German ocean liner Pommerania, built in 1873 and owned by Hapag, sank on November 26th, 1878 in a collision with the British iron barque Moel Eilian, off Dover. 48 lives were lost.
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26/11/1914 Bulwark HMS (95) [+1914] wreck
Bulwark HMS (95) [+1914]HMS Bulwark, British, London class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship. Exploded whilst lying at anchor at Sheerness with only 12 survivors. During that day she had been taking on board ammunition and it was thought that the shells had been stacked too close together and too close to a boiler room which caused some of them to ignite and cause a magazine explosion.
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26/11/1939 Gustaf E. Reuter MV [+1939] wreck
Gustaf E. Reuter MV [+1939]Gustaf E.Reuter was a Swedish motor tanker of 6336 tons and built in 1928 and owned by REUTER, HAKON A. REDERI-A/B REUT. On the 27th November when on route from SWEDEN for CURACAO in ballast she was torpedoed by U-48 and sunk.
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26/11/1873 König Wilhelm I SS (+1873) wreck
König Wilhelm I SS (+1873)The 2.550 tons ocean liner KONIG WILHELM I was a first class ship built in 1870 by J. Caird for the Norddeutscher Lloyd. The KONIG WILHELM I was the first of a new line of steamers on the eve of being started by the North German Lloyd to the West Indies. There was accommodation for 103 first-class passengers, 50 second, and 500 third, and she could carry 2,000 tons of dead weight (fuel and cargo). Her 'sisterships' to join her to the West Indies were KOLN (I) and GRAF BISMARCK. On November 26th 1873, KONIG WILHELM I, was bound from Bremen to New York with 63 crew and 56 passengers on board, when she ran aground off Huisduinen, Holland. All were saved. In 1876, KONIG WILHELM I was refloated but while being towed was leaking so badly that she sank, this time, in deeper water, where she remained.
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26/11/1915 Socotra SS [+1915] wreck
Socotra SS [+1915]Afin d´éviter mines et torpilles, le vapeur anglais serrait la côte, mais il s´échoua sur la plage du Touquet. Il venait de Sydney avec laine, cuir, blé...l´équipage était de 36 hommes. Aprés quelques tentatives de remorquages, arriva la tempête qui brisa le bateau en deux. On récupéra des morceaux de l´épave avec beaucoup de problèmes.
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26/11/1973 Armas MV [+1973] wreck
Armas MV [+1973]Armas, capt. G.Kalfas was on a voyage from Greece to Nantes, Le Havre and Hamburg when on the morning of Nov.26, 1973 she stranded on Great Nannels reefs, Alderney. She subsequently broke in two a few days later and became a total loss. One man was lost. Previously called. MV Stecklehorn 1953-1967 MV Vega 1967-1971 MV Armas 1971-1973
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26/11/1660 Resande Man (+1660) wreck
Resande Man (+1660)Resande Man was a Swedish warship that sank in a violent storm on 26 November 1660 in the Stockholm archipelago. 25 people survived the sinking while 37 people died. The ship was 27 meters long and had 22 cannons. Purportedly, it sunk with treasure while en route to Poland. The gold and jewels aboard were to be given to Poland from the Swedish royalty. The wreck was reported to have been found in May 2012 by divers from Grebbestads Archaeological Society. They discovered the wreck off the shores of Nynäshamn, located south of Stockholm. The wreck is said to be in poor shape.
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26/11/1853 Albany PSS (+1853) wreck
Albany PSS (+1853)Making for the shelter of Presque Isle harbor, she was driven over a bar by a tremendous gale. Plans were made to haul her back across, but she was destroyed by another storm before they could be realized. 200 passengers & crew came ashore in her boats. Bound Soo to Detroit. Propeller NIAGARA also reported to have helped rescue her people. Master: Capt. Jones. Her boiler and most of her machinery was recovered in Nov, 1854.
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26/11/1886 Toronto SV (+1886) wreck
Toronto SV (+1886)Wrecked at Watch Hill , Rhode Island.
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26/11/1888 Mattie E. Eaton (+1888) wreck
Mattie E. Eaton (+1888)sank during Boston gale of November 1888.
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26/11/1895 J. M. Allmendinger SS (+1895) wreck
J. M. Allmendinger SS (+1895)Blinded by snow, The SS J.M. Allmendinger went aground in blizzard-gale. Her crew was rescued. Though considered a total loss at the time, she was not officially abandoned until the spring of 1897, when she finally went entirely to pieces in a single storm. Owned out of Milwaukee by E.B. Simpson & Son
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26/11/1898 H.C.Higginson (+1898) wreck
H.C.Higginson (+1898)Sunk during the Boston Gale from Nov. 1898
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26/11/1898 Mertis H. Perry (+1898) wreck
Mertis H. Perry (+1898)Sank during the "portland gale", on nov., 26, 1898.
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26/11/1902 Paragon SV (+1902) wreck
Paragon SV (+1902)Paragon;Bygget ved:Brown & Antony,Maitland,Nova Scotia; 9/1881: S.D.Brown,Maitland,Nova Scotia "PARAGON" 5/1894: H.Danielsen m.fl., Risør 6/1898: M.Danielsen m.fl.,Risør /1902: O.P.Bratland,Risør 11/1902: Forlatt av mannskapet i atlantern den 26/11 på reise Newport,Mon. til Bahia med kull.
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26/11/1906 Alsternixe SV (+1906) wreck
Alsternixe SV (+1906)The 4-masted barque Alsternixe was lost at sea in 1906. The Marine Investigation Board of Hamburg (Seeamt Hamburg) concluded that the ship under Captain Ludwig Althaber, left Callao/Peru on November 26th 1906 bound for Sydney Heads with a crew of 30 men. The ship was never seen again. It is believed she sank in a heavy gale in the southern Pacific about January 18th 1907. A list with the whole crew with their date of birth and country of origin can be found in an article in: "Viermastbark ´Alsternixe´ von Hamburg. Verschollen. Seeamt Hamburg, 3. Dezember 1907", in: Reichsamt des Innern (editor): "Entscheidungen des Ober-Seeamts und der Seeämter des Deutschen Reichs", Vol. 18, Hamburg 1910, p. 211-216. Information from Gerhard Wiechmann, October 2010.
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26/11/1906 Notre Dame de Boulogne SV (+1906) wreck
Notre Dame de Boulogne SV (+1906)Notre Dame de Boulogne was wrecked at Fecamp.
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26/11/1909 Guldregn SV (+1909) wreck
Guldregn SV (+1909) SV GULDGREGN Built by Flensburger Schiffbau-Geschellschaft, Flensburg (#90); 1273 grt, 1155 nrt, 1850 dwt.; 220.5 x 36.5 x 21.3 On November 26th, 1909, the Norwegian barque SV GULDGREGN, owned at the time of her loss by Hansen, Henrik, Lillesand, departed South Shields for Bahia, Brasil and was never heard of again. She was lost with all her crew. From Norway sources : 1887: 07.10.: Levert som G. H. WAPPÄUS for A. H. Wappäus, Hamburg, Tyskl. 1903: Des.: Solgt til Skips A/S Guldregn (Henrik Hansen), Lillesand. Omdøpt GULDREGN 1909: 26.11 .: Forlot S.Shields med kull for Bahia i Brasil og forsvant med hele besetningen
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26/11/1909 Ourimbah SS (+1909) wreck
Ourimbah SS (+1909)The Australian steamship Ourimbah, on passage Glasgow for Sydney in ballast, was wrecked in fog on her delivery voyage at Chelsea Point, Cape Recife.
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26/11/1910 Drammen SS (+1910) wreck
Drammen SS (+1910) SS DRAMMEN Built by Bergens Mek. Verksted, Bergen (#35); 596 grt, 431 nrt; 160.5 x 26.2 x 13.3; 2-cyl. compound engine (BMV), 65 nhp On November 26th, 1910, the Norwegian cargo ship SS DRAMMEN, owned at the time of her loss by Rustad N. O., Kragerø, was on a voyage from Kristiania to Moorburg in ballast, when she was lost, 25 miles from Sylt. From Norway sources : 1875: Levert som DRAMMEN for et I/S ved C. J. Gullichsen, Drammen 1882: Solgt til Winge & Co., Kristiania 1893: Overført til A/S D/S Drammen (Winge & Co.), Kristiania 1895: Overført til Winge & Co. m.fl., Kristiania 1897: Overført til D/S A/S Norden (Winge & Co.), Kristiania 1903: Disp. overtatt av Olaf Rustad, Kristiania 1910: 26.11. : Sank 25 sm. Av Sylt på reise Kristiania – Moorburg i ballast.
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26/11/1912 Saint Patrick SS (+1912) wreck
Saint Patrick SS (+1912)On November 26th, 1912, the Irish steel cargo ship SAINT PATRICK, built in 1903 by Fullerton J. & Co. Ltd. and owned by Heiton T. & Co. Ltd., on voyage from Dieppe to Westonpoint with a cargo of flints, foundered 3 miles west of Start Point. Note : 3 miles west of Start Point is impossible (in land). We presume southwest instead.
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26/11/1913 Maréchal de Gontaut SV (+1913) wreck
Maréchal de Gontaut SV (+1913)On November 26th, 1913, the French steel barque MARÉCHAL DE GONTAUT left Callao for Sydney in ballast, and went missing. She was not heard of ever since. Several ships reported passing a hurricane at that time.
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26/11/1915 Tringa SS (+1915) wreck
Tringa SS (+1915)SS Tringa, built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Ltd., Newcastle in 1913 and owned at the time of her loss by Cork Steamship Co. Ltd., Cork, was a British steamer of 2154 tons. On November 26th, 1915, Tringa, on a voyage from Malta to Gibraltar in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine U-33 (Konrad Gansser), 30 miles NExN of La Galite Island. 3 persons were lost.
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26/11/1916 Chemung SS (+1916) wreck
Chemung SS (+1916)Chemung SS was an American cargo steamer of 3,062grt. On the 26th November 1916 when 14 miles E of Cabo de Gata she was torpedoed by German submarine U-38 and sunk when on route from New York fro Genoa with a general cargo which included explosives.
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26/11/1916 Romance (+1916) wreck
Romance (+1916) ROMANCE Romance, built in Horton, Nova scocia in 1877 and owned at the time of her loss by A/S Lægtertrafik (Finn C. Knudsen), Porsgrund, was a Norwegian barge (ex-bark) of 628 tons; 580 nrt; 154.1 x 32.7 x 18.4; On November 26th, 1916, Romance, while on tow from SS Loeko from Holmestrand to West Hartlepool with a cargo of pit props, was scuttled by the German submarine UC-30 (Heinrich Stenzler), 100 miles ENE of the Tyne. SS Loeko was released. From Norway sources : 1873: Navn og eier ukjent 1886: Som ROMANCE eid av John W. Bass, Windsor NS, Canada 1895: Solgt til A/S Romance (Th. Andresen), Fredrikstad 1915: April: Solgt til Finn C. Knudsen, Porsgrund. Rigget ned til lekter. 1915: Nov.: Overført til A/S Lægtertrafik (Finn C. Knudsen), Porsgrund 1916: 26.11. : Stanset og skutt i senk av tysk ubåt UC-30 100 kvm. ØNØ Tyne, på reise Holmestrand – W.Hartlepool med props, slept av D/S LOEKO.
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26/11/1916 Mira MV (+1916) wreck
Mira MV (+1916)On November 26th, 1916, the Portuguese cargo ship MIRA, built in 1912 by Tecklenborg J. C. and owned at the time of her loss by Transportes Maritimos Do Estado, sank after a collision, off the Portuguese coast.
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26/11/1917 Drot SS (+1917) wreck
Drot SS (+1917)SS Drot, built by Laxevaags Maskin & Jernskibsbyggeri, Bergen in 1891 and owned at the time of her loss by S. M. Kuhnle & Søn, Bergen, was a Norwegian steamer of 2923 tons. On November 26th, 1917, Drot, on a voyage from Baltimore to La Pallice with a cargo of rails & tobacco, was sunk by the German submarine U-96 (Heinrich Jeß), 10 miles NNE of Lundy Island. 2 persons were lost.
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26/11/1917 Johan Mjelde SS (+1917) wreck
Johan Mjelde SS (+1917) SS JOHAN MJELDE Built by American Shipbuilding Co., Cleveland OH; 2049 grt, 1275 nrt, 3360 dwt. 251.0 x 43.5 x 18.2; triple expansion engine (Am. SB Co., Lorain OH), 274 nhp; Owned at the time of her loss by Nilsson & Sønner, Tønsberg. On November 26th, 1917, JOHAN MJELDE, on a voyage from New York to Genoa with a cargo of copper and general cargo, was scuttled with explosives by the German submarine U-151 (Waldemar Kophamel), 35 miles southeast of Santa Maria, Azores. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1916: Juli: Levert som JOHAN MJELDE for N. Mjeldes Rederi A/S (N. Mjelde), Haugesund 1916: Aug.: Solgt til A/S Storø (C. H. Stensholt), Tønsberg 1917: Mai: Solgt til A/S Birk II (Nilssen & Sønner, Nøtterø), Tønsberg 1917: 20.11.: Oppbrakt og tatt som prise av tysk ubåt U-151 på reise New York NY – Genoa med stykkgods. Med tysk prisebesetning om bord, måtte man følge ubåten. Dagen etter deltok man i oppbringelsen av D/S SOBRAL (475/1917), 22/11 senkningen av fransk seiler TIJUCA og 23/11 port. skonnert TROMBETAS. JOHAN MJELDE tjente bl.a. som ”fangeskip”. 1917: 26.11. : Alle fire besetninger beordret fra borde og fartøyet sprengt
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26/11/1917 Kronprindsesse Victoria SS (+1917) wreck
Kronprindsesse Victoria SS (+1917) SS KRONPRINDSESSE VICTORIA Built by Stavanger Støberi & Dok, Stavanger (#3); 428 grt, 238 nrt, 550 dwt.; 152.1 x 24.6 x 14.1; 2-cyl. compound engine (Laxevaag Verk, Bergen), 48 nhp, 240 ihp On November 26th, 1917, the Norwegian vessel SS KRONPRINDSESSE VICTORIA was on a voyage from Pelaw-On-Tyne to Treport with coal, when she was wrecked on Haisbro Sands. 5 persons were lost. From Norway sources : 1882: Okt.: Levert som KRONPRINDSESSE VICTORIA for E. Berentsen, Stavanger 1893: Overført til D/S Kronprindsesse Victorias Rederi (E. Berentsen), Stavanger 1899: Solgt til Mons Egge m.fl., Haugesund 1910: Overtatt av Kr. Høgh-Hervig m.fl., Haugesund 1917: 26.11. : Grunnstøtte på Haisborough Sands på reise Pelaw-on-Tyne – Treport med kull. 5 mann omkom.
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