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30/03Callum SwiftS S Malachite[3]
26/03Jan LettensTwo Four-Masted Barques Lost At Cape Horn, 1909.[1]
24/03Rosso AlbertoSs Erlangen[2]
24/03Jan LettensSs Kansan 216438 Steam[1]
23/03Chiriac MarinelBulkcarrier " Carbunesti" - Imo 9002582[2]
22/03Ivan HarrisonSs Aguila[0]
20/03Chiriac MarinelTilly Wreck On Swa Coast[2]
14/03Van Der Meij WimInfo Penthievre Also Known As H2[0]
14/03Jan LettensBarque Kobenhavn[1]
13/03Jan LettensInsert A New Owner[1]
11/03Alyssa BehrThe Steam Ship “Jon Breydel” Painting[0]
10/03Sandra TaylorSs Malachite[0]
08/03Janet CollinsonHirose[0]
05/03John WhitfieldIrmgard Sailing Ship Sunk Of S/America 26.6.10[0]
02/03James JohnMv Ambassador[2]
27/02Jones RobertList Of My Marks[4]
26/02Jan LettensPhotos[1]
26/02Allen TonySs Conteverde First Worl Cup 1930[1]
22/02Kampel HeinzGhostship Kangaroa[0]
22/02Black JonathanHm Submarine Triton (N15)[4]
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01/04/1918 Falcon HMS (stern) [+1918] wreck
Falcon HMS (stern) [+1918]Falcon HMS; British Navy destroyer; 1899; Fairfield Shipbuilding Co; 408 tons; 5.700 ihp; 30 knots; triple expansion engines; Thornycroft boilers; one 12pdr gun; five 6 pdr, 2 T.T. The destroyer Falcon sunk in collision in the North Sea with the trawler John Fitzgerald on April 1st, 1918. Her official complement was 60.
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01/04/1873 Atlantic RMS (+1873) wreck
Atlantic RMS (+1873)RMS Atlantic was a transatlantic ocean liner of the White Star Line that operated between Liverpool, United Kingdom, and New York City, United States. During the ship's 19th voyage, on 1 April 1873, it ran onto rocks and sank off the coast of Nova Scotia, killing 535 people. It remained the deadliest civilian maritime disaster in history until the sinking of the SS Norge in 1904 and the greatest disaster for the White Star Line prior to the loss of Titanic 39 years later.
see wreck
01/04/1882 Douro RMS (+1882) wreck
Douro RMS (+1882)Navire construit avec 8 caissons étanches, qui ne l'ont pas empêché de couler lors de sa collision avec le SS Yrurac Bat, lors d'un voyage de Buenos Aires vers Southampton avec escales au Brésik et Lisbonne. Le SS espagnol Hidalgo récupéra les 32 membres d'équipage de ce dernier et 112 personnes à bord du Douro qui coula emportant 59 âmes. 1997: Epave localisée et explorée: environ 30.000 pièces d'or britanniques et objets de valeur ont été remontées à la surface Ship built with eight watertight compartments , which have not stopped flowing when she collided with the SS Yrurac Bat in a voyage from Buenos Aires to Southampton with stopover in Brazil and Lisbon. The SS Spanish Hidalgo recovered the 32 members crew from her and 112 people aboard the Douro which sank carrying 59 souls. 1997: Wreck located and explored: About 30,000 gold British Sovereigns and other valuables were brought to the surface Buque construido con ocho compartimientos estancos, que no han impedido su hundimiento depués de su colisión con el SS Yrurac Bat, en viaje desde Buenos Aires para Southampton con escalas en Brasil y Lisboa. El SS español Hidalgo recuperó los 32 miembros de su tripulasción y 112 personas a bordo del Douro, que se hundió llevando 59 almas. 1997: Pecio localizado y explorado: unas 30.000 monedas británicas de oro y objetos de valor fueron llevados a la superficie Navio construído com oito compartimentos estanques, que não impediu quando a sua colisão com o SS espanhol Yrurac Bat numa viagem de Buenos Aires para Southampton com escalas em Brasik y Lisboa. O SS espanhol Hidalgo recuperou os 32 membros da sua tripulação mais 112 pessoas a bordo do Douro, que afundou levando 59 almas. 1997: Naufrágio localizado e explorado: Umas 30.000 de moedas británicas ouro e objetos de valor foram levados para a superfície
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01/04/1942 Sunset HMT (FY54) (+1942) wreck
Sunset HMT (FY54) (+1942)The steam Naval drifter SUNET was in built 1918 for the Admiralty by Webster & Bickerton, Goole, Yard No 43. On 01/04/1942 the HMT SUNSET (FY54) was bombed at Malta 1st. April 1942, the vessel broken up there in April 1943.
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01/04/1902 Cambrian Princess (I) [+1902] wreck
Cambrian Princess (I) [+1902] CAMBRIAN PRINCESS Owned by W. Thomas & Co. and built in 1877 by T. R. Oswald; 1,394 tons; 224.7x37.1x22.6 ft. The iron sailing ship Cambrian Princess was sunk in a collision with the Channel steamship Alma, 1,145 tons, in a fog, toward the end of March, 1902. Eleven of the crew were drowned.
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01/04/1916 Bengairn SV (+1916) wreck
Bengairn SV (+1916)Bengairn, built by R. Duncan & Co., Port Glasgow in 1890 and owned at the time of her loss by J. J. Rae & Co., Liverpool, was a British sailing vessel of 2127 tons. On April 1st, 1916, Bengairn, on a voyage from Seattle to Queenstown with a cargo of wheat, was sunk by the German submarine U-28 (Georg-Günther von Forstner), 165 miles WSW from Fastnet. There were no casualties.
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01/04/1942 Skytteren SS (+1942) wreck
Skytteren SS (+1942)Skytteren SS was a Norwegian whaling factory ship scuttled off the Swedish coast in 1942 to prevent her capture by ships of Nazi Germany. She was formerly SS Suevic a steamship built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast for the White Star Line. Suevic was the fifth and last of the "Jubilee Class" ocean liners, built specifically to service the Liverpool-Cape Town-Sydney route. In 1907 she was shipwrecked off the south coast of England, but in the largest rescue of its kind, all passengers and crew were saved. The ship herself was deliberately broken in two, and a new bow was built on to the saved stern portion. She then became the Skytteren SS as a whaler.
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01/04/1916 Ashburton SS (+1916) wreck
Ashburton SS (+1916)Ashburton SS was a 4,445grt British Merchant Cargo Steamer built in 1905 by D & W Henderson Ltd, Glasgow, Yard No 445 for Australind Steam Shipping Company (Trinder, Anderson), London. On the 1st April 1916 when 80 miles WNW from Ushant (Ouessant), she was captured by German submarine U-44 and sunk by torpedo when on route from Wellington via Montevideo for London.
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01/04/1918 Conargo SS [+1918] wreck
Conargo SS [+1918]Conargo SS was a 4,312grt, defensively-armed British Merchant Ship. On the 31st March 1918 when 12 miles W by N from Calf of Man (An island by the Isle of Man) she torpedoed without warning and sunk by submarine. 9 lives lost.
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01/04/1921 Governor SS (+1921) wreck
Governor SS (+1921)SS Governor was lost in collision with the SS West Hartland off Port Townsend on the 1st April 1941 when on route from San Francisco for Seattle with passengers and a general cargo.
see wreck
01/04/1944 Maasburg SS (+1944) wreck
Maasburg SS (+1944)De Maasburg is mei 1940 in beslag genomen door de Duitse bezetter en als RO 1 voor ‘Unternehmen Seelöwe’ bij de Kriegsmarine in dienst gesteld. In 1941 is het schip weer aan de Halcyon lijn teruggegeven en in de vaart onder Duits toezicht. Tijdens een reis van Rotterdam naar Hamburg op 10 mijl zzw. van Kijkduin ( Den Helder) eerst op een mijn gelopen en daarna door luchtaanvallen van Beaufighters en Wellingtons bij de Zuiderhaaks tot zinken gebracht.
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01/04/1813 Oscar SV (+1813) wreck
Oscar SV (+1813)On the morning of the 1st of April, 1813, five whaling vessels were riding at anchor in the roads when a sudden tempest came on from the South East. Two of the ships weighed and stood out to sea; but as part of the crew of one, the ill-fated OSCAR, had been left ashore, she was obliged to put about and keep near the land. By the time that all her men were on board she was far inshore. Meantime the wind had died away, and from the heavy roll of the sea, and a strong tide setting in, she was unable to clear the Girdleness. Soon after the gale sprang up with increased violence; it was accompanied with a dense shower of snow, and now blew from the North.Eeast. The vessel in vain endeavoured to ride it out; and after dragging her anchor she was driven ashore in the Greyhope on a large reef. The tremendous sea which broke over her threatened instant destruction, and the only hope of safety for the crew was that of effecting a communication with the land. For this purpose the mainmast was hewed down in such a manner as that it might fall towards the beach; but it dropped alongside the vessel. A number of the seamen who had clung to the rigging were hurled into the sea along with it, many were swept from the deck, and others who attempted to swim to the land were borne down by the floating wreck or overwhelmed by the fury of the surf. Only the forecastle now remained above water, and for a short time the Master and three sailors were observed upon it, imploring that assistance which none could give. Of a crew of forty-four men only two were saved.
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01/04/1853 Duke of Sutherland PSS (+1853) wreck
Duke of Sutherland PSS (+1853)The British paddlesteamer Duke of Sutherland, built in 1847 and owned by the Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co. was wrecked on April 1st, 1853, near Aberdeen. 16 lives were lost.
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01/04/1865 Rodolph USS (Number 48) (+1865) wreck
Rodolph USS (Number 48) (+1865)USS Rodolph (Number 48) was a steamer commissioned by the Union Navy during the American Civil War. She was built in 1863 at Cincinnati, Ohio. She was purchased there by the Navy in December 1863. She served the Union Navy during her struggle against the Confederate States of America, both as a tugboat and a minesweeper, as well as a gunboat when the occasion demanded. Unfortunately for USS Rodolph, just as the war was ending, she struck a mine and sank, with four of her crew killed and a number of others wounded when operating as a minesweeper.
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01/04/1884 Herald PSS (+1884) wreck
Herald PSS (+1884) Herald; 41 tons; 22.8x3.9x1.7 m.; Built at Richard Johnson in 1855. Registered at Sydney. Registration no. 85/1855. On 01 April 1884, Herald (George John Hall) with a crew of ~2, was lost after an explosion off 183-174 meters off North Head, Sydney.
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01/04/1886 Pallas SS (+1886) wreck
Pallas SS (+1886)Pallas SS was a Norwegian cargo steamer of 502grt that was wrecked at Pretogalten, Naeroysundet on the 1st April 1886.
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01/04/1905 Alcinous SV (+1905) wreck
Alcinous SV (+1905)En voyage de l'île Lobos (Pérou) vers Anvers (Belgique) chargé de guano, a disparu, probabkement dans la région du cap Horn On trip from Lobos island (Peru) to Antwerp (Belgium) loaded of guano, has disappeared, probably in the region of Cape Horn En viaje a de la isla de Lobos (Perú) a Amberes (Bélgica), cargado de guano, ha desaparecido, probablemente en la región del Cabo de Hornos Numa viagem da Ilha dos Lobos (Peru) para Antuérpia (Bélgica), carregado de guano, desapareceu, provavelmente na região do Cabo Horn
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01/04/1909 Seestern SS (+1909) wreck
Seestern SS (+1909) Seestern; 589 tons; On 01 April 1909, Seestern was on voyage from Brisbane when she was lost off between Brisbane and Rabaul.
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01/04/1911 Nervion SS (+1911) wreck
Nervion SS (+1911) SS NERVION Built by Nylands Værksted, Kristiania (#109); 1146 grt, 680 nrt, 1600 dwt.; 219.6 x 32.9 x 13.0; triple expansion engine (Nyland), 125 nhp, 650 ihp On April 1st, 1911, the Norwegian cargo ship SS NERVION, owned at the time of her loss by Fearnley & Eger, Oslo, was on a voyage from Bordeaux to Kristiania with general merchandise, when she was lost after a collision, off Folkestone (probably collided with SS PRINS FREDRIK HENRIK). From Norway sources : 1898: April: Levert som NERVION for D/S I/S Garonne (Fearnley & Eger), Kristiania 1911: 01.04. : Kolliderte med ukjent damper, trolig D/S PRINDS FREDRIK HENRIK utenfor Folkstone og sank. Var på reise Bordeaux – Kristiania med stykkgods.
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01/04/1915 Seven Seas ? SS [+1915] wreck
Seven Seas ? SS [+1915]Seven Seas SS was a British Cargo Steamer of 1,195 grt 67x10 m iron built in 1888 by Thompson, Dundee, Scotalnd as the IBIS SS for Cork SS Co. Ltd., Cork, Ireland. In 1913 she was renamed SEVEN SEAS SS when purchased by Leach & Co. On the 1st April 1915 she was torpedoed by UB-57 and sunk, while on route from London to Liverpool. 9 lives lost including the Master.
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01/04/1915 Gloxinia FV (M-126) (+1915) wreck
Gloxinia FV (M-126) (+1915)Gloxinia, built by Edwards Bros., North Shields in 1896 and owned at the time of her loss by John Colquhoun, Glasgow, was a British fishing vessel of 145 tons. On April 1st, 1915, Gloxinia was scuttled by the German submarine U-10 (Fritz Stuhr), 40 miles NExE from the Tyne.
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01/04/1916 Perth SS [+1916] wreck
Perth SS [+1916]Perth was a 653grt British Merchant ship. On the 1st April 1916 when 1 mile SE by E from Cross Sand Light Vessel, Harwich she was torpedoed without warning and sunk by submarine. 6 lives lost.
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01/04/1917 Aztec SS [+1917] wreck
Aztec SS [+1917]SS Aztec, built by Edwards' Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Newcastle in 1894 and owned at the time of her loss by Pacific Mail Steamship Co., New York, was an American steamer of 3727 tons. On April 1st, 1917, Aztec, on a voyage from New York to Havre with a cargo of copper, steel, lumber, machinery and chemicals, was sunk by the German submarine U-46 (Leo Hillebrand), off Ushant (Ouessant). 28 persons were lost.
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01/04/1917 Lisbeth SS (+1917) wreck
Lisbeth SS (+1917) SS LISBETH SS Lisbeth, built by Bergens Mekaniske Verksted., Bergen in 1915 and owned at the time of her loss by Knut Knutsen, O.A.S., Haugesund, was a Norwegian steamer of 1621 tons; 950 nrt; 244.5 x 37.6 x 15.8; triple expansion engine (BMV), 161 nhp; On March 31st, 1917, Lisbeth, on a voyage from Rotterdam to Swansea in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine UB-23 (Hans Ewald Niemer), northeast of the North Hinder lightvessel. There were no casualties. From Norway sources : 1915: 17.02.: Levert som LISBETH for Knut Knutsen OAS, Haugesund 1917: 01.04. : Skutt i senk av tysk ubåt UB-23 NV Maas fyrskip på reise Rotterdam – Swansea i ballast.
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01/04/1917 Bergenhus SS [+1917] wreck
Bergenhus SS [+1917]SS Bergenhus, built by Helsingørs Jernskibsvft. & Maskinbyg., Helsingør in 1912 and owned at the time of her loss by Det Forenede Dampskibs Selsk., Copenhagen, was a Danish passenger steamer of 1.017 tons. On April 1st, 1917, Bergenhus, on a voyage from London & Shields to Copenhagen with general cargo and passengers, was sunk by the German submarine UC-40 (Gustav Deuerlich), 130 miles east of the Farne Islands. There were no casualties.
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01/04/1917 Ester SS (+1917) wreck
Ester SS (+1917)ESTER was on a voyage from Methil to Aarhus with 1860 tons of coal. At 1730 hrs ESTER was fired at by UB-35. The crew abandoned the ship while the firing continued. ESTER sank 1800. After great difficulties in stormy weather with heavy snowfall, the exhausted men were rescued by the dutch SS BORNEO, late in the evening April 5.
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01/04/1917 Consul Persson SS (+1917) wreck
Consul Persson SS (+1917) SS CONSUL PERSSON Built by E. Withy & Co., W.Hartlepool (#170); 1835 grt, 1111 nrt, 2575 dwt. 269.8 x 36.0 x 16.7; triple expansion engine (Blair & Co. Ltd., Stockton), 193 nhp On April 1st, 1917, the Norwegian cargo ship SS CONSUL PERSSON, owned at the time of her loss by Halvorsen Th., Bergen, was on a voyage from Kirkenes to Middlesbrough with iron ore, when she was sunk with gunfire by German submarine U-54. From Norway sources : 1890: Mars: Levert som AMIE for Burdick & Cool, London, UK 1913: Solgt til R. T. Arthurs & Co., Glasgow, UK 1914: 08.01.: Solgt til Rederi-AB Transport (John E. Olson), Göteborg, Sv. 1915: 26.11.: Solgt til Thv. Halvorsen, Bergen. Omdøpt ANNIE 1916: 17.02.: Overført til D/S A/S Amie (Thv. Halvorsen), Bergen 1916: 22.02.: Omdøpt CONSUL PERSSON 1917: 01.04. : Stanset og skutt i senk av tysk ubåt U-54 av Obrestad fyr, på reise Kirkenes – Middlesbrough med jernmalm.
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01/04/1917 Camilla SS (+1917) wreck
Camilla SS (+1917) SS CAMILLA Built by SA de Forges & Chantiers de la Meditteraine, Le Havre (#328); 2273 grt, 1362 nrt; 291.0 x 44.1 x 18.9; triple expansion engine (F & Ch. de la Med.), 190 nhp. Owned at the time of her loss by Hansen, William, Bergen. On April 1st, 1917, Camilla, on a voyage from Baltimore to Rotterdam with a cargo of wheat, was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UB-35 (Rudolf Gebeschus), 150 miles west from Skudesnaes. All crew were saved in the liveboat and they navigated for 6 days to Haugesund. During this terrible trip, 8 died of the cold. 4 had to be amputated. Note : on January 7th, 1917 Camilla saved part of the crew of VILLE DU HAVRE. From Norway sources : 1908: Juni: Levert som MAYENNE for Cie. De Nav. d’Orbigny (A. Capelle), La Rochelle, Fr. 1912: 09.05.: Solgt til A/S Camilla (S. L. Christie), Bergen. Omdøpt CAMILLA 1916: 09.03.: Solgt til A/S D/S Camilla (William Hansen), Bergen 1917: 01.04. : Skutt i senk av tysk ubåt UB-35, på reise New York NY - Rotterdam med hvete for Belgian Relief. 8 mann omkom.
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01/04/1917 Najade SV (+1917) wreck
Najade SV (+1917) SV NAJADE Najade, built by J. C. Tecklenborg, Geestemünde in 1888 and owned at the time of her loss by S. Marcussen, Christiania, was a Norwegian sailing vessel of 1752 tons; 1670 nrt; 262.1 x 39.5 x 22.2; On March 21st, 1917, Najade, on a voyage from Galveston to Denmark with a cargo of oilcake, was sunk by the German submarine U-59 (Wilhelm von Fircks), off Fair Island. 21 persons were lost. From Norway sources : 1888: Aug.: Levert som NAJADE for Gildemeister & Ries, Bremen, Tyskl. 1897: Solgt til AG Visurgius, Bremen, Tyskl. 1912: Mai: Solgt til A/S Najade (S. Marcussen), Kristiania 1917: 01.04. : Senket av tysk ubåt U-59 ved Fair Island på reise Galveston TX – Danmark med oljekaker. Hele besetningen, 21 mann, omkom.
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01/04/1922 Manurewa SV (+1922) wreck
Manurewa SV (+1922) Manurewa; Barquentine >=3 Masts; 371 tons; 43.6x8x4 m.; Owned by A. S. Paterson & Co.; Built at Murdoch & Munro in 1884. Registered at Sydney. Registration no. 8/1909. In the year 1922, Manurewa was on voyage from Newcastle to Clarence River with a cargo of 167 tons coal, when she foundered (no known reason) off between Camden Haven and Clarence River. 14 died.
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